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First preview images available from the Reef Raider™ slot

NetEnt isn’t that enthusiastic anymore when it comes to publishing preview videos. For the first time in 4 months, a video was published. We got to see a brilliant teaser for the upcoming Starburst XXXtreme™ slot. However, for the upcoming Reef Raider™ slot, all I had so far was a description. The name made me believe that a reel pirate-themed slot was coming up. Hahaha, was I wrong! Instead, we do get a reef raider, but instead of a rough pirate, meet NetEnt’s Long John Scissorhand!

Reef Raider™ slot

Who is Long John Scissorhand?

He is different from other pirates, and he’s on his way to the NetEnt Casinos! Long John Scissorhands should be feared! With one scissorhand and one hook, he is a true threat to his enemies. He might have a peg leg, but don’t forget he has five healthy legs too! You better be fast! He sees half the world with one eye covered like a true pirate, but he sees you, no worries!

Meet the dangerous Long John Scissorhand!

You find him hanging around in NetEnt’s colourful coral reef and if you look well, you see treasures hidden all around as well. It’s clear he’s protecting the reefs and their treasures. You want to get some of those treasures in the form of wins, become friends with Long John Scissorhand.

Long John Scissorhand might help you find some treasures. From the first preview images, it seems that our little pirate friend knows the way. It might cost a little time to get true friends and for little pirate to help you find the biggest treasure.

It will take until a proper preview video, description or 12th August for us to find out how to get to the end of the treasure train in the upcoming Reef Raider™ slot.

Reef Raider™ slot

What to expect from the Reef Raider™ slot?

From the first printscreens from the Reef Raider™ slot, we can see that we don’t have to expect a bunch of rough pirates. Instead, we’re going for the little Long John Scissorhand who seems to know his way to the treasures in NetEnt’s coral reef.

So the pirate slot as I expected, is not going to happen. No rough pirates raiding their fellow sailors! Instead, you get a gem type of game like Bejeweled. And didn’t this already prove to be a success in the Starburst™ slot?

On the reels, you see a mix of colourful gems and some tiny innocent, yet important, treasures of the sea. Different shells and gems appear on the reels in groups. It’s only logic we’re looking at a Cluster Pays™ slot like Aloha™ is one, for example.

Besides the Cluster Pays system, it seems there’s a bonus winning system going on around the reels. 15 steps with after each few steps some sort of reward or bonus feature.

Reef Raider™ slot

There will also be a Free Spins feature with at least 13 Free Spins to win. How you will get to the Free Spins feature, I still have to find out.

By on 29 June, 2021