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Bingo + slot + Starburst = Slingo Starburst™

When the Starburst™ slot was launched at the beginning of 2012, I didn’t expect this game to get this far! With only one real video slot feature, I thought it would be fast forgotten. The opposite was the case and Starburst™ became one of the most popular slots ever. With this success, it’s only expected for the name to be used for other games and purposes including Slingo Starburst™.

What is Slingo?


The above quote is exactly what the game is all about, a combination of a video slot and bingo. In this case, the Starburst slot and Bingo. Therefore, you see a 5×5 grid with 25 random numbers as you see in the image below. The recognisability at this point comes from the Win Spin logos on the left where you see the number of Slingos followed by at least one Starburst symbol.

It’s now up to you to cross as many numbers or symbols on a line as possible like this is the case with Bingo. The more slingos, the higher your rewards.

Slingo Starburst™

Every spin will generate 5 random numbers, Starburst symbols or typical Slingo Wilds in the spots beneath the grid. Your goal is to complete as many complete lines across the grid as possible. The Starburst Wild and Slingo Jokers give you the opportunity to pick a number yourself. Therefore, Slingo brings a combination of pure luck and strategy. It’s about how you use your wilds/jokers and the choices you make.

When your initial spins are finished, you can choose to pay for extra spins. The higher the chance to win, the higher the price you pay for a spin. This is the fun of Slingo, you’re involved!

Starburst slot bonus round

I don’t think I have to explain to you what the Starburst™ slot is all about. It’s one of NetEnt’s most famous games and already available at the NetEnt Casinos since 2012.

It was the simplicity and the looks of the gem game Bejweled that made the game a favourite to many. Its low volatility makes that the game keeps on giving and even though only one real slot feature is available, there’s constant action on the reels.

The innovative Expanding Starburst™ Wild has become a true trademark for NetEnt. You see the colourful Starburst™ Wild, you know it’s NetEnt.

When this Wild Star appears on the reel, it expands to take over the entire reel. It remains there for up to 3 Re-spins. It’s because of this slot feature that the Starburst™ slot offers the possibility to end up winning huge. The Starburst™ Wilds are astronomical, no matter how simple the game is with just one slot feature and a Both Way Win function!

This same Starburst Wild makes its appearance in Slingo Starburst. It will be during the Win Spin when the Slingo game temporarily makes place for the original Starburst slot. This is what the above image shows and how NetEnt fans know Starburst.

3 or more Slingos activate a Win Spin. This is where it feels like coming home when the traditional 5×3 Starburst slot appears. Depending on the Win Spin activated, one particular Starburst symbol dominates the reels.

Slingo Starburst™ features

If you really want to get the basics of the game first, you can choose to play Slingo Classic 20th Anniversary. This game brings it as it is without too many special features like you find in Deal or No Deal and Monopoly.

Slingo Classic shows the basics of the game, but there are some special features available. Most games offer a joker, but there’s some more features to explore in the different versions:

  • Starburst Wilds
  • Super joker: you may choose any number on the grid
  • Devil: blocks the row for the round
  • Free spin: gives you a free spin which will be played once your original 10 are depleted

Starburst™ Wilds

Coming straight from the original NetEnt slot, the Slingo Starburst Wild allows you to mark any number in the column above. They then hold in place for a Re-spin on the other reels.

Slingo Starburst™ Wilds

It’s a new symbol and it’s related to the Slingo brand, the Slingo Starburst™ Wild, recognised by the joker hat. This Wild allows you to mark any number in the column above.

Super Slingo Wilds

Super Wilds allow you to mark any number in the 5×5 grid that hasn’t been marked yet. Make sure you check the grid well for Slingo opportunities. Even better, check for opportunities to create a Double Slingo for better winning results.

Free Spin symbol

We love Free Spins, no matter what type of game we play. That’s why Slingo Starburst™ offers a Free Spins symbol too that activates a Free Spin when it appears on the bottom row.

Three in a row

Three or more purple gems on the bottom row awards an instant prize.
5x purple gems = 2.5x your bet
4x purple gems = 1x your bet
3x purple gems = 0.5x your bet

Starburst™ Win Spins

The goal of the game is to activate a Starburst™ Win Spin. A Win Spin guarantees a win. A Win Spin is offered with the different Starburst™ symbols with the famous Starburst™ Expanding Wild as the number one Win Spin.

Wins can be from 3 of a Kind on one line to 5 of a kind on 10 lines. Starburst™ Wilds expand and hold for a Re-spin. Like in the original Starburst™ slot, the Expanding Wild can appear on the reels 2,3 and 4 to expand and activate a Re-spin. There’s a maximum of 3 Re-spins.

Extra Spins

Extra Spins can be won after all you ran out of regular spins. The wheel will spin and award an extra spin or end the game. The winning section is reduced after each successful wheel spin with a maximum of 5 Extra Spins to be awarded.

When no Extra Spins can be won, you can always pay the shown amount on the Spin Button for a chance to create more Slingos, and with that a (better) Win Spin.

Where to play Slingo Starburst™

The first online casino I bumped into Slingo Starburst™ was Fun Casino, but a good number of NetEnt Casinos offer the Slingo series.

Among the Slingo series, Starburst™ is the first NetEnt game involved. Let’s hope for more NetEnt slots to follow as Slingo is a truly fun game.

Besides my personal favourites Monopoly Slingo and Slingo Deal or No Deal, there are also other Slingo games available that involve familiar themes such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Britain’s Got Talent, Centurion, Classic 20th Anniversary, and many more.

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