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Divine Fortune™ Jackpot worth over €181,000 at Yeti Casino

It was the very first new NetEnt slot launched in 2017, the perfect start of a new video slot year. Initially, I expected the Divine Fortune™ slot to become a pooled jackpot game, but it ended up to be a local jackpot game. Looking back, that’s actually a good thing as the NetEnt Casinos could do with a new local jackpot game full of innovation. Read more about the Divine Fortune™ video slot and the progressive local jackpot linked to it showing an amazing €181.000 at Yeti Casino at this moment.

Pooled Jackpots

I totally agree that a million euro/dollar/pound jackpot sounds way more attractive than a €181,000 Jackpot, but let me tell you why it’s better not to look at the amount of a jackpot. The Hall of Gods™ Jackpot, for example, has climbed up to an amazing €3.3 million in the past months, but does that mean that this NetEnt Jackpot is more interesting to play for? No!

The reason why is because I’m talking about a pooled jackpot here and a pooled jackpot, like the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot is one, is linked to an impressive network of NetEnt Casinos. Almost 100 NetEnt Casinos are offering the Hall of Gods™ video slot to their players. All players at all 100 NetEnt Casinos together form an army of jackpot hunters. That simply means that you have a lot of competition when you’re after that €3.3 million Hall of Gods™ Jackpot. It can still be you as it’s the Random Number Generator that decides who will be the next winner and at what NetEnt Casino. So if you’re playing such a jackpot game with real money, you can be picked by the Random Number generator, but it can also be one of the millions of players playing the same game going for the exact same jackpot.

That’s why a local jackpot game is equally interesting, both having their own advantages. The Hall of Gods™ Jackpot is incredible offering a staggering €3.3 million, but if it comes to the actual winning chances, a local NetEnt Jackpot such as the Divine Fortune™ Jackpot is way more attractive.

Take Yeti Casino where the Divine Fortune™ Jackpot climbed up to an amazing €181,000, one of the highest at the moment when it comes to this local NetEnt Jackpot. Yeti Casino is part of L&L Europe Ltd and with over ten different brands, the number of players playing at all brands is rather high. Still, I can say that the Divine Fortune™ video slot at Yeti Casino, or Free Spins Casino, or All British Casino or any of the other L&L brands, is more attractive to play at the moment than the Hall of Gods™ video slot. The exact reason why is because the number of players playing for the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot is way higher than the total number of players at YetiCasino trying to win that still very attractive Divine Fortune™ Jackpot of €181,000.

The choice is yours! Are you going for that €3.3 million Hall of Gods™ Jackpot with the knowledge that the chance to win it is almost nihil compared to your chance of winning that €181,000 Divine Fortune™ Jackpot at Yeti Casino or any of the other L&L Europe Casinos.

Divine Fortune™ slot

If you have no clue yet whether you want to go for the many millions or the chance of actually winning a jackpot, the next summary of the Divine Fortune™ slot might help to push you in the right direction. The reason why is because the Divine Fortune™ slot is a pretty good NetEnt slot. A lot of action can be found on the reels while the game offers the best jackpot slot design so far. It’s one of the nicest game launched by NetEnt in 2017 as well, one you have to try out anyway.

Why not giving this jackpot game a try now it shows such an incredible local jackpot. It’s the perfect way to become familiar with what in my opinion is one of the nicest jackpot games available at the NetEnt Casinos. It was in January of this year that NetEnt introduced the Divine Fortune™ slot offering a great design, gameplay and a total of three local jackpots.

The Divine Fortune™ slot has been developed with HTML5 and it’s not hard to see what this technology has done for this jackpot game. High-quality graphics is what you’ll find on the reels as well as all around this game. These 3D graphics are definitely adding to the slot experience and that’s just the animations I’m talking about as the game has so much more to offer.

This ancient Greece-themed jackpot game has been enriched with an innovative gameplay as well. The combination of video slot features you can look forward to consists of Wild substitutions, Falling Wilds Re-Spins, a Wild on Wild feature, Free Spins, and a Jackpot Bonus game. Of course, the spotlights are on the Jackpot Bonus game, with 3 different jackpots including the progressive Mega Jackpot, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy all slot features available in the Divine Fortune™ slot.

A world of Greek Gods and mythical creatures might not attract everybody’s attention but trust me when I tell you that it won’t take long before you appreciate all characters including Medusa, the Nemean Lion and Minotaur. I personally love what NetEnt did with Pegasus bringing a true spectacle to the reels.

By on 11 September, 2017