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10% Cashback at YakoCasino on Mondays

I happen to know that many people are struggling today after celebrating St. Patricks Day this Saturday. Mondays, in general, aren’t the easiest days after some relaxing in the weekend, but YakoCasino can make your Mondays better thanks to the 10% Monday Cashback Bonus.

Monday Monday!

While many in my country are enjoying a partly sunny public holiday, I decided to keep you up to date with the best from the NetEnt Games or in this case, a great promotion. I don’t hate Mondays and I don’t hate working so why not informing you about the 10% cashback Monday at YakoCasino.

I’m sure your Mondays will be less dreadful as well, knowing the Monday will be the day that YakoCasino returns 10% of your losses from the week before. After all, you can’t be lucky all the time, can you, so if you had a less successful weekend at YakoCasino, a 10% cashback is pretty attractive.

While Monday tries its best to make the good weekend feeling go away., YakoCasino is there to save the day! Losing in a casino is never how you want to end your week, but thanks to YakoCasino a second chance is given to make things right again. How does it work?

10% Monday Cashback Bonus

Your Monday will be great if you had a lucky week at YakoCasino, but what if the opposite is the case? I can totally imagine the feeling of losing some of your money during a bad session. So does YakoCasino., the reason this popular NetEnt Casino came up with Cashback Monday.

YakoCasino is trying to make your Monday great again, just by awarding all players who have been losing money the week before with a 10% cashback. That’s how you’ll receive a 10% cashback on your net real money losses of the previous week.

Losing isn’t a fun way to end your week, but anywhere else your losses would be gone forever. Not at YakoCasino thanks to the 10% cashback. Of course, there are some terms and conditions involved. So have a look at YakoCasino and find out more about how you can take advantage of the 10% Cashback Mondays.

By on 19 March, 2018