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Codex of Fortune™ online slot introduces Save the Key feature

The new arrival at the NetEnt Casinos, the Codex of Fortune™ online slot, makes me think of saving Airmiles or stamps in a supermarket awards. I’ll soon explain why that is, but I also know that you know that this game is very similar to an existing NetEnt slot. So I’ll also explain why I think this game looks so familiar!

Bonus stamps or Airmiles

In so many shops, you save for rewards. Sometimes with points, sometimes with stamps, but in the end, there’s some sort of reward waiting for you.

The longer you save your points or stamps, the bigger your reward. But it’s tempting to take the first reward you can get your hands on. Patience is in general not practiced well by many humans, even though you know you can save for nicer things when you keep saving.

The same happens to you in the newest NetEnt slot. You can take your winnings by giving up your collected keys, or you save them for later for a chance to win even bigger.

It all starts with Fortune Re-spins in the Codex of Fortune™ online slot. During both, you can collect Key symbols that land you bigger wins already. However, when Re-spins come to an end, you’re being asked if you want to save your key(s) for future Free Spins.

Are you going to keep them or not? Big rewards later or collecting your reward now, that’s the question in the new Codex of Fortune™ online slot.

Do I recognise the cryptic codex?

Yes, you probably do, as we’ve seen the exact same gameplay in the Turn Your Fortune™ slot. This means that you saw the cryptic codex on the left of the game in another NetEnt slot. And once again, it’s good for a lot of slot excitement.

To be honest, I believe the Turn Your Fortune™ slot never really got the popularity it deserves. This might be one of the reasons why the Codex of Fortune™ online slot arrived at the NetEnt Casinos today.

With a new design, of course, but both offer the same symbols, same online slot features and even the same gameplay. Different from the first version are the betting options. You now have up to 40 coin values to choose from. This system replaces the few coin values and 10 bet levels available in older NetEnt slots.


What’s new in the Codex of Fortune™ online slot?

Well, besides the betting options, you now have the opportunity to save your collected keys for the Free Spins feature. It took me until today to find out that this Save the Key feature is available as well.

So now I finally know the true reason why Turn Your Fortune™ got a sequel designed in the same style, using the same symbols.

This totally changes the game as it truly becomes a saving system! It’s for good reasons these types of systems are immensely popular with shops. Shoppers love it and I’m sure players will love it too. The only disadvantage is that you have to keep playing for the Free Spins to be activated to not lose out on your keys.

What else?

We see the Fortune Re-spins feature back, as well as the Fortune Wins. The cryptic codex on the left of your screen turns and twists once again with a great mix of video slot features involved.

I also see the RTP changing to 96%, slightly lower than its predecessor. However, the volatility of the Codex of Fortune™ online slot is now set to HIGH instead of medium to high. This means, wins will be less frequent, but a lot higher. I’m pretty sure the Save the Key feature has something to do with this change.

Because of the new volatility slot level, it’s better not to expect a continuous series of winning combinations like this is the case in a low volatility slot like Starburst™.

High volatility slots became immensely popular among players in the past few years. More and more high volatility slots find their way to the NetEnt Casinos. Mainly experienced players like the idea of high wins rather than many smaller winnings.

You can try the new Codex of Fortune™ online slot at a great deal of online casinos, including my favourites Fun Casino and Race Casino.

By on 30 June, 2021