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All British Casino monthly tournament highlights adventurous slots

I want to pack my bag with just a few pairs of trousers, t-shirts and a compass to go on an adventure. I don’t care where to! Any natural environment will do! Travelling is still rather complicated, though, so I guess I have to settle for All British Casino’s Adventurous Slots Tournament. It’s okay, I can go on an adventure with Gonzo and play Jumanji! I guess I’m settled with as an extra a prize pool of £ 1750 to be awarded at the end of the month. Are you in?

Adventurous Slots Tournament

For me, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the world, I always appreciated the small things instead of the large ones. I never had the intention to live in a big house with a big car. That our dreams lead us to that anyway, has more to do with the fact that I love to live outdoors. The only reason I have to be indoors is to write about online casinos and promotions. Or to shelter from the rain and cold.

You can imagine the joy I experience now that temperatures allow me to be outdoors more than indoors. Here I am again, among the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees…am I singing right now?

Being outdoors doesn’t always mean an adventure, but I’m always in for one! Walking through a jungle with only an unclear map to find the way back. Why not? We just need to try not to stumble and fall into the abyss. Easy-peasy!

Well, that jungle seems a planet away, but luckily there’s All British Casino that comes to the rescue! You don’t need a bag, though, a bindle will do! And an account at All British Casino, because you need some real pounds for a chance to win a share of that £ 1,750 prize pool.

All British Casino selected some of the best adventurous slots for the tournament. I’m going to be honest, there are not enough NetEnt slots involved. But I happen to know that the games from the other suppliers are equally fun. At least Gonzo is there thanks to the selection of the Gonzo’s Quest™ slot. Oh, and we can play Jumanji, while in the middle of the jungle! Bring it on!

How to qualify for All British Casino’s Adventure Tournament?

All British Casino offers online casino games to British players for almost a decade now. Imagine, how many tournaments it organized over the years? How many British walked away with a share of that prize pool?

Every single month All British Casino comes up with a special theme for a brand-new slot tournament. The month of May 2021 allows you to go on an adventure. And all you need is a real-money account and the funds to meet the following requirements:

– funds to play at least 100 rounds (during the entire month of May)
– to be able to play these rounds with a minimum bet of £1 (maximum bet of £50)

Best Multiplier Win

Don’t forget you win some, and you lose some, so you might not even need £100 in funds. What you do need, is some good luck. Why? Because the winners are those that managed to generate the Best Multiplier Win.

The Best Multiplier Win is calculated by dividing your win by your bet size. That’s how you have just as much chance to get to the top of that leaderboard with your minimum bet as the high rollers playing with a maximum bet.

That’s exactly why I love the slot tournaments at All British Casino. And I do not hesitate to check the new tournament as soon as a new month begins! Enjoy this month’s adventurous slots at All British Casino with a chance to win up to £1,000. You have until the 31st of May to play the 100 rounds to end up on the leaderboard.

Adventurous Slots Tournament Prize Pool:
1st: £ 1,000
2nd: £ 500
3rd: £ 250

Adventurous Slots NetEnt

gonzo's quest adventurous slots

Gonzo’s Quest™ slot

Gonzo’s Quest™ is one of the best timeless adventurous slots offered by NetEnt. You meet Gonzo at the border of the jungle, ready to search for the lost golden city of El Dorado and the treasures within. The incredible graphics, smooth animations and exciting slot features make it one of the best slot adventures!

No worries, you’ll enjoy yourself with the Spanish conquistador Gonzo Pizzaro, nicknamed Gonzo. He can be grumpy and impatient, but wait until he shows you his moonwalk! You love him right away!

The Gonzo’s Quest™ slot is the 5th best performing slot in the online casino industry, no wonder All British Casino picked this game for its Adventurous Slots Tournament this month.

Gonzo’s Quest™ brings you into a lush forest with Gonzo hanging out on the side of the reels. All of the symbols are intricate and ornate, pulling you into the Eldorado-esque adventure.

The main feature in the Gonzo’s Quest™ slot is the avalanche reels feature. The avalanche consists of symbols that cascade down the screen like tumbling rocks. When you form a winning combination on a payline, the symbols explode and they are replaced by other falling symbols. The more winning bet lines you get, the more avalanches that occur on Gonzo’s Quest™.

How to qualify Adventurous slots tournament

Jumanji™ slot

The story behind the Jumanji™ slot is a long one. Anybody that saw the film, knows how this can end up! NetEnt brought its own twist to the Jumanji™ universe by transforming the calamities that befell Alan, Sarah, Judy, and Peter into slot features.

The Jumanji™ slot leads you to the craziest adventures with your adrenaline levels on the rise! It’s incredible how NetEnt implemented the famous board game into the Jumanji™ slot. Ready for an adventure? With or without a tournament? Get on board to play this adventurous board game! You won’t get bored!

You can look forward to the Monkey Mayhem messing up the reels, the ground shaking because of the Monsoon Wilds, a Wild Stampede and Sticky Vines being totally out of control.

So if you have the bravery it needs to open the Jumanji™ slot, you’ll be assured to have an adventurous time on the reels. Besides the four calamities used for the Random features, you can also look forward to these same four calamities as Free Spins features during the most exciting board game you’ll ever get a chance to play.

By on 1 May, 2021