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€2,200,471 Arabian Nights™ Jackpot won at a yet unknown NetEnt Casino

In January, when the new year was only two weeks old, three Mega NetEnt Jackpots were won in a short period of time followed by a period of silence. Now, six weeks later the Random Number Generator picked a lucky player playing the Arabian Nights™ slot to win an amazing €2.2 million. Although I don’t have much information yet about either the player’s nationality nor the NetEnt Casino the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot was won at, I can tell you all about former Arabian Nights™ Jackpot wins and the Arabian Nights™ slot.

Arabian Nights™ Jackpot win

While two Mega NetEnt Jackpots were won in January, no million euro jackpots have been won in the past six weeks. At least, not until last Friday when the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot was hit after it had a chance to grew for over 39 weeks. During these 39 weeks the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot climbed up to an amazing €2.2 million, an amount that every player in a NetEnt Casino wants to win while playing the Arabian Nights™ slot. However, these type of prizes can’t be won daily and only once in a while a player’s life is changed forever by a Mega Jackpot paid out by NetEnt.

Last time the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot was hit, which was 39 weeks ago in May 2015, NetEnt paid out €1,162,381. This time, though, this Mega NetEnt Jackpot had the freedom to climb up for a longer period of time which resulted in the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot going into the millions. Just before the weekend started, one player at the NetEnt Casinos got the big news after five Wild symbols got stuck on an active bet line, the only way to win the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an official news update from NetEnt yet, although the rumours go that the winner was playing at a Dutch NetEnt Casino. Me, being Dutch, will be very proud if this is indeed the case. Not only because I’m Dutch myself, but especially because it would mean that it wasn’t a Scandanavian player who won the Arabian Nights™. Many of the Mega Jackpots have been won by Scandanavians in the past and, therefore, it is good news when the also the new millionaire would be living elsewhere, eventually resulting in a nice mix of winners from different countries.

Arabian Nights™ Jackpot

No doubt that Mega Fortune™ and Hall of Gods™ are the most popular jackpot slots available at the NetEnt Casinos offering Mega Jackpots that grow much faster than the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot, but that doesn’t mean the Arabian Nights™ slot isn’t worth playing. For months, the Mega Jackpot attached to the Arabian Nights™ slot was the largest NetEnt Jackpot around. This never takes long, though, as the other NetEnt Jackpots grow faster in general and always manage to exceed the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot. A few weeks ago, for example, the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot hit the €2 million becoming the largest NetEnt Jackpot after the Mega Fortune Fortune™ Jackpot was hit on January 15th, 2016 awarding a player an amazing €3.4 million while two days later the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot paid out an attractive €2.7 million followed by the €1.7 million Hall of Gods™ Jackpot hit on 19th January.

Five Wild symbols on an active bet line are enough to win the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot and with that most probably more than a million. It often takes many months for this NetEnt Jackpot to be hit again, this time resulting in an amazing €2.2 million jackpot.

Playing this 5-reel and 10 bet lines counting NetEnt slot, you’ll be able to enjoy a traditional Arabian night including a camel, magic lamp and sword while the sound of crickets is giving the balmy night extra dimension. Surrounded by a starry night, you are going on a quest for wealth with the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot as the main goal.

The Arabian Nights™ belongs to the group of Mega Jackpots and, therefore, can climb up into the millions as proved last week. Progressive NetEnbt Jackpots will only climb up by NetEnt Casino customers playing with real money as well as these jackpots can, of course, only be won when you play with real money. Being progressive, the Arabian Nights™ Jackpot will always keep on climbing resulting in this Mega Jackpot being worth almost €300,000 already.

Mega Fortune (Dreams)™ Jackpot

If looking for a bigger NetEnt Jackpot to win at this point, I can highly recommend the Mega Fortune™ slot and the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot, both offering several progressive NetEnt Jackpots including a Mega Jackpot. The Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot is, at this moment, the largest NetEnt Jackpot available and is climbing up to the €3 million. With €50,000 less in the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot, this NetEnt Jackpot slot is just as recommended and the advantage of this last game is that it is available at the major part of the NetEnt Casinos while the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot is exclusively available at some of the bigger NetEnt Casinos only.

By on 29 February, 2016