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Asian game portfolio expanded with first jackpot game Gold Money Frog™

Thanks to the success of Asian-themed video slots, NetEnt dedicate an entire video slots series to the Asian player community with Twin Happiness™ as the first edition. Three more Asian-themed video slots were launched in 2019 and 2020 sees the first Asian-themed jackpot game launched as well. NetEnt is ramping up the excitement factor in its latest slot release Gold Money Frog™ offering three progressive jackpots.

What’s Gold Money Frog™ all about

I had to look for it, but I found the first Asian-themed jackpot slot at LeoVegas and so I gave it a go! While I spin the reels automatically with a humble bet of €0.50, I tell you everything about this game’s design and what it has to offer besides the three progressive jackpots and a Return to Player of 92.16% and 92.96%, one of the lowest I’ve seen so far. Jackpot games never offer the best RTP, but Mega Fortune™, for example, is offering a RTP pf 96.00%-96.60%. The Asian-themed NetEnt jackpot slot Imperial Riches™ is offering a RTP of 96.88%. Do you see the difference. Luckily, I never stare blind on the RTP when a game has enough to offer so let’s keeps spinning!

As many of the Asian-themed video slots developed by NetEnt, the inspiration comes from traditions from the Asian culture and with that, traditional music can’t be left behind. It’s thanks to these typical Asian sounds that you’ll feel comfortable as if hanging around in a Spa.

Thanks to the introduction of Asian traditions to the reels, you’re only one spin away from taking a virtual trip to countries like China, Japan, Thailand and so on!  This time, I think you’re signing up for China, even though the (Panamanian) golden frog is a frog found in Panama, this has nothing to do with Gold Money Frog™.

Golden money frog, the legend

China it is as this game has been clearly inspired by the feng shui money frog, also known as the three-legged toad or money toad. The symbolism of the money frog comes from Chinese folklore and has deep symbolic roots. It’s often pictured or sculptured as a mythological creature with three legs which is believed to attract wealth and abundance following the legend.

According to the legend, the wife of one of the eight immortals was greedy and craved riches after which she stole the elixir of immortality and drank it. As a punishment, she turned into a toad with the tail of a tadpole instead of two hind legs. This while another version tells that her incensed husband shot her with an arrow, causing her to lose a leg. This legend was followed up by another legend in which one of the immortals lured the greedy toad out of hiding with gold coins with the money sticking to it as it travels to heaven. These legends make up for the money pictured beneath a three-legged golden frog which is also often depicted with a coin in its mouth.

If you get your hands on a feng shui money frog, place it in your home in an energetic centre of money, the south-east corner of your space. You can also place the frog, or several, on your office desk, near your financial papers. Always make sure the frog is looking inside the house rather than facing out through the door, so it brings the wealth into the house! You can have several money frogs, but never exceed nine and make sure they are facing different directions while you keep their surroundings clean. I definitely learned something new today!

NetEnt’s Asia-facing content has gone from strength to strength over the last year and the addition of Gold Money Frog™ will further enhance our growing catalogue. True excitement-building triple jackpots will appeal with multiple audiences and makes for an engaging, casual experience for our partners’ player bases,” said Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games.

Gold Money Frog video slot NetEnt

Gold Money Frog™ slot features

Now, back to the game as I keep on spinning and have the sad news that my 200 spins so far didn’t get me much. I did activate the bonus game several times which means many chances to win one of the three jackpots were thrown at me but no Big Win occurred so far. I also managed to activate the Free Spins feature a few times which shows that activating this particular feature isn’t rare event either. The Bonus Game seems to be more eager to be activated during Free Spins than during the Main Game and that’s a helpful fact, but again no Big Wins so far and I guess the 0.50 bet isn’t helping much.

Golden Money Frogs, so far not really doing their job well, lotus flowers, red lanterns and relaxing music give you a warm welcome in Gold Money Frog™ though of which I predict Asian players will love it!

You’ll be searching for Gold trinkets in the Gold Money Frog™ slot which is bursting with engaging video slot features. You’ll be enjoying Wild substitutions, Scatter Wins, Free Spins and a Jackpot Bonus Wheel to boost retention rates.

Three or more Scatter symbols will trigger the Free Spins feature with a minimum of 10 Free Spins available, but this amount can go up to 20 with four Scatters ad to even 30 Free Spins when five Scatters are found on the reels.

The Bonus game, activated when three Bonus symbols appear in succession on the reels from left to right, is giving you the chance to win either a bonus win or one of the three progressive jackpots including the Super, Major and Minor jackpot. The Gold Money Frog™ Bonus game involves a jackpot wheel as seen in Mega Fortune™ and Super Lucky Frog™, for example, on which you’ll find a good mix of bonus wins and jackpots!

By on 6 January, 2020