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German NetEnt Casino player won Mega Fortune™ Jackpot with €2 bet

The YouTube video in this article is showing how the dazzling €3.5 million Mega Fortune™ Jackpot was won last month, with a bit of just a bit more than €2. A German player at one of the many NetEnt Casinos proved that you don’t need to be a millionaire to become a millionaire. Read here how the casino magic happened.

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot win involves €2 bet

Today, NetEnt announced the winner of last month’s Mega Jackpot is actually a German player. In the above video, you can see that the player’s account isn’t that of a high-roller. The moment the journalist from Lower Saxony, Germany, activated the Mega Fortune™ by hitting three bonus symbols, he was having $25 in his account. That could be you, right?

And that’s exactly what this Mega Jackpot win is all about. It’s showing that money isn’t always attracted by money, but that a basic player with a lot of patience can be the next new NetEnt millionaire.

The story tells that the German jackpot winner arrived home from work late, at around 9 pm, and decided to unwind with a session on the Mega Fortune™ video slot. Soon after, he managed to win the life-changing jackpot of €3,469,139. This all happened while he was waiting for a pizza to cook in the oven.


Pizza with a pinch of jackpot happiness!

So here he was, coming back from work late. Hungry as can be, waiting for his pizza to become warm and crusty, he opened the Mega Fortune™ slot at the NetEnt Casino he has his account with.

In the video, you can see that a bit of luck was given to the hard worker already with 16 free spins to go. To Wild symbols on the first two reels and an x2 Multiplier activated, the player must have been pleased with a Mega Win of around $150. Obviously in a lucky mood, it was during the next free spin that three bonus symbols became available on the first three reels, enough to activate the Wheel of Fortune. It’s during this particular bonus game that you have a chance to win either the pooled mega jackpot, two local jackpots or a bonus win.

It’s always nice to win a jackpot, even if only a few bucks in it, but at this point, you can start dreaming to become a millionaire. But hey, what are the chances? So you easily let go of that idea, just until you realise that maybe the Wheel of Fortune, and with that the Random Number Generator that causes all winnings to happen 100% randomly, has a master plan in mind. You go with the flow, and you see stuff becoming real when the arrows start to invade the heart of the Wheel of Fortune.

And not the major jackpot or huge bonus wins are what the master plan is all about, but the Mega Jackpot! You see the word congratulations, as you would with a bonus win as well, but this time you see an incredible nine numbers while it seems that you reached the heart of the Wheel of Fortune. Your reaction? You probably have no clue what to think at that time. The same goes for the German winner last month.

“I was numb and disbelieved for a few minutes,” said the chess fan, who had the same shocked reaction from his wife when he shared the news.

It’s always nice to find out what the winner is planning to do with the money. The brand new millionaire told NetEnt he and his wife will spend the prize money on renovating their house, buying a holiday home, and an SUV van. They will also put aside funds for their two children’s university fees and share some of their new-found wealth among family members.

“After breaking yet another record, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune™ slot has once again underlined its legendary status among slots players,” said Henrik Fagerlund, NetEnt Chief Product Officer. “This time it has paid out the biggest cash prize in the PokerStars’ history, with the jackpot swelling the number of Mega Fortune™ millionaires to eight in 2018.”

By on 11 October, 2018