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Get ready to visit an ancient Maya temple in the upcoming Rise of Maya™ video slot

In exactly one week, a brand new NetEnt slot is going to be launched and this time you’ll be taken into an age-old temple on Maya grounds. They are some of the oldest ruins in the world, surrounded by an interesting history. From the 4th of February, you’ll be able to enjoy the most meaningful symbols and exciting video slot features in the Rise of Maya™ video slot.

More than 4000 years ago…

A new civilisation was established in wat is now called the Yucatan Peninsula in Southern Mexico which eventually spread to Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras. The ancient Mayan civilization has had a big influence on future empires and the world as we know it today.

The Maya history is shrouded in mystery, but we do believe the Maya people began to settle in the Yucatan area in Mexico between 2600 BC and 1800 BC. These involved the first developments in agriculture and the earliest villages of the Maya civilization, yet it was around 750 BC that the first temples were built. The Maya Empire as we know it today, spread through the Northern Central American region also including Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras, really came into its own between 250 AD and 900 AD. That’s when the largest temples were built and while major cities started to develop.

The ancient Mayan civilization was based around city-states including Tikal, Copan, Chunchucmil, Bonampak, and Palenque as long-distance trade was developed while the famous Mayan pyramids were built. But it’s not only the pyramids and temples they are famous for as we also know that the Mayans excelled maths and science.

I’ve seen quite a few of them and no matter if they are the smaller temples or the largest among them, they are all equally impressive knowing some of the first stones were laid more than 3000 years ago! For those who never had a chance to see these meaningful structures, will soon have a chance to enter one of the temples anyway as the Maya culture has been the source of inspiration for the Rise of Maya™ video slot which will be available at the NetEnt Casinos from the 4th of February.

From next Tuesday, you’ll be able to enjoy the expressive Maya symbols on the reels while enjoying a feature-packed gameplay the Serpent Wild, Free Spins with hot reels, Serpent Stacks, a Bonus Bet, a Second Chance Scatter, and Re-spins.

Rise of Maya™ video slot features

It’s not that long ago that the Temple of Nudges™ video slot was launched at the NetEnt Casinos, but this time your time big history will uncover itself while you enjoy an exciting gameplay! The history behind the Mayan temples is definitely not for beginners, but the Rise of Maya™ video slot, however, is a great slot for the less experienced video slot players thanks to a simple and uncomplicated gameplay and the minimum bet of 0.10. NetEnt will take you on a journey back in time to discover the ancient Mayan civilization and their temples while you enjoy many video slot features including four different Wild features.

With an amazing 4 Wilds available, you’ll have a big chance to bump into one or more during the main game, as well as the Free Spins feature. You’ll find the single Serpent Wild, 2 Expanding Serpent Wilds, and Serpent Stacks on the reels with the Expanding Serpent Wild symbols expanding either up or down. The Serpent Stacks, however, will only appear during Free Spins on the hot reels and once it does, it will cover the entire reel.

There’s a Second Chance Scatter™ available in the game but it’ll be activated only when you turn on the Bonus Bet. Your bet will be doubled, but it’s all worth it as you’ll increases the chances to get additional Wild or Scatter symbols, thus activating further Free Spins and hot reels. You’ll also activate the Second Chance Scatter™ Re-Spins in the main game. Do you have at least 2 Wild or Scatter symbols on the reels, reels without any Wilds and Scatters will re-spin with an extra chance to get another Wild/Scatter on the reels in order to activate the Free Spins feature.

When this happens, you’ll get a chance to experience the Mayan world of gods. The reels that are involved in the activation of the Free Spins feature will all become Hot Reels where Serpent Stacks will expand to cover the entire reel while you have a chance to activate additional Free Spins.

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