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€3,349,389 Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot won before the weekend

It was this morning that I found out another new NetEnt millionaire was created, this time with the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot. It’s the 21st Mega Jackpot win linked to this NetEnt jackpot slot and the prize was pretty standard with the lucky player being awarded a €3,349,389 jackpot prize. While I have no clue about the NetEnt Casino the Mega Jackpot was won, I do have some information about the win including some interesting facts.

Friday night Jackpot win

According to the jackpot statistics which are available through various websites, the jackpot was won Friday just before midnight. The winner must have been gone crazy, winning such a giant of a NetEnt Jackpot one week before Christmas. What better way to end your year?

I have absolutely no clue yet which NetEnt Casino is involved in the win and what nationality the lucky player has. I’m sure either NetEnt or the NetEnt Casino at one point will break the silence, but just until then, all I have is the amount, background information, and some interesting facts.

It took the jackpot exactly nine weeks to climb up to this incredible amount after it was won last time. It was then that a lucky player won €3,223,924with only 8 weeks between that win and the €3.3 million win 17,5 weeks ago. This shows exactly how fast the Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot climbs up and why this jackpot is always worth playing for.

Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot facts

Did you know that the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot was launched at the NetEnt Casinos in July 2014? From that moment on, this NetEnt Jackpot has been won by 21 players. That’s 21 NetEnt millionaires created with just one of the four Pooled Jackpots NetEnt has developed over the years.

The average win shows the amount of €3.7 million, but the actual jackpots won with the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot have been between €2.7 million and €5.5 million. This last one, the highest Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot so far, was won only 24 weeks ago but more information was never released. This means I can’t tell you more about the largest Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot ever won, except that the jackpot amounted €5,505,845.

Mega Fortune Dreams™ video slot

If you’re looking for a great video slot with a chance to win millions, the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot is always a game to look out for. Not only does this game offers a lot of extra features and an interactive Bonus Game, there are also two pooled jackpots to be won while a third local jackpot is available to the players of one online casino or operator only.

The Mega Fortune Dreams™ video slot, though, is exclusively available at only 25 NetEnt Casinos, maybe a bit more. LeoVegas is one of the esteemed NetEnt Casinos offering this exclusive game and is known for hosting some of the 21 Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot winners.

The game itself involves a lot of slot features including Wilds, Free Spins with Multipliers, and Re-spins while the Bonus Game is giving you a chance to win one of the three progressive jackpots or a lucrative bonus win. The Mega Jackpot will be the jackpot you’ll be dreaming off, but as long as you walk away with one of the jackpots, your session can be called successful.

Three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels will be triggering the Bonus game in which you need to pass all three wheels in order to get to the centre of the Fortune Wheel winning the desired Mega Jackpot.

Since the Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot was won just before the weekend, I can highly recommend the Mega Fortune™ slot with a Mega jackpot of €3.3 million available right now. This slot is less exclusive and can be found at a wide range of NetEnt Casinos including Fun Casino and Yeti Casino.

By on 18 December, 2017