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One week left for the five jackpots in the Imperial Riches™ video slot to arrive

There has been a recent increase in online jackpot slots at the NetEnt Casinos thanks to the launch of three new NetEnt Jackpot games. It all started with the Grand Spinn™ video slot and Grand Spinn Superpot™, while it was in July that the Mercy of Gods™ video slot was launched, also bringing three new online casino jackpots. And if these recent jackpot additions haven’t impressive enough, we’re only one week away from another five new NetEnt Jackpots, this time brought to you by the Imperial Riches™ video slot.

Imperial Riches™ video slot launch

With another week to go before the Imperial Riches™ video slot is going to be available at the NetEnt Casinos, I still haven’t got all information involving this newest addition. Luckily I never really need it as the above preview video is enough for me to unlock the mysteries of the Imperial Riches™ video slot.

What else do we need to know more than that we’re about to enter an oasis full of carps, bamboo, and lanterns? At this very moment, I’m following a Netflix series showing all the beauty of Japan, it’s nature and some of its traditions and all three have a very important role to play. While watching Wild Japan, I start to appreciate Japan for the appreciation of nature, most nature. Of course, just like many other countries in the world, Japan has been overfishing and ecosystems have been disturbed, but more often, you see the Japanese inhabitants respecting nature as if we’re depending on it. Oh shit, we do!

I wish all countries, even though dealing with overpopulation, would involve nature in their daily life as the Japanese do. Even Tokyo, with its 9.2 million residents, know how to implement green and parks to provide people with a way to escape the city. And instead of shooting any moving bird from the sky, even the protected ones as they tend to do on the island I live on, they help the birds to survive when numbers drop intensively and when threatened with extinction.

Spending most of the year in a country where trees are killed as if they are completely useless while farmers in Latin America and Congo are burning forests for farmland, not realizing that because of these activities we might be dealing with climate change much sooner than expected, I can only appreciate any video slot launched that’s bringing a bit of green or any natural surroundings, providing me with a way to forget the recent and comprehensive rape of nature, even if only for a while.

So let us all enjoy this oasis in which we also find the famous Cherry Blossom Tree, water lilies, bamboo, carps, and fireflies!! It seems that all of this attractiveness is emphasized by relaxing sounds as if you’ve just entered a spa. The Imperial Riches™ video slot is going to have the ability to bring you total relaxation, therefore better health, and if a bit lucky, wealth thanks to the five online casino jackpots linked to this newest addition.

Five new NetEnt jackpots

Besides an oasis of serenity, the Imperial Riches™ video slot is going to offer you a chance to become wealthy with an incredible five new NetEnt Jackpots available.  I still didn’t find any information about whether we can look forward to local jackpots or a mix of local jackpots and a pooled Mega Jackpot. I guess we’ll have to wait until the 4th of September to find out what level of wealth will be waiting for us as the Mega Jackpot will obviously be much higher when linked to a network of NetEnt Casinos instead of one NetEnt Casino or operator.

What I do know is that the two smallest jackpots, the Rapid and the Mini jackpots, are going to be fixed. There’s hardly any doubts about that and I’m also sure that the Midi, Major and the Mega Jackpot are going to be progressive jackpots. It also looks like these jackpots will be filled with a basic amount so you’ll never catch an empty jackpot while playing the Imperial Riches™ video slot. Can it be any better?

Imperial Riches™ video slot features

Yes, it can! The spinning of the reels, for example, will be replaced with falling symbols that totally fits the relaxing atmosphere and all seems to come as it comes until the Free Falls feature is being activated! That’s when your total state of relaxation gets to a halt as three or more Scatters bring you the Free Falls feature in allowing your adrenaline levels to ride again. Why? Simply because a series of events are going to take place. At least, that’s what the above preview video is showing.

During the Free Falls feature, all winning symbols from winning bet lines are counted as jewels. The Lucky Pond Bonus Game will be activated if any jewels have been collected during Free Falls. During the bonus game, these same jewels will fall into a pond in which carps are swimming. If the bonus fish eats three jewels, the jackpot bonus game will be activated.

During the jackpot bonus game, six carps are filling up the pond of which it seems that each jewel eaten by the carps will end up in the meter of the corresponding jackpot and it’s only a wild guess that if one of the meters fills up completely, you’ll be awarded the corresponding jackpot. And then…back to relaxation!

By on 27 August, 2019