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February 2022 brings nostalgia with the Knight Rider™ slot

When I was a young girl, there were quite a few television series I watched. Airwolf, MacGyver, the A-Team, and Knight Rider! Until today, I’m still waiting for these series to be on Netflix or Prime Video. Just to watch them all over again. Not happening yet! But I’m so thrilled to announce that at least two of my heroes appear in a NetEnt slot next month. I can’t wait to see Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. on the reels in the upcoming Knight Rider™ slot.

The man who does not exist!

David Hasselhoff stars as Michael Knight in one of the best television series ever. The crime fighter awakened from a serious injury and with a completely new identity.

It all starts with Michael Arthur Long being shot in the face and left for dead. Dying millionaire Wilton Knight rescues Michael, making him the primary agent for FLAG.

With his new identity, including plastic surgery, he now goes through life as Michael Knight. The millionaire provides him with an arsenal of equipment to help with the crime-fighting work.

And, of course, among the equipment is the Knight Industries Two Thousand. Also known as KITT! The coolest thing ever, KITT is an artificially intelligent Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Not just a car, the car that talks, fires weapons while travelling at high speed.

From 1982 until 1986, Michael and KITT were absolute TV heroes. During that period, they worked together to take down criminals, operating above the law. Nowadays, they are good for a warm feeling of nostalgia!

I always hoped for one of my favourite series from the 80s to appear as a NetEnt slot. You can imagine the happiness I felt when I found out that NetEnt’s next slot is going to be the Knight Rider™ slot. I already feel the adrenaline rushing through my body, perfectly mixed with that fuzzy feeling of nostalgia!

The day Michael and KITT appear on the reels in the Knight Rider™ slot

I wasn’t born yet when Michael and KITT made their first appearance on television. However, I was lucky enough that Dutch television repeated the series a few times. So, through the 90s, the series was still on television.

Even I saw some episodes twice! But that’s not a punishment at all. It’s hard not like Michael and his self-aware Pontiac Trans-Am.

”The slot’s design was developed in close collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, with powerful evening shades of black and red. KITT., as always, gets the last word: “If I may say so, Michael, I’m quite pleased with my new look!”

Of course, we have to wait for a little before we see Michael and KITT on the reels in the Knight Rider™ slot. On 24 February 2022, it’s happening! That’s the day we see the two TV heroes in another video slot with high volatility. This time with an RTP of 96.07%.

What to expect from the Knight Rider™ slot features?

I love to write about one of the best TV series ever! But of course, you are all interested in what this video slot will be all about. What slot features will have a prominent role to play? Can we expect new slot innovations?

For the first time, NetEnt announces its new slot as a collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms. That sounds very promising if you ask me.

NetEnt stopped the publishing of the preview video. The last few slot launches, we saw a review appearing on YouTube just a few days before. I hoped that 2022 would bring back the preview videos, but so far no luck yet.

Therefore, there’s no footage of the Knight Rider™ slot available other than the announcement image. But that’s ok! I think many of us can say that Michael and KITT are engraved in our memories. I’m sure that the above collaboration brings the best we can ask for when it comes to the original sounds and images.

Walking Multiplier Wilds

It’s clear from the slot description available that it’s the Walking Multiplier Wilds that play an important role. So far, it doesn’t ring any bells when I go through the NetEnt Encyclopedia I have in my head. This would mean that we look at a new slot innovation here.

Walking Wilds bring no new story, and the same goes for a Multiplier. A combination of the two, on the other hand, is completely new to a NetEnt slot.

Following the description, Walking Multiplier Wilds appear anywhere on the reels. During the main game, as well as in Free Spins.

When these symbols form part of a winning combination, they move one reel to the right instead of disappearing from the reels at the start of the next spin. However, if they end up on reel 5, they can do nothing else than to disappear from the reels at the start of the next spin.

The game assigns the Walking Multiplier Wild on the reels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to a Multiplier of x1, x2, x3, x4 or x5 respectively. Then, when a Multiplier Wild symbol moves to a different reel, the Multiplier upgrades automatically.

Turbo Boost Feature

Those who watched the series, most probably remember the Turbo Boost. Thanks to a series of rear undercarriage rocket motors, KITT was able to accelerate to speeds in excess of 200 mph.

The Turbo Boost feature can activate randomly in the main game. In this case, 3 or 4 Walking Multiplier Wild symbols appear randomly on the reels at the start of the spin.

Knight Rider™ slot Free Spins

The Walking Multiplier Wild symbols will again play an important role in the Free Spins feature. But to activate the Free Spins feature, you need 3 or more Scatter symbols and/or Scatter Multiplier Wild symbols on the reels in the main game. You then receive 10 to 20 Free Spins.

Laser Wilds Feature

The Laser Wilds feature drops up to 3 Walking Multiplier Wild symbols on the reels. The number depends on the Free Spins level you’re in. They are placed randomly on the reels at the start of each spin.

In Level 1 there are no Walking Multiplier Wilds
In Level 2 you activate 1 Walking Multiplier Wild
Level 3 brings 2 Walking Multiplier Wilds
And in Level 4 there are 3 Walking Multiplier Wilds

In level 1, three Knight symbols shift you up a level. 

At the end of each Free Spin, you receive one point for the collect meter for each Knight symbol appearing on the reels.

You activate the Laser Wilds Feature when 3 Knight symbols (Golden Horses) fills the collect meter at least once. When this happens, 1 Walking Multiplier Wild will hit the reels before a Free Spin starts.

Two additional Free Spins are also awarded every time the collect meter reaches 3.

After players reach level 4, the collect meter continues to reset and award 2 additional Free Spins every time the collect meter reaches 3.

By on 6 January, 2022