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Get your ticket and win a 7 World Wonders Travel at Mr Green Casino

I’m one of these persons that got infected by the so-called “travel bug” a few years ago. Coming back from a travel, I’m already checking my next destination and writing about the 7 World Wonders Promotion at Mr Green Casino, my travel heart starts pumping faster. If you’re a wanderer yourself, never tired of travelling, I’m sure you don’t want to ignore this incredible casino promotion at Mr Green Casino. You have five days left to get yourself as many tickets as possible for a chance to win an out of this world travel experience leading you to the 7 World Wonders in 21 days!

The 7 World Wonders

Oh my, I feel an incredible wave of jealousy seeing this wonderful 21-day trip which could lead you (if the very lucky winner) to the 7 World Wonders with Petra as the 2nd World Wonder on the list. I visited this place myself a few weeks ago and trust me, this place alone would make a fantastic trip already, imagine you get to see the other 6 World Wonders as well. I’m so jealous of whoever is going to win this trip!

If it’s you, make sure you’re ready for the best trip of your life. Make sure your head is empty, because having a look at your travel itinerary, you know you need a clear mind to process all these beautiful places. Make sure you’re camera is working because you don’t want to miss out on sharing this with your friends and family.

Your Itinerary
Day 1-3: Rome (Colosseum)
Day 4-7: Amman (Petra)
Day 8-11: Agra (Taj Mahal)
Day 12-15: Beijing (Great Wall of China)
Day 16-19: Cancun (Chichen Itza)
Day 20-23: Cusco (Machu Picchu)
Day 24-27: Rio De Janeiro (Christ the Redeemer)

1. Rome’s Colosseum

Get ready for beautiful Rome as you’ll visit the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire. Built in 70 A.D., Rome’s Colosseum has been the site of celebrations, sporting events and bloodshed.

Did you know that the Colosseum could hold about 50.000 spectators while this World Wonder consisted of four main floors, each with 80 arches? And below the Colosseum were numerous rooms and tunnels of which some housed gladiators and wild animals. Over one million animals died in the course of the games held in the Colosseum. The last recorded games were held in the 6th Century. The Colosseum has survived several earthquakes that caused the south side to collapse.

2. Petra

That’s quite a history and a World Wonder you must see, but the next World Wonder on your itinerary is a magical one. And I know from experience. Weeks later, I’m still processing what I saw in the ancient city of Petra that lies in present-day Jordan and dates back to the fourth century B.C. Ruins of the once-great metropolis and trading center now serve as an important archeologic site and tourist attraction. Because of this last fact, you must go early in the morning when most tourists are still enjoying their breakfast and students haven’t arrived yet. The best, and most quiet, way to enjoy Petra, its beautiful rock-cut architecture, and the many hidden mysteries.

Get into the history of Petra before you go and while you’re there, looking for all the treasuries, don’t forget to enjoy the magnificent views this magical place in the middle of the desert is offering. An out of this world experience, I promise!

3. Taj Mahal

And then, Mr Green is taking you to another an architectural marvel, the Taj Mahal, world’s most famous tomb. The enormous white marble mausoleum was originally built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century to house the tomb of his wife Mumtaz Mahal who died during the birth of her 14th child. Jahan’s grave was added in 1666.

The Taj Mahal is the most famous example of Mughal architecture, combining Indian, Persian, and Islamic influences. The construction of the Taj Mahal started in 1632 and more than 20,000 workers were involved, as well as 1,000 elephants while it took them all 20 years to complete what is now one of the 7 World Wonders.

4. The Great Wall of China

From Agra, India, you’ll fly to Bejing to see and walk The Great Wall of China. It took millennia to build The Great Wall of China, an ancient series of walls and fortifications, totalling more than 13,000 miles in length. It’s hard to summarize the history of the wall and the many fortifications, but did you know that the wall is located in Northern China where it was conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in the third century B.C. to prevent incursions from barbarian nomads.

The Great Wall of China is world’s longest defensive fortification and while many would believe it’s one long wall, it’s actually a system of many walls built over 2000 years. During a war between China’s seven kingdoms in the 8th Century, the first walls were built for defence. After Qin Shi Huang managed to defeat all rivals in the 3rd century B.C., and China became an empire, emperor Qin orders construction of a northern wall to protect the empire from enemies like the Mongols. Beacon and watch towers are built to garrison troops, linked by miles of connecting wall. The estimated length is 3,100 miles, with a construction time of 10 years. More than 1 million labourers were involved and 300,000 died during the construction of which many were buried within the wall. The rest of the facts and history around this building are to be discovered while you’re there so don’t let this promotion pass by without getting yourself an entry ticket for the draw done by NetEnt on the 7th of May.

5. Chichen Itza

Also, simply because you don’t want to miss out on the next World Wonder as the travel continuous with Chichen Itza, a very well-known temple in Cancun, Mexico. You don’t want to miss out on this Mayan pyramid with its unique features which is believed to be built in the early 400s A.D. The building gives you more insight into the culture and accomplishments of the Mayan people, who ruled much of present-day Mexico and Central America prior to the arrival of European colonists. Each of the four sides of the ancient pyramid has 91 steps. The number of steps with the platform included totals 365, one for every day of the year. The rest of the facts will have to wait until you reach this incredible Mayan temple.

6. Machu Picchu

It’s time to take the plane and fly to one of the countries on top of my list, Peru. You’re about to visit the rocky countryside northwest of Cuzco where you’ll find the breathtaking Inca city of Machu Picchu, built atop the Andes mountains. Another history that can’t be summarised, but interesting to know is that the site was believed to have been a royal estate or sacred religious site for Inca leaders whose civilization was wiped out by Spanish invaders in the 16th century.

For hundreds of years, the abandoned citadel’s existence was only known to those living in the region, just until it was discovered by the American archaeologist Hiram Bingham in 1911. The citadel stretches over an impressive 5-mile distance, featuring more than 600 terraces and 3,000 stone steps that link its many different levels. Are you ready to brave the crowds and landslides to see the sunset at what can be called one of the world’s most famous man-made wonders?

7. Rio De Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer

The imposing, 98-foot tall, 700-ton Christ the Redeemer sculpture on the 2,300-foot peak of Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is waiting for you to visit at the end of your jealous-making 7 World Wonders Travel. This famous sculpture was designed by French sculptor Paul Landowski in collaboration with the French engineer Albert Caquot, and Romanian sculptor Gheorghe Leonida. The statue was completed in 1931 and can be seen from just about anywhere in the city. Oh, I wish I could hide in your suitcase!

What’s included?

The 7 World Wonders Travel for two persons include an organised tour of the New 7 Wonders of the World in 27 days which involves Around-the-World Business Class tickets. The stay in luxury 4 & 5-star accommodations in each city including breakfast is taking care of. Of course, you’ll get a private tour of each of the 7 World Wonders. The transport from and to the airport will be arranged and you don’t have to worry about the costs for Travel Visas. You can also look forward to a meal at a Michelin or equivalent Restaurant in each city and a hotel dinner in each city.

This is why you must play the NetEnt Games collection at Mr Green today and in the upcoming days as there’re still 5 tickets to be collected for the ‘7 World Wonders’ Draw that will take place on the 7th of May.

This means you have until 23:59 CET on 6th May to play the NetEnt Games and every €200 played across their game collection per day earns you one ticket into the ‘7 World Wonders’ Draw. The lucky globetrotter will be drawn by game provider NetEnt on the 7th of May and announced the following day. And if you’re that lucky globetrotter and you have no one to share this experience with, I’ll be happy to join you and carry your suitcase!

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