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Blood Suckers II™ brings the famous NetEnt vampires back to the reels

Mainly known for its high payout percentage of 98%, NetEnt’s Blood Suckers™ has been a success since the day it was launched in 2009. It was in the same period vampires were more popular than ever before, for no particular reason. Okay, okay, Robert Pattinson might had something to do with that! Now, around 8 years later – vampires sagas being replaced by Fantasy Saga’s such as Game of Thrones – NetEnt fans will be soon taken back to the vampire era with the launch of Blood Suckers II on 12th October 2017.

No Edward Cullen or Bella Swan on the reels, sorry!

I have some good news, as it’s not going to be a far cry from the Twilight Movies or whatsoever, nope, it’s going to be better! And true NetEnt fans will know what I’m talking about.

They will be thrilled to see back blond-haired vampire with the purple coat, although in a different outfit this time.

We will also see Mr Fortune Teller back, although, considering his new outfit, I think he got retired.

What about Mr Creepy, with his long fingers, bolt head and yellow eyes. He’s also back, in a better shape than ever!

Hardly changed in eight years, the black-haired winged vampire will return back on the reels as well, this time it seems with a more healthy skin colour.

A bit too stereotypical anyway, NetEnt didn’t bring back the garlic, brewery, The Book of Darkness, and the symbol of which I never managed to find out what it was anyway. Nothing to be missed I guess. These typical symbols will be replaced by simple card symbols and as I said, all that’s have been left out will be replaced by something more exciting.

The Wild has been replaced as well, so we won’t see the vampire in action this time, but there’s so much more to be afraid of instead. What about an amazing-designed Demon, one you rather not bump into on the street in the dead of night.

The vampire bride has been replaced as well, but we have a new Femme Fatale in our middle as soon as the Blood Suckers II™ slot becomes available October 12th.

The Bonus symbol will return to the reels as well, but it doesn’t look anything like the old Bonus symbol. Again, a good thing, as overall, the Blood Suckers II™ slot animations are way more impressive. But what do we expect, it has been more than seven years ago that Blood Suckers™ was released and HTML5 changed everything when it comes to graphics, animations, gameplay and slot features. Everything seems possible these days and the new Femme Fatale Amalia in Blood Suckers II™, always trying to seduce you at the left side of the reels, is just another proof of what NetEnt is capable of these days.

The coffins will be back, as this was the case in Blood Suckers™ which means you can look forward to another Bonus Game. Improved with many levels to go through and many more coffins to be opened. But more about that later.

The key to success!

We all know what has been NetEnt’s key to success, don’t we? Fantastic games that prove to be 10 times better than those of the competition. In the new Blood Suckers II™ slot, the key could be your way to success as once revealed it will bring you to the next level. NetEnt again thought well about these details and the key is a perfect addition to another thrilling NetEnt video slot. The animations involved are impressive and they show why NetEnt is the leading software supplier to the iGaming industry.

But before you’re going to be introduced to the key of innovation, some bonus symbols on the reels will be necessary. Three of them appearing anywhere on the reels from left to right will activate this multi-levelled Bonus Game, also called the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game.

Femme Fatale is trying her best to become invisible, and indeed she won’t be seen for at least a few levels. Because that’s what’s the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game is all about. Coffins, that’s what you’re about to see as soon as you enter the dark dungeons.

The chance you’ll find the key in the first levels is pretty big, so you will make it level two. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the best animations NetEnt is known for. The key turns and you’ll enter the next level in which you have the chance to open a few more coffins.

Try to avoid opening that coffin of Pandora, because all you’ll find is trouble. The Demon will be released and will scare the hell out of you whereafter you’ll be sent back to the main game. And if that doesn’t happen in level 5, the last of them, you’ll find Femme Fatale pretty disappointed. If you manage to find the hidden treasure, you and she both will be delighted!

What else to expect of this thrilling successor of the Blood Suckers™ slot?

First, I would like to mention something you shouldn’t expect as the famous payout of 98% in Blood Suckers™ won’t be repeated. Blood Suckers II™ will be offering a payout of 96.94% which is still above average, don’t worry. That in combination with all the action on the reels and an incredibly new and improved Bonus Game, you’ll be pleased anyway.

Animations, impressive animations, to be honest, that’s what you can look forward to. Just as recent NetEnt characters Dracula™ and the Phantom from the postponed slot Phantom of the Opera™, NetEnt did an outstanding job with Blood Suckers II’s Vampire Amalia à la Femme Fatale. She’s quite a character and a great addition to the reels while the gameplay and slot features available in Blood Suckers II™ altogether make this upcoming game the perfect sequel to the respected Blood Suckers™ slot. Definitely, something to look forward to so let October arrive soon!

By on 25 August, 2017