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€7 million Hall of Gods™ Jackpot up for grabs at the NetEnt Casinos

While the entire industry is getting ready for one of the greatest releases this year, the Finn and the Swirly Spin™ slot, there’s a NetEnt Jackpot that deserves some extra attention. Won 22 weeks ago for the last time, the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot got a chance to grow sky high and I expect this NetEnt Mega Jackpot to reach the €7 million tomorrow, an online casino jackpot you don’t want miss out on.

Hall of Gods™ Mega Jackpot is gaining in popularity

It’s obvious that the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot is becoming more and more popular with players resulting in the jackpot growing faster. The growing number of NetEnt Casino players certainly helps in this matter and it’s because of these reasons the jackpot, after only 22 weeks, is about to reach the staggering amount of €7 million tomorrow.

To give you a good idea how the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot is rising in popularity and in height, let me give you some statistics. The average jackpot won amounts €5,743,923 linked to an average of almost 28 weeks. That doesn’t say much, I know, but when we have a look at the recent Hall of Gods™ Jackpot we see that the jackpot hasn’t been won for 22 weeks. What does this say exactly? That the jackpot is growing much faster these days as the statistics show an average of €5.7 million and 28 weeks while the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot these days only needs 22 weeks to grow to an amazing €7 million.

Maybe it doesn’t sound logic to you, but I do know that this jackpot is becoming more interesting with the year. The jackpot slot linked to the jackpot might be an older NetEnt game, players are still attached to the game and the faster-growing jackpots linked to it. I say jackpots because the Hall of Gods™ Mega Jackpot isn’t the only jackpot linked to the game with another two local jackpots available as well.

Last Hall of Gods™ Jackpot win

The last Hall of Gods™ Jackpot win amounted a dazzling €7,525,467 and was won in June of this year by a 47-year-old Norwegian player who was playing the desktop version of the popular Norse mythology-themed game Hall of Gods™.

It was on the 15th of June that NetEnt paid out the 4th largest Hall of Gods™ Jackpot in the history of the video slot which was launched in December 2010. This particular jackpot win concerned the 13th millionaire created by the Hall of Gods™ slot.

It was the second jackpot of over €7 million paid out by NetEnt in six months after a British player won €7,437,199 on Mega Fortune Dreams™ in December 2016.

NetEnt has paid out more than €54 million in progressive jackpots in 2017 and the €7.5 million jackpot win from June was just one of many and another one of over €7 million might be added to it very soon.

Since 2012, the Hall of Gods™ lifetime payout has surpassed €57 million and €20.5 million was generated in 2016 alone, another proof how this jackpot grew in popularity and, therefore, paying out higher jackpots.

Hall of Gods™ Jackpot statistics

As mentioned before, the average period of time needed for the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot to find a winner is 27 weeks and 5 days. This involves all 13 Mega Jackpot wins that occurred since the launch of the Hall of Gods™ slot in December 2010.

The second last Hall of Gods™ jackpot was won 28th October 2016 and the last jackpot 15th June and some simple math tells me the number of weeks between these two jackpot wins was 34 weeks. In those 34 weeks, the jackpot grew to an incredible €7.5 million. More amazingly, these statistics predict the next Hall of Gods™ Jackpot win will be way higher if won after 34 weeks again. We’re in week 22 now and the jackpot already reached a dazzling €7 million.

The highest Hall of Gods™ Jackpot was won by a Norwegian player in April 2015 with the player winning a staggering €7.8 million which was only €300.000 more than the last Hall of Gods™ Jackpot win from June this year.

The big question now! Is the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot going to beat the old record and if it’s going to take another 34 weeks, like last time, how high will this jackpot be? Time will tell, but until then I can highly recommend the Hall of Gods™ slot. Luckily, and that makes playing for a jackpot so exciting, we never know when the next new NetEnt millionaire is going to be born. But if and when the Mega Jackpot is searching for a winner, you don’t want to “sparkle of absence”, missing out on a jackpot higher than €7 million.

Stick to the Hall of Gods™ slot for a while and give it a try here and there. You can never force it, of course, but you can always give it a try. I’m sure the majority of the NetEnt millionaires created over the years were thinking “I’ll never win this jackpot” until they did.

What else?

Besides all the above statistics and high jackpot numbers, there’s another good reason, or actually two, why the Hall of Gods™ slot is a game to go for. The Hall of Gods™ slot isn’t all about the Mega Jackpot of €7 million as this game is offering three progressive jackpots in total. Besides the Mega Jackpot, the Hall of Gods™ video slot also gives you a chance to win two smaller local jackpots. No millions will be found if you one of these, but I’m sure that hundreds or even thousands of euros can keep you going for another while and you’ll never know what these smaller wins will eventually lead to.

Don’t count the Mini Jackpot and Midi Jackpot out, just like you should not ignore the fact that you can already win a Hall of Gods™ Jackpot playing with the minimum bet. If you do, patience might be a keyword, but nothing is impossible and incredible jackpots have been won with smaller bets in the past.

By on 15 November, 2017