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€4.5 million Mega Fortune™ Jackpot desperate to create a new millionaire!

When I start writing this article, the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot shows an amazing €4,433,477, desperate to create a new millionaire. Why desperate if you never know when the next Mega Jackpot is going to be hit? True, you never know, but I always hold on to the statistics who can never exactly tell when a NetEnt Jackpot is going to fall, but lately, the statistics do give an idea of when you should start thinking of becoming the next NetEnt millionaire! Let me tell you why.

The last Mega Fortune™ Jackpot wins

I love jackpot statistics, especially because they give you an idea of the last jackpot wins while providing more information about the average jackpot wins etcetera.

I’m talking about the Mega Jackpot because between the Mega Jackpot wins, many Major Jackpots and Rapid Jackpots are won as well. Too many to mention on, the reason I stick to the NetEnt Mega Jackpots that often consist of many millions.

It has been 9 weeks and five days ago that the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot was won by a Swedish player at LeoVegas The lucky winner won an incredible €3,772,45100.

The complete list of the five last wins look like this:

9 weeks 5 days ago €3,772,451
(9 weeks in between)
18 weeks 1 day ago €2,667,421
(6 weeks in between)
24 weeks 3 days ago €2,553,090
(5 weeks in between)
29 weeks 1 day ago €3,514,006
(7 weeks in between)
36 weeks ago €4,450,507

So now you can see what I mean with the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot being desperate to find a new millionaire. In the past 36 weeks, the jackpot was won with only 5 to 9 weeks in between the wins. Now, the last win was 9 weeks ago and there haven’t been that many weeks in between the Mega Jackpot wins in the past 36 weeks.

Also, the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot at this moment is becoming the highest one in 2018 with only the jackpot won 36 weeks ago being higher, but that was still 2017.

However, this Mega Jackpot will be the highest Mega Fortune™ Jackpot in 2018 and if you’re the lucky one, you’ll be the richest Mega Fortune™ Jackpot winner in 2018.

The next Mega Fortune™ Jackpot win

Since the day the Mega Fortune™ slot was launched at the NetEnt Casinos in June 2009, the Mega Jackpot – the largest of the three progressive jackpots linked to the Mega Fortune™ slot – created an amazing 45 mega jackpot winners so far, but I’m sure number 46 will follow soon.

It was 9 weeks and 5 days ago the last winner came along who cashed an amazing €3,772,451! In those 9 weeks and 5 days, the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot climbed up to €4,433,477, now desperately waiting for the Random Number Generator to pick the next random winner. 

The statistics show an average period of 10 weeks and 3 days for this NetEnt Jackpot to be won while paying out an average of €4 million. With almost €4.5 million in the jackpot right now, this NetEnt Jackpot is as hot as can be! Temperatures keep on rising with the Mega Fortune™ still climbing up, especially when you know another €650,000 is added by NetEnt thanks to the Mega Million Campaign that’s still going on at all NetEnt Casinos. This campaign awards an additional sum of money to the winner of the Hall of Gods™ or Mega Fortune™ mega jackpot. Separate from the jackpot cash prize, NetEnt’s Mega Million campaign also offers players the chance to win €3,800 every day a match is played at this year’s World Cup in Russia.

With the World Cup coming to an end soon, I do hope that the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot is going to be hit this weekend! It’s well worth playing the Mega Fortune™ video slot. If the jackpot is hit this weekend or not, a brand new millionaire will be created anyway but how nice would it be if another €650.000 can be added to the win if it falls before the World Cup ends.

Henrik Fagerlund, NetEnt Chief Product Officer, says: “We have another example here of how NetEnt’s games can change people’s lives, and the Mega Million campaign will give us even more chances to do just that.

By on 13 July, 2018