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Emojiplanet™ slot on the way to the NetEnt Casinos

It was at ICE 2017 last February NetEnt announced two new branded video slots. Planet of the Apes™ is one of them, but this game won’t be released until 23rd October. The other branded video slot, the Emojiplanet™ slot, is literally on its way to the NetEnt Casinos where it will arrive Wednesday 23rd of August. That’s the official launch date for all NetEnt Casinos, but it was a bit more than a week ago one NetEnt Casino was already privileged to add the new NetEnt slot to its platform.

Emojiplanet™ slot exclusive at Mr Green Casino

Before I’m going to tell you everything about the Emojiplanet™ slot that I know, in preparation to one of the biggest video slot launches of 2017, I would like to mention the fact that this new branded slot is already available at Mr Green Casino.

While most players have to wait for the Emojiplanet™ slot to become available at their favourite NetEnt Casino, players at Mr Green Casino have the privilege to play this popular game already.

Mr Green Casino is proud to be the only online casino to offer the Emojiplanet™ slot, for now, the reason why many special casino promotions are available at this NetEnt Casino. Players are still enjoying Smiley Free Spins, Rocket loads of Cash Drops and an Emojiplanet™ Slot Tournament while before they also had a chance to Win a holiday to the home of the Emoji, Japan.

Emojiplanet™ slot, a game to look forward to

I can highly recommend video slot lovers to have a look at Mr Green Casino where you can play the game for free if you like. Perfect to experience the new NetEnt slot and if you like it, Mr Green welcomes you with a great welcome offer and three Emojiplanet™ slot promotions.

Spoiled rotten, it was at first I was a bit disappointed. The only one blamed for that is NetEnt for creating so many high-quality slots over the years. It’s because of that, my expectations are so high that when a new game doesn’t offer the graphics and features as I expected, I feel disappointment. By now, I had the chance to get familiar with the game, mainly thanks to the exclusive launch at Mr Green Casino, and the game has much more to offer than the above YouTube preview video made me believe.

What the preview video doesn’t show, is the intro video, for example, introducing the world of emojis, or smileys, what you prefer. One of the details I’ve noticed watching the intro the first time is the famous Starburst™ star. Typical NetEnt! They always know how to add nice details without overdoing it. And those who already played the Emojiplanet™ slot at Mr Green Casino might have noticed one of the greatest video slot characters ever, the one and only Mr Gonzo Pizarro. And he’s not the only NetEnt character that had the honour to turn into an emoji waving at you. Which character? Let’s not give away too much yet, there must be something for you to explore when playing the Emojiplanet™ slot for the first time.

For the Emojiplanet™ slot to become a branded slot, NetEnt has to partner up with Global Merchandising Services & The emoji Company. Without such a collaboration, NetEnt would never be able to bring the original emojis to life on the reels the way the company did in the Emojiplanet™ slot, resulting in a typical NetEnt gaming experience.

Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, comments: “As a leader in both mobile online gaming and innovation, Emojis is a perfect fit with NetEnt. Every day, millions – if not billions – of people around the world enjoy using Emojis. They have become a language in their own right; it is hard to think of a more collectively familiar and loved brand to partner up with.”

Gameplay Emojiplanet™ slot

So I might have been a bit disappointed at first when it comes to the graphics and animations, but once I was able to play the Emojiplanet™ slot, it didn’t take long for me to find out that the gameplay was rather interesting. Bringing a completely different gameplay, this emoji-themed video slot has more to offer than I expected.

Not enriched with 3D emoji characters, as I sort of expected, it’s obvious that NetEnt had a focus on the gameplay. I’m 100% sure NetEnt could have done better, much better, but knowing that the Emojiplanet™ slot has been developed and designed with a mobile first approach, this was probably the way to go.

One thing is for sure. Players do get a gameplay that differs from the standard NetEnt slots. To get to this spectacular gameplay, NetEnt used two of its best video slot mechanics. Not only did NetEnt use the Cluster Pays™ mechanics, but also the popular Avalanche™ technique. That’s how NetEnt managed to build up the excitement with five special features involved. The more emoji clusters, the more exciting Emoji features you’re about to activate.

Emojiplanet™ slot features

It all starts with an unusual layout involving a 5×6 grid as seen before in the Aloha! Cluster Pays™ slot. This time, however, a square video slot is offered in the style of popular games such as Candy Crush and Bejeweled.

I’m sure many players will feel comfortable with this type of gameplay. Thanks to two of the best video slot mechanics, players will experience a fun game with constant action on the reels. Some of the most popular emojis can be found at the right side of the game, ready to rumble!

During the main game, with the help of the Cluster Pays™ mechanic and Avalanche™ technique, you’ll be able to collect emojis in order to activate the five exciting Emoji Features: the Bomb feature, Pizza feature, Kiss Mark feature, the Rocket feature, and the Two Hearts feature. 💕

Two of the best video slot mechanics and five slot features is what makes the Emojiplanet™ a game that can’t be ignored, but what’s a video slot without a Wild? And this time, which isn’t always the case, the Wild feature can appear anywhere and substitute for any of the symbols. That’s how the cookie should crumble! 😉

It’s going to be a true emoji chaos on the reels once NetEnt’s first branded slot of 2017 is going to be available at the NetEnt Casinos from the 23rd August. One week to go! Stay tuned!

By on 13 August, 2017