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Are there any Feature Buy NetEnt slots?

In the Megaways™ series, you find quite some games that offer a Feature Buy. In general, the Feature Buy is becoming more popular in video slots. The reason why is simple. The Feature Buy gives you a chance to skip the waiting for a Free Spins feature to be activated. The Feature Buy has one big advantage, but also one big disadvantage. Read more about this special feature and learn all about the Feature Buy NetEnt slots.

What is a Feature Buy?

This is a very simple question with a very easy answer. A Feature Buy simply gives you the option to buy a special feature like Free Spins, for example. If you’re into playing video slots, you know it can take long before you get 3 Scatters or any other symbol combination that activates a special feature.

To avoid all the waiting, some software providers offer a Feature Buy in some of their video slots. I’ve seen it with quite some Megaways™ slots although no NetEnt Megaways™ slots offer it.

Are there any Feature Buy NetEnt slots in general?

Yes there are, but they don’t get much attention yet. Even though NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings™ slot was an official slot launch, the Dead or Alive 2™ Feature Buy slot wasn’t.

Both games offer you the option to activate the Free Spins without the wait. But before you click buy, take in mind that the Buy feature has one very big advantage and one very big disadvantage:

Advantage Feature Buy
Of course, the biggest advantage of the Feature Buy is that you don’t have to wait countless rounds for a Free Spins feature to be activated.

Disadvantage Feature Buy
You pay a big price for your impatience. You can simply wait until you activate a special feature with a certain combination of symbols. That’s what we always did when playing video slots. But yes, you can also pay the big bucks

Serengeti Kings™ Feature Buy

Feature Buy NetEnt slot 1: Serengeti Kings™ Feature Buy

You can choose to explore the natural wonder of Africa while enjoying the unique cyclical gameplay that alternates between Lion Spins and Panther Spins or you just skip all of that, and you go straight to the Free Spins feature.

The Serengeti Kings™ slot is one of the first feature Buy NetEnt slots and is available at the majority of the NetEnt Casinos. You can buy your Scatters with the prices depending on your bet. The higher your bet, the higher the price of the Scatters.

You can already buy 3 Scatters for €5.87 when you play the Serengeti Kings™ slot with a minimum bet of 0.10. Of course, the price climbs up when you play with a higher bet or when you buy more Scatters. Also, while playing the video slot without buying the feature, you collect Lion and Panther spins. These symbols are also responsible for the prices of the Scatters to go up. Except for the 3 Scatters, they remain the same price.

As you can see in the above image, the Serengeti Kings™ slot offers you 3 Feature Buy slot options to activate 12 Free Spins:

3 Scatters = minimum of € 5.87 starts with 0 symbols in both the Lion and Panther counter
4 Scatters = minimum of € 8.43 starts with the number of symbols in the counters as during the activation of the Free Spins feature
5 Scatters = minimum of € 24.39 starts with the number of symbols in the counters as during the activation of the Free Spins feature +5

Feature Buy NetEnt slots

Feature Buy NetEnt slot 2: Dead or Alive2™ Feature Buy

The massive demand for a sequel to the classic NetEnt slot was a big reason behind the release of the famous Dead or Alive 2™ slot. The Feature Buy version of the slot was no different. Fans just wanted it and they got it!

You can easily buy the Free Spins feature and the price is clear! You will always pay 600 coins multiplied by your bet. The higher your bet, the higher the price. Obviously!

You then activate 12 Free Spins but it’s up to you to pick your choice of Free Spins:

Train Heist Free Spins

The low volatile Train Heist Free Spins brings you many wins, but not the highest wins. You will see a Multiplier Meter and every Wild appearing on the reels will make the meter go up with +1 and another free spin is added. If the Multiplier reaches x16, 5 additional Free Spins are awarded.

Old Saloon Free Spins

The Old Saloon Free Spins brings a medium volatile feature during which all wins are multiplied by x2. Wilds become Sticky Wilds and stays in its place till the end of the Free Spins feature. Collecting one or more Wilds on each of the reels will add 5 additional Free Spins.

High Noon Free Spins

High volatile High Noon Free Spins also have a Wild symbol included that will become Sticky Wilds. Whenever 2 Wild symbols land on the same reel, they transform into x2 Multiplier Wild symbols. Or even x3 Wilds when 3 Wild symbols land on the same reel. A 2x plus a x3 Multiplier Wild on the reels will act as a x6 Multiplier. Collect one or more Sticky Wilds on each of the reels to activate 5 Extra Free Spins.

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