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Dual reels brings innovation to the reels in Planet of the Apes™ video slot

Since the announcement of Emojiplanet™ and Planet of the Apes™ during ICE 2017 in London in February this year, I was convinced that emoji were going to be responsible for the best game of the year. That was until I saw the preview video of the Planet of the Apes™ video slot showing another incredible game including the Rise and Dawn Free Spins, Bonus symbols, Scatter symbols, Wild substitutions, a Stacked Wild feature, a Dual feature and the Rise and Dawn Bonus features. How much excitement and innovation would you like to see in a video slot?

Innovation and more innovation in the Planet of the Apes™ video slot

It’s obvious that NetEnt has been saving the best for last this year with new video slots such as Emojiplanet™, The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays™ and upcoming slots like Blood Suckers 2™ (12th October) and the Planet of the Apes™ video slot (23rd October).

Four video slots all packed with the best features bringing new innovations to the NetEnt Casinos. If I have to pick a favourite, the game that impressed me most, it will be the Planet of the Apes™ video slot. It’s hard to choose, though, but it was the game I expected the least from and it turned out to be a great game. It’s gonna be another branded slot, obviously, and I have no idea why my expectations were so low when it comes to the Planet of the Apes™ video slot. The opposite happened with the Emojiplanet™ video slot as once launched at the NetEnt Casinos, I, at first, was slightly disappointed. It was only later, once I got used to the layout and gameplay, that I started to appreciate the game more, but it definitely wasn’t video slot love at first sight.

Totaly unexpected, my video slot heart started to beat faster watching the Planet of the Apes™ video slot preview for the first time in the beginning of September. That was the moment I realised NetEnt keeps on surprising me and now I just can’t wait to play the new branded slot with all its innovations.

Although we have to wait a few weeks more until the long-awaited video slot is going to be available, I can already tell you a lot about the new game just by watching the preview video. So let me tell you what to expect from what is going to be a video slot that’ll bring a lot of action and innovation to the reels.

20th Century Fox and NetEnt, firework expected!

Over the years, NetEnt developed partnerships with an impressive bunch of companies including South Park Digital Studios™, Global Merchandising Services & The emoji Company, Universal™, and 20th Century Fox. These partnerships lead to a brilliant portfolio of branded slots games including Emojiplanet™, Dracula™, The Invisible Man™, Creature from the Black Lagoon™, Scarface™, and Frankenstein™.

Three more partnerships within the music industry made it possible to develop the so-called NetEnt Rocks Series including Guns N’ Roses™, Motörhead Video Slot™, and Jimi Hendrix Online Slot™.

Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars, Deadpool, Independence Day, X-Men and hundreds of films more have been created/distributed by 20th Century Fox and I see many possibilities there for future NetEnt slots. So far Aliens™ and Planet of the Apes™ will be the games developed in cooperation with 20th Century Fox and those who know the Aliens™ slot, will know that fireworks can be expected.

I should have known too as I still appreciate Aliens™ as a video slot in which players get drawn into the dark world of Aliens™ with 1 mission only, to survive the Alien onslaught and destroy the Queen. The game offers three levels and considering the fact that this game has been developed with Flash, and not HTML(5) like the slots nowadays, this action-packed video slot was way ahead of time as many would believe if I told them it was built yesterday.

Aliens™ is having an amazing 3 different levels to play through and NetEnt has entertained millions of players worldwide with innovations like these in their video slots. Now another video slot developed in cooperation with 20th Century Fox is soon the be launched and the Aliens™ video slot is the perfect example of what to expect from the Planet of the Apes™ video slot, except that 3,5 years of technology have passed since the launch of Aliens™.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

When NetEnt revealed Planet of the Apes™ as one of the new branded slots in 2017, I was assuming that it was going to be a Creature from the Black Lagoon™ type of video slot, based on the 1968 film. I couldn’t be more wrong as the above preview video and description clearly shows a combination of the most recent releases: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014).

Perfect as it’s this combination that’s about to bring one of the best innovations to the reels I’ve seen this year, the Dual Reels! Thanks to the Dual Reels, NetEnt has been able to combine elements from both movies while offering the players a whole new type of video slot excitement. The Planet of the Apes experience continues with the amazing high-quality graphics made possible by HTML5 as the newest developing technology.

An impressive video slot intro, cutting-edge animations, euphoric background music and some of the most innovative features so far will captivate you from the moment you open the Planet of the Apes™ video slot. You’ll be part of a journey between the two different phases of the Ape Army leader Caesar’s life while surrounded by the Rise and Dawn play areas enjoying the Rise and Dawn Free Spins, Bonus symbols, Scatter symbols, Wild substitutions, a Stacked Wild feature, a Dual feature and the Rise and Dawn Bonus features.

Another stunning game will soon be available at all NetEnt Casinos raising the bar for NetEnt when it comes to future NetEnt slots. What’s next is what I’m wondering!

By on 6 October, 2017