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1st Mega Fortune™ Jackpot 2021

Week number 21 started today and that’s an interesting detail. This morning, it was 24 weeks ago that the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot was won for the last time. The Mega Fortune™ Jackpot 2021 wasn’t as active as it used to be and it was only this afternoon that it was won for the first time this year. While it usually needs 10 weeks to find a winner, it took this popular jackpot 14 weeks longer. But what a win!

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot 2021 wins

I had a few years that I could sum up a few wins this time of the year and linked to the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot, but it’s like the jackpot climbs up more slowly while the time between the Mega Jackpot hits is longer.

Statistics show that the average time between a Mega Fortune™ Jackpot win is around 11 weeks. This afternoon’s win happened 24 weeks and 3 days after the last Mega Fortune™ Jackpot win in December 2020. This basically means that the jackpot is 13 weeks overdue.

This happened more often in the past years as the time between the last five Mega Fortune™ Jackpots are 24 – 23 -13 and 17 weeks. It simply means that the average time between the jackpot wins is climbing up with the last jackpot taking much longer.

But now the jackpot has found a winner in the afternoon, the total number Mega Fortune™ Jackpot wins climbed up to 57! It’s the first Mega Fortune™ Jackpot 2021 win and probably not the last unless the next win will take even longer!

The first Mega Fortune™ Jackpot in 2021!

Today’s Mega Fortune™ Jackpot win took 24 weeks to happen but finally fell into a happy player’s account. With that, the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot dropped from an amazing €3,556,031 to a humble €281,000.

So far no details about the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot 2021 win except that a player got almost €5.6 million after hitting the heart of the Jackpot Bonus Wheel.

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot 2021

This is the only way to win the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot after you’ve made it to the Bonus Game thanks to three or more bonus symbols from left to right from the first wheel.

As you can see in the image above, you have three wheels running around each other. The first spin can land either a bonus win or your way into the Bonus Wheel. This second spin can lead to a bonus win or the Rapid Jackpot. You land on an arrow again, you find yourself just one spin away from the heart of the Bonsu Wheel. One more arrow and you’re there! This, or a bonus win or Major Jackpot.

The Mega Fortune™ Jackpot is highly recommended, even after a winner just run away with the multi-million jackpot. This NetEnt Jackpot is never empty as it starts with a minimum amount of €250,000.

Besides the minimum of a quarter of a million standardly in the jackpot, the game offers another two smaller local jackpots as well, the Rapid and the Major Jackpots.

Last Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit

It was 24 weeks ago that the last Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit took place. In these 24 weeks, the jackpot climbed up to a very attractive €3,5 million. This is just below the average jackpot amount of €3,974,094. Certainly not the highest jackpot, but good enough for whoever desires a jackpot.

The Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit was the 57th Mega Jackpot won via the Mega Fortune™ slot and the first Mega Fortune™ Jackpot win in 2021.

Mega Fortune™ slot features

Besides the Jackpot Bonus game, the Mega Fortune™ slot gives you access to Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins as well. The Wild will do what it always does and substitutes for any other symbol (except the Scatter and Bonus symbols).

The Scatter won’t be substituted by the Wild because it has its own important role to play in the game. Three Scatters will award free spins with free wins flowing into your account.

When three Champagne Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, you have to select one of the Scatters to reveal the number of Free Spins and the Multiplier linked to these free spins. 2 or more Scatters during the Free Spins will activate additional Free Spins or an additional Multiplier.

By on 24 May, 2021