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Explore the natural wonders of Africa in the upcoming Serengeti Kings™ video slot

We’re less than two weeks away from the next NetEnt slot launch and it’s going to be a nice one! NetEnt will be giving you a chance to explore one of the most impressive ecosystems in the world, one many will know when I mention the word ‘safari’ while few will know the place as The Serengeti. While going on a safari in the upcoming Serengeti Kings™ video slot, you’ll experience a new and innovative gameplay which will alternate between Panther Spins and Lion Spins.

The Serengeti

I let myself go entirely while pre-writing the Serengeti Kings™ slot review, as well as the Serengeti Kings Touch® review. I don’t know much about the video slot yet and all I have is the YouTube preview below and a description available on the NetEnt site. That doesn’t stop me from pre-writing the reviews for the upcoming Serengeti Kings™ video slot with lots of information available about the Serengeti. When a video slot has an interesting topic involved, I’ll eat my heart out and that’s exactly what I did and it’s in within 12 days that you can read the full reviews on

On the 23th January, I’ll be busy celebrating my 21st birthday for the umpteenth time, but in the morning I’ll take a few hours to finish the reviews as this will be the day the Serengeti Kings™ video slot becomes available. It’ll be an honour to write about this game which is inspired by some of the most impressive wildlife placed high in the animal food chain. Take the royal lion, the rapidly moving cheetah, the cunning hyena, the unique zebra, the strong panther, and the curious meerkat, all involved in a unique video slot that’ll keep you captivated for sure thanks to the innovating gameplay.

Besides the impressive animal kingdom, you’ll be sure to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the national park in the Serengeti Kings™ video slot as well, including the famous Umbrella and Sausage trees. Even though you used to be able to enjoy the Jungle Games™ video slot, it’ll be way nicer to explore the natural wonders of The Serengeti in this video slot which will include the cycles of day and night! The impressive ecosystem has a key role to play in the upcoming The Serengeti Kings™ video slot alternating between Lion Spins and Panther Spins throughout the game.

Serengeti Kings™ slot features

Set in the natural park of The Serengeti, you’ll find some of the most dangerous predators in the world on the reels and that’s cool, but this game has so much more to offer with the unique cyclical gameplay. Thanks to new innovations, you’ll start the game in the Lion Spins mode to stay there for exactly 12 spins as this upcoming new NetEnt video slot evolves around these cycles.

These cycles are linked to two meters of with the Lion symbol meter on the left and the Panther symbol meter on the right. During a cycle of 12 spins, both Lion and Panther symbols are collected but only the Lion symbols will be placed randomly on the reels after the 12th spin of the cycle.

When a lion symbol ends on top of a panther symbol, the symbol turns into a Wild. Two lion symbols on top of each other ends up in a Wild as well with a Multiplier added for each lion symbol that lands on top of a Wild. Multiplier symbols will be added to each other and wins will be multiplied by the outcome of the Multiplier.

When the light of day from the Lion Spins is giving way to the dark sky related to the Panther Spins, you’ll start 12 Panther Spins. Again you’ll be collecting both type of symbols, but only the Panther symbols will be replaced on the reels after the 12th spin, including those Panther symbols collected during the Lion Spins. The game keeps alternating between these two cycles with only 3 Scatter symbols being able to pause the cycles to launch the Free Spins feature.

During the 12 Free Spins activated, both Lion and Panther symbols will be collected. When the 12 Free Spins are over, Panther symbols will be thrown on the reels first, followed by the Lion symbols. When a Lion symbol falls on top of a Panther symbol, the symbol will turn into a Wild and another will add a Multiplier to the symbol as well with a chance to win big!

The Serengeti Kings™ video slot is different in many ways as it will also give you the chance to buy Free Spins at any moment. The prize of the Free Spins depend on the bet you’re playing with and on the number of Scatters you would like to buy as well that determine how many symbols Lion and Panther symbols your meters start with beforehand.

By on 11 January, 2020