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Get Free Spins for Steam Tower™ and Turn Your Fortune™ during NextCasino’s Leap Year Promo

Leap Year has always been a special day for me with my brother being born on this rare day. My parents could have planned that better with him having his birthday only once in the four year. In the end, of course, it’s just pretty cool to be born on such a special day, no wonder NextCasino is using this particular day for a special free spins promo. From the 27th February until Leap Day, Saturday 29th February, NextCasino will be awarding players with up to 155 free spins while awarding one player with a Nintendo Switch.

What is a Leap Year exactly?

The next 3-day promotion at NextCasino will make Leap Year even more special. While Leap Day will be on the 29th of February, the promotion will begin on Thursday 27th. You will be able to activate a bunch of free spins daily while collecting up to 3 tickets for the draw and a chance to win a Nintendo Switch!

I guess we all know what Leap Day and Leap Year are about, right? The majority of the world is using the Gregorian Calendar which usually consists of 365 days, except during a Leap year when an extra day is added to the Gregorian calendar. This year is Leap Year, and so we have an extra day and with 366 days on the calendar in 2020. A leap year comes once every four year so if you want to know if Leap Year or not, you’ll simply divide the year by 4, 100 or 400 and if an uneven number, it’s Leap Year. You can also simply check a calendar to see if there’s a 29th February.

But why exactly do we add the 29th February to the calendar only once in the four years? That might be a good question for many! The simple question to that is to help synchronize the calendar year with the solar year, or the length of time it takes the earth to complete its orbit around the sun, which is about 365¼ days. But since we can’t add ¼ of a day each year, one whole must be added every four years.

Since February is the only month without 30 or 31 days, it seems rather logical to use this month for an extra day, although the question rises why this month doesn’t have the usual 30 days as it comes after January which consists of 31 days and is usual followed by a month with 30 days. We can blame it on Roman superstition as the Gregorian calendar’s oldest ancestor, the first Roman calendar was different from the modern calendar. The Roman calendar consisted of 10 months instead of 12 so January and February were added by the Roman king Numa Pompilius in order to fully sync the calendar with the lunar year.

However, the previous calendar had 6 months of 30 days and 4 months of 31 but Numa wanted to avoid having even numbers in his calendar as even numbers were unlucky. The 30-day months were turned into 29-day months. The lunar year consists of 354.37 days, but calling it 354 would have made the whole year unlucky so now he 56 days left to work with. In the end, at least 1 month out of the 12 needed to contain an even number of days so Numa chose February, a month that would be host to Roman rituals honouring the dead, as the unlucky month to consist of 28 days. Until today, February still counts 28 days except for Leap Year.

Thursday 27th February Steam Tower™ 

Steam Tower™ is one of my favourite NetEnt slots, taking you on a captivating video slot journey inspired by the 19th century’s Victorian era and its industrial design. It’s the original theme and unique gameplay that makes me appreciate the Steam Tower™ video slot which was launched in 2015 and deserves to be part of a free spins promotion like the Leap Year Promotion at Next Casino this week!

Make sure you activate the 30 free spins available for Steam Tower™ on Thursday 27th February to go on a free adventure in which you climb up the steam tower to rescue the princess from the evil dragon. As you climb up the tower during the Free Spins feature, the Multiplier increases the winnings and when you reach the top floor, you will not only save the princess but also receive a very attractive bonus coin win and a x7 Multiplier.

Make a deposit of €/$/£ 25 and you will receive 50 free spins for the Steam Tower™ slot + a chance to win a Nintendo Switch

Friday 28th February Super Flip (not NetEnt) 

Today it’s the Super Flip video slot you can activate free spins for. I’m sure the video slot will be worth it, but since it’s not a NetEnt game I have no idea what this game has to offer.

Make a deposit of €/$/£ 30 and you will receive 50 free spins for Super Flip + a chance to win a Nintendo Switch

Leap Day, 29th February, Turn Your Fortune™

Launched in January 2019, Turn Your Fortune™ is a video slot with a twist in which you spin the reels, collect key symbols, level up and progress up the cryptic, rotating device next to the reels. No matter if an experienced player seeking the big wins or you love a unique gameplay, this video slot is highly recommended!

Turn Your Fortune™ is featuring Wild substitutions, Free Spins and Fortune Re-Spins with Fortune Wins with gorgeous graphics and stunning visuals to enjoy. It’s kind of a mystical video slot which fits a day like this while it’s all about climbing the Ladder! You move up by filling the meter with collected Key symbols during the Fortune Re-Spins or Free Spins for the Fortune Wins to level up. There are 5 levels of wins, with each level consisting of 5 steps.

Make a deposit of €/$/£ 40 and you will receive 75 free spins for the Steam Tower™ slot + a chance to win a Nintendo Switch

By on 25 February, 2020