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First Mega Fortune slot win 2022

If you have a good look at the statistics of NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot, you notice an average time of 11 weeks and 2 days until the next Mega Fortune slot win. However, in the past years, we see more time between the Mega Jackpot wins. We’re almost in May 2022, and it’s only today that the first Mega Fortune Jackpot found a lucky player. More about this NetEnt Jackpot win and what jackpot game is most interesting to play now the Mega Fortune Jackpot was won.

Who won the first Mega Fortune slot win of 2022?

The problem with Mega jackpot wins, is that it either takes a while for more information to comes out or that we will never hear more about it.

One thing is for sure! It’s a NetEnt Casino and the winner won an amazing €3,279,020! But that’s all we know about the online casino and the winner involved.

The last four Mega Fortune Jackpot wins don’t even show the nationality of the winner, nor the online casino. With so many jackpots available within the industry, it’s not worth it to bring out all information. We keep receiving the numbers and statistics, but that’s kind of it.

Mega Fortune slot win

More about the Mega Fortune slot win

When I mention the Mega Fortune slot win, I obviously mean the Mega Jackpot. You look at the image above, you see that the Mega Fortune™ slot offers an amazing three jackpots. It’s an example image of the bonus round, which usually shows three progressive jackpot amounts.

The two smaller jackpots are local jackpots, fed with the player’s bets of those from one online casino or operator. The Mega Jackpot, on the other hand, is a pooled jackpot. A pooled jackpot often climbs into the millions because it’s sponsored by player’s bets from all NetEnt Casinos. Each NetEnt Casino that offers the Mega Fortune™ slot helps this Mega Jackpot to grow.

Thanks to this pooled jackpot system, the Mega Fortune slot win of today causes one super happy player to win €3,279,020.

What jackpot do we go for now?

With the Mega Fortune slot win of today, we now look at a Mega Fortune Jackpot of almost €300,000. Great to win, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nothing compared to the €2.3 million won today.

Time to have a look at the other Mega Jackpots linked to three NetEnt jackpot games. These include Hall of Gods™, Arabian Nights™ and Mega Fortune Dreams™.

Hall of Gods™ Jackpot €2,920,318

Of the three remaining jackpots with more than a million in the jackpot, the Hall of Gods™ slot is the highest with almost €3 million in the Mega Jackpot.

This game also brings an interesting theme with Norse Gods involved. And if the gods are on your side, who knows what could happen when you give the Hall of Gods™ slot a try.

Besides, the Mega Jackpot was won 40 weeks ago, while the average is 29 weeks. This jackpot is clearly past its usual deadline. With each day that passes, the chance this jackpot finds a winner grows. Therefore, I can highly recommend the Hall of Gods™ slot if you’re into jackpot slots.

Arabian Nights™ Jackpot €2,322,965

One year and 29 weeks ago, a winner took home the €1.3 million Arabian Nights™ Jackpot. That’s almost one and a half year past the deadline. But the average deadline of the Arabian Nights™, which is 25 weeks, is not a statistic to look at when it comes to this NetEnt Jackpot.

I don’t know better than that this jackpot isn’t won as frequently as Mega Fortune™, for example. But since it’s one year past its usual deadline, I believe this jackpot is becoming a hot potato! With € 2.3 million in the jackpot, it isn’t the highest NetEnt Jackpot. But it’s certainly a jackpot of interest!

With NetEnt changing the jackpot system, you can now win the jackpot with any bet preferable. It’s a positive and much-needed change for the Arabian Nights™ slot. It also got a HTML5 update a while ago for brighter images to give it a more modern look.

Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot €2,310,858

Covered with wealth on the reels, you instantly combine a jackpot game with wishful thinking. The more wealth you see, the bigger the chance to attract wealth. Isn’t that how it works?

Of course, you first need to open the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot and play with real money for a chance to win the Mega Jackpot of €2.3 million

All that’s left is some luck during the jackpot Bonus Game, which triggers the Mega Jackpot if you manage to reach the heart of the bonus wheel.

By on 28 April, 2022