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Are you ready for the upcoming Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot?

If you consider playing Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot, then this is a serious question? Awarded an amazing 16 Michelin stars, Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs worldwide. However, he is known for throwing knives at rubbish chefs! That’s why I’m asking if you’re ready for the upcoming Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot? Are you ready for a serious cook-off the red and the blue team? If you win, there’s more to win in the bonus game in which it’s up to pick the right menus! Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay will always be there to provide some of his famous comments and kitchen action! Keep reading what to expect from the long-awaited Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot with 25th March 2021 as its release date!

About Gordon Ramsay and Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot

Another great branded NetEnt slot is on is way to the NetEnt Casinos. This time it concerns a collaboration with the friendliest chef on earth, Gordon Ramsay! This teddy bear chef, so famous for his kind words to the wannabee chefs, is about to have its very own NetEnt slot.

The Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot is set to arrive at the NetEnt Casinos on 25th March 2021, promising a spicy gameplay with tasty ingredients!

Gordon Ramsay is Scottish by birth but was brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon. What you would never expect is that initially, Gordon Ramsay aspired to be a professional footballer. It was an injury that ended his dream with no other choice to go back to college and complete a course in hotel management.

No matter if football or cooking, Gordon is dedicated to everything he does. During his studies to become a chef, these strong characteristics resulted in Gordon to train with some of the world’s leading chefs. This leads him to become head chef of Aubergine in London in 1993. The restaurant was awarded 3 Michelin stars just 3 years after.

When Gordon Ramsay reached the age of 35, he opened his own Restaurant in 1998. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay quickly received 3 Michelin stars. The restaurant is London’s longest-running restaurant to hold this award.

By now, the Gordon Ramsay group owns restaurants all around London and has been awarded an incredible 16 Michelin stars worldwide. After opening a string of successful restaurants across the globe including Italy, Las Vegas, France, Atlantic City, Dubai, Qatar, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Ramsay is soon the face of NetEnt’s latest branded slot game.

Gordon Ramsay’s way to television and the online casino

The Hell’s Kitchen and 24 Hours to Hell and Back presenter first graced TV screens in 1998 in the UK mini-series Boiling Point and has since become a global personality famed for his fiery temper and razor-sharp wit. Gordon Ramsay Shark Bait and Masterchef Jr. are some of the few programs that are gentler to the ears.

No matter if Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, Masterchef Jr., The F-Word, Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, Culinary Genius, Gordon Behind Bars, Ultimate Cookery Course, Gordon’s Great Escapes, or Gordon Ramsay Shark Bait, all of his cooking programs are equally entertaining. We all know Gordon Ramsay isn’t the teddy bear chef, and that’s exactly what makes him the most famous chef in the world. And now all of this is going to available at the NetEnt Casinos as well.

The deal for the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot was brokered by Gordon Ramsay’s licensing agent, Global Merchandising Services. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the upcoming Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot incorporates some of Gordon’s famous catchphrases, as well as imagery to tantalize the taste buds.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen™ slot

What to expect from the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot?

Well, everything Gordon Ramsay is known for you’ll see back in the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot from NetEnt. We all saw him using his colourful language in one of his many television programs, for example. Or throwing kitchen items to those that are terrible at cooking! One thing is for sure. I must stay away from Gordon Ramsay! I already upset my French boyfriend with my cooking talent. I’m afraid Gordon Ramsay will give me a ride through the meat processor!

But Gordon, one can’t be good at everything, right? You’re good at cooking and I know perfectly how to describe a NetEnt slot best. Well teddy bear chef, I’ll tell you everything about your upcoming game including Your Wild feature, Team Challenge Free Spins with Order Up features and your very own Bonus Game.

Main game and Wild symbol

We all know Gordon loves to throw things at rubbish chefs, right? During the main game, you might see him throwing a few knives, plates, or pots at the reels. These will then turn into Wild symbols within between 5 and 7 Wilds available during the Ramsay’s Wild feature.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen™ slot Free Spins activation

Free Spins and Order Up Bonus

Besides the Wild feature in the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot, there’s also the Challenge Free Spins with Order Up features. This is where a lot of the slot’s flavor lies. In Free Spins, you’ve got to choose a team: either you’re on the red team, or the blue team. The two teams go head-to-head, but you’ll get the winnings regardless of which team you’re on. And Bonus features like Multipliers and Random Wilds mean that you’ve got a good chance to land some nice wins.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen™ slot Cook Off Free Spins feature

Gordon’s Bonus Game

If your team wins, you enter the Pick-and-Click Bonus game, which is the final and most crucial ingredient. You are presented with 15 menus. 12 will give you a nice prize: coin wins or multipliers. But three of the menus have got crosses on the other side. 3 crosses and you’re out, so don’t choose those. Choose the right menus, and you’ll get fantastic results.

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