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Amazing slot teaser for NetEnt’s upcoming Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot

The last time we saw a slot preview from NetEnt is four months ago. The preview shows what players could expect from the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot. Now, four months later and almost 7 months after Evolution Gaming took over NetEnt, we’re teased with a first slot teaser developed by Evolution. And I have to say, they certainly did a good job. The teaser is exactly what it is, a teaser! It’s not showing yet what the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot is going to be about, but it certainly builds up the excitement!

What’s a slot teaser?

There are two different videos you can expect from NetEnt, a preview and a teaser. A slot preview video gives you a good idea of what to expect from a slot gameplay. This means that NetEnt is showing you the video slot as it’s going to be. You see what the graphics will be all about and what slot features you’re about to enjoy.

However, a teaser isn’t more than just a video that tries to get you enthusiastic about a game. And that we can be enthusiastic about the sequel to NetEnt’s most famous game, that’s a fact!

NetEnt launched the Starburst™ slot in 2012 and has been loved by players ever since. The game reminds players of the Bejeweled game that was immensely popular in the beginning of the millennium. In the end, it was the simplicity of the video slot that caused the Starburst™ slot to become incredibly popular.

Now, we have access to a teaser that shows a sequel of the Starburst™ slot is coming up. The teaser doesn’t tell us much, but what I see is that Evolution Gaming is spending a lot of effort in the announcement of the slot. That’s a big promise to players who can’t wait for the Starburst XXXtreme™ slot to become available at the NetEnt Casinos on the 15th July.

I can’t believe it, it’s back!

Heading into deep space to find….

Mission control is getting the confirmation that the capsule is heading into deep space for some rock and roll! What seems to be nothing but stars, turns into NetEnt slot fans heaven!

All of a sudden, it’s like we’re heading to another dimension. Is it the Big Bang we’re experiencing? No, something is out there, and it looks like a special star! Do you recognise?

Yes! If you’re a true NetEnt fan, you do recognise for sure! It’s one of our most favourite slot sybols we find back in space, but something is about to change completely!

It’s the Starburst™ logo we bump into, right there in space! Surrounded by the familiar Starburst™ star, we do feel like we ended up in a familiar atmosphere. yes, we do indeed, just until…

…. a rocket launched out of nowhere hits our beloved Starburst™ logo. A Big Bang after all? What’s back? Something incredible happened and what looked like a big fat explosion, bring back the Starburst™ logo, new and maybe even improved!

The colour red is taking over, but the Starburst Star doesn’t seem to be destroyed. Even better, it’s indeed back, bigger better and XXXtreme!

That’s all for now! We’re back in space, because it’s back! Starburst™ is back!

It’s back! And better than ever. The original Starburst recipe you love with an added burst of rocket fuel. This iconic game is about to see a whole new generation of spinners.

What to expect from the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot? 

With a slot teaser like above, you know the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot must offer an improved version of Starburst™. As mentioned before, it’s a teaser. This simply means we still don’t have any confirmation about what slot features the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot will consist of.

What I do know is that players who love and adore the original slot, will instantly recognize the familiar Starburst™ experience, including the Both Way Win feature, the Starburst Wild, and Re-spins!

It’s now confirmed that we will again benefit from a relaxing space-themed atmosphere. Do we get to experience the arcade-like experience with blasts of light and flashing text caused by a winning combination? We can only wait for a preview slot to find out!

Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot launch

Scheduled for release on the 15th of July 2021, it won’t take months for the new Starburst™ slot to appear at the NetEnt casinos. We’re only one month away from the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot launch!

The above image and YouTube teaser is basically all we have so far for a good idea of what to expect from the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot.

With this new edition, NetEnt brings new-age features, such as cranked up volatility and additional functionality, not to mention an overall gaming experience that is so intense, your jaw might just hit the floor in amazement

NetEnt promises to take you on a space odyssey and predicts you’ll transcend through space to explore the stars in the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot ! This leaves no discussion that the Starburst XXXtreme™ video slot is going to take place in space as well. With the same gems from its predecessor, as well as the same Starburst Wild!

By on 19 June, 2021