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€7,595,223 win 3rd highest Hall of Gods slot jackpot win

The Hall of Gods slot jackpot didn’t manage to stay the highest online casino jackpot for long. Only last week, I wrote that the Mega Jackpot of the Nordic-themed slot was on top of the top 10 highest online casino jackpot. It was, just until 4 days ago, when a lucky player scooped the 3rd largest Hall of Gods slot jackpot so far. It was about time, as the Mega Jackpot was long overdue.

One year too late

Too late is basically not possible, as the Mega Jackpot from NetEnt is 100% random. This means that the jackpot can be hit by a player after only a week or after years.

This is why there’s a due date available, but there are some statistics that give a lot of information. These statistics come from years of tracking the Mega Jackpot linked to the Hall of Gods™ slot. Tracked since December 2010, the average time for the Hall of Gods slot jackpot is 27 weeks and 4 days.

The last Hall of Gods jackpot was won 1 year ago and 28 weeks ago. That’s about one year longer than the average time the Hall of Gods slot jackpot usually needs.

So it feels like the jackpot was long overdue. Obviously, the lucky winner was totally fine with that. Because in the 1.5 years that the Hall of Gods slot jackpot was climbing up, it managed to climb up to an amazing €7,595,223. It’s the 3rd highest in the history of this Mega Jackpot.

The highest Hall of Gods slot jackpots

Since December 2010, a total of 20 Hall of Gods slot jackpot have been won. Mega Jackpots, of course, because the Hall of Gods slot offers two smaller local jackpots as well.

From the 20 wins, at least five forced NetEnt to pay out more than €7 million. The top 3 highest Hall of Gods slot jackpots won looks like this:

  1. 18 April 2015, €7,820,888
  2. 8 February 2012, €7,673,975
  3. 21 July 2021, €7,595,223

How to win the Hall of Gods slot jackpot?

The smallest Hall of Gods jackpot ever won is €608,749. This seems to be lame compared with the above jackpot win, but a Mega Jackpot is a Mega Jackpot. The amount to be won right now is €681,945. Higher already that the lowest Hall of Gods slot jackpot ever won.

The advantage of this? You know it’s possible to win the Mega Jackpot when this low. Even though the last win was €7.6 million. This doesn’t mean that the next one is going to be that high again, taking 1.5 years.

It’s always recommended giving a jackpot slot a try. Not only because of a Mega Jackpot, but maybe even more because of the two local jackpots available.

These two smaller jackpots are local. This means that only one online casino or one operator is involved. Unlike the pooled jackpot that climbs up because it’s linked to a huge network of NetEnt Casinos.

Because a local jackpot isn’t linked to a network, it doesn’t climb up that fast and that high. However, the competition is not as that from a pooled jackpot. You have a bigger chance to win a local jackpot and probably much faster as well.

Also, don’t think you can win this amount of money only when you play with high bets. I’m writing about online slots for 12 years now and saw players winning the largest online casino jackpots with minimal bets.

If you decide to play the Hall of Gods™ slot at one of the NetEnt Casinos, you choose to play with a minimum bet of €0.20. Not much if you think of the fact that only one spin with this minimum bet can already deliver one of the three Hall of Gods Jackpots. So don’t go all-in on that Mega Hall of Gods Jackpot. The chance you win a jackpot with numerous spins is larger than with only a few high bet spins.

Hall of Gods jackpot slot

The video slot tells you more about Norse mythology, but in the end, the theme of a video slot doesn’t matter. This video slot is all about the jackpots. There’s three of them, of which the most important is the Mega jackpot.

Play the Hall of Gods™ jackpot slot and meet the Midgard Serpent as an Expanding Wild and Odin’s ravens used for the Scatter symbol.

When you get three or more Scatters on the reels, you activate up to 20 Free Spins. But there’s also a bonus feature that gives you a chance to win the multi-million Mega Jackpot.

Three Bonus symbols on the reels award Thor’s bonus feature. This is the slot feature that can make you a millionaire. Or just a winner of an attractive local jackpot. If this doesn’t happen, you will always walk away with a lucrative bonus win.

Of course, you aim for one of the three progressive jackpots. Therefore, you use the hammer to break the shields. Make sure to turn three of the same jackpot symbols for a jackpot or three high amounts for a lucrative bonus win.

By on 25 July, 2021