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Evolution launches very first NFT video slot

It’s not a NetEnt slot, but since NetEnt belongs to the Evolution Group, we should not ignore such an innovation. Besides, you never know if NetEnt, in the future, will have an NFT video slot of its own. Considering that Red Tiger was bought by NetEnt, it’s basically part of NetEnt already. It’s the world’s first NFT-based slot game, but what is an NFT video slot? And what are CryptoPunks? In this article, I’m trying to give you all the answers to this new slot innovation.

What is an NFT?

Let’s start with the most important question. What is an NFT? It’s a rather new term, but apparently, it’s having quite an impact already.

An NFT is a non-fungible token. I know, that probably doesn’t really make sense anyway. So the next step is that an NFT is digital.

An NFT is digital and unique and, therefore, can’t be replaced with anything else. More often, it’s an “item” linked to a blockchain, just to be able to be owned.

Another explanation is that NFTs are digital collectables stored on the blockchain which can represent anything from art to music and real-world assets.

Okay, it’s not easy to explain something as new as an NFT. But let’s keep digging, just until we all get what an NFT really is. Let’s have a look at some remarkable examples:

NFT Tweets

We all know Twitter and we all know Tweets, the short messages billions of users post daily. A tweet is a digital “item”. It’s online, and we can’t really touch it. Most tweets are unique, but we can only wish they were all unique.

A tweet is publicly available as soon as it’s posted by the Twitter user. You don’t have to pay to see it, so it’s basically a free digital item. With NFT being introduced to the world, this seems something of the past. Don’t ask me how this is possible, but apparently, it is.

The tweet, which says, “just setting up my twttr,” was first posted by Dorsey on March 21, 2006.

Despite the fact that a tweet has been publicly available as a free digital item to look at whenever you wanted to, for nearly 15 years, Jack Dorsey, the billionaire co-founder and CEO of Twitter sold his first tweet as an NFT.

The tweet was sold as an NFT, for over $2.9 million via a blockchain-powered social media network. Yes, I think you start to get the picture!

NFT Rocks

I start to feel as if I just entered a totally foolish world, worse than the one we already live in. An NFT tweet, I can handle, but let’s get into the NFT Rocks. Because, in the world of non-fungible tokens, nothing is off the table. 

If you type in clip art rock in google, you’ll find plenty of images. For free! Yes, the one rock even more amazing than the other, ahum.

Yeah, well, apparently, those are totally 2020! It’s time for you to get your hands on an Ether Rock (or please just ignore this part and get the sarcasm)!

Ether Rocks are NFTs that are around for a while, and it seems that with non-fungible tokens in the spotlight, Ether Rocks became hype.

So, Ether Rocks involves a collection of digital rocks tokenized on a blockchain forum. The beautiful part is that the collection consists of still clip art rock images, all identical in design and shape, but showing different colour tones.

The very first Ether Rock sold for 0.0999 ETH ($300) and other rocks were sold between 0.1 and 0.36 ETH. A price increase occurred as new rocks were minted.

Only about 20 out of 100 rocks managed to sell in the first three years. However, the recent hype has led to an unbelievable increase. The prices of these virtual rocks are beyond…. anything!

The rocks sell for something over 30 ETH (around $104,000) to an outrageous 626,262 ETH ($2.1 billion). I think I just blew my mind, for real! It’s hard to see a clip art rock as an investment.

It’s kind of clear now that with this type of digital collecting, you buy and sell an item as an investment. Like you would buy and sell a house, for example. The main difference is that there’s no physical item, only a digital presence of the object you own. Like a clip art rock!

What are CryptoPunks?

I don’t know what I got myself into today, but it’s like I just became the main character of a sitcom. You can now picture me sitting behind my desk, totally flabbergasted and without words. Yes, me, myself and I, all three of us without words!

So now, if you didn’t get the idea of a non-fungible token yet, picture yourself 10,000 uniquely generated characters. With 10,000 different buyers. These 10,000 buyers own a character that makes me think of those we can enjoy in the Streetfighter 2™ video slot.

Instead of the above clip art, we’re now talking 24×24 pixel art images, generated algorithmically by Larva Labs. These characters are amongst the very earliest examples of NFTs. The majority of these are punky-looking characters, but you can also find a few unique characters such as apes, zombies and aliens. 

Do you think you can get your hands on a CryptoPunk and join the fun? The lowest price punk currently for sale is over 100 ETH. Equal to $350,000. I almost fell off the chair when I read that the total value of punks sold over the last year is 503,179.07 ETH $1,741,034,825.

First NFT video slot, NFT Megaways™ slot

What is an NFT video slot?

Now, we should be able to understand what an NFT video slot is. So this NFT video slot involves actual NFTs. This means that some sort of non-fungible tokens are involved with the creation of a video slot.

Can we win NFTs? No, that’s a step too far. However, if one can actually make this happen, it would be Evolution Group. They were spontaneous enough to come up with an NFT video slot. What’s next?

NFT Megaways™ is, launched by Red Tiger which is part of Evolution Group, just like NetEnt. The game revolves around four CryptoPunks, the unique collectable characters I described above. The digital artworks were purchased by Red Tiger’s parent Evolution Group earlier this year, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Evolution Group was inspired by the explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies and the trading of unique, digital-only assets. Therefore, this one-of-a-kind NFT video slot features Evolution’s quartet of CryptoPunks. They come together on the reels to multiply the value of the cash prizes.

The 6×7 counting NFT Megaways™ video slot creates a unique and exciting crypto pixelated world. It will be instantly familiar to anyone who has followed the evolving hype around NFTs. While it didn’t talk to me before this announcement, it indeed all makes sense now.

The game brings four of the CryptoPunks as described before, including #914, #3008, #4701 and #8143. These are four particularly diverse, distinctive and exotic looking characters, perfect for the very first NFT video slot.

Game images NFT video slot

NFT Megaways™ video slot review

Evolution has a big interest in cryptocurrencies and the trading of unique, digital-only assets. The rise of NFTs made them buy four of the first CryptoPunks. It’s this quartet of CryptoPunks that come together on the reels to multiply, and to multiply again, the value of the cash prizes on offer to players.

While evolving around the newest hype, the NFT Megaways™ video slot offers a nostalgic feeling. I literally have mixed feelings when I give the very first NFT video slot a try. It’s a mix of Streetfighter, Pacman, Super Mario Bros, and Tetris!

With this NFT video slot, Tiger Gaming (as part of the Evolution Goup) brings a crypto pixelated world to the online casinos. Besides the CryptoPunks, you also find the Tesla Cybertruck, Twitter Bird, Mona Lisa, Doge Shiba Inu, and the Diamond Hands back on the symbols.

NetEnt fans aren’t unfamiliar with the Megaways™ slot mechanism which brings Cascading Reels to the game. Triggered with each winning combination, winning symbols disappear from the reels, allowing new symbols to fall from above. This can potentially create new winning combinations.

In the NFT Megaways™ video slot, all you want is to get the punks and win the cash.

NFT video slot Crypto Spins feature

NFT Megaways™ video slot features

The CryptoPunks so important for this NFT video slot behave as WILD symbols that land only on the Crypto Punks Bar. Once you get familiar with NFT Megaways™, you will recognise the quartet.

When a CryptoPunk lands in the bar above the game where it participates in a win with low-paying symbols, the CryptoPunk collects the symbols involved. It’s because of this that the CryptoPunk’s Multiplier increases by 1x for each symbol it collects with a maximum of x30. If two CryptoPunks participate in the same winning way, their multipliers are multiplied by each other.

Three or more Crypto Spins symbols activate 10, 15, 20 or 25 Crypto Spins. During this free spins feature, the CryptoPunks Multipliers are to be found next to the reels as meters. These meters keep filling without a reset. The maximum Multiplier is x30.

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