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Get your sword ready and beat CasinoCasino’s Warlords™ video slot challenge

One of the most powerful video slots available at the NetEnt Casinos is the Warlords™ video slot. Fantasy-themed and full of action on the reels, it’s totally understandable that CasinoCasino picked this video slot for its first video slot challenge of the year! Beat the Warlords™ video slot challenge and get yourself a €/$/£ 333 cash prize just by playing the video slot!

Warlords™ video slot challenge

I personally love the video slot challenges at CasinoCasino. They are fair and not impossible to beat while they add a good bit of excitement to whatever game has been selected. To be able to beat the Warlords™ video slot challenge at CasinoCasino this month, you must fill your screen with one type of warlord symbol and with a good amount of Stacked symbols available, the challenge isn’t as hard as with other video slots.

Imagine, one of the three warlords appear stacked on the first two reels, and a third one on the third reel. That’s when your heart skips a beat as your only 6 symbols left for the entire screen to be filled with one type of symbol. When a fourth Stacked symbol of the same warlord appears, your heart rate will be up a few more beats with only one reel left to be filled with the exact same Stacked symbol.

It feels like you’re about to win a jackpot, even though we’re talking about a €/$/£ 333 cash prize here and not thousands of €/$/£. The idea is the same and both bring more excitement to a game that can become fairly boring when nothing big can happen. With that I have to say that I have to say that the Warlords™ slot is far from boring in general with its many video slot features which I’ll explain to you later on.

Now there’s a few things that need to be done to be able to beat the Warlords™ video slot challenge at CasinoCasino this month. No worries, if too complicated nobody would even give it a try so follow me!

Of course, you must be a real money player at CasinoCasino which means you have an account and made at least one deposit in order to play with real money. It’s only fair as all spins give you a chance to win and now you even have a chance to win a €/$/£ 333 extra cash prize!

When entirely new to CasinoCasino, you register at CasinoCasino and you’ll receive a 100% bonus up to € 100 while you will always enjoy a 10% cash back!

Not new to CasinoCasino, you probably know the drill and you’ll open the Warlords™ video slot. When opened while logged in so you’ll be playing with real money, you make sure your bet is at least a €/$/£ 0.90 needed to beat the Warlords™ video slot challenge. This is what you need to do from here!

    • Play the Warlords: Crystals of Power™ video slot
    • Beat the challenge and have all five reels covered with one and the same warrior while playing with a real money bet of at least €/$/£0.90 per spin
    • And if you do, you note the exact time and date of your winning game round to inform the customer support of CasinoCasino team straight away
    • You can beat the challenge between now and the 31st of January 2020

Warlords: Crystals of Power™ video slot

The moment you open the Warlords™ video slot at CasinoCasino, you’ll understand why I’ve been describing it as a powerful video slot. I have always been impressed by the intro, but I’ve noticed there’s no intro when opening the video slot at CasinoCasino so it might have been available in the Warlords™ YouTube preview only!

Powerful is the video slot anyway with a Return to Player of 96.89%, its rich graphics, and powerful gameplay! The Warlords™ video slot is featuring Wild substitutions, Stacked symbols, Scatter symbols, Re-Spins, Free Spins and Random Features.

In Warlords™, you get 3 times the excitement with 3 different Free Spins each corresponding to one of the 3 different types of Scatter symbols: The Barbarian, The Priestess and The Samurai. Getting different Scatter symbols activates the Scatter battle between the three warlords, and the game begins.

Get closer to conquering the world – and the €333 cash prize – in the Warlords: Crystals of Power™ video slot. The story takes place in a time where rulers went out of their way to conquer land and riches. After years of war and pillaging only three rulers remain: The Barbarian, The Priestess and The Samurai. They are now left to defeat each other, capturing everything for themselves and you’re about to be middle of the action!

By on 5 January, 2020