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Giddy up partna’, it’s time to get ready for the Dead or Alive 2 slot!!

When I heard the first rumours about the Dead or Alive 2 slot, I was sad that I wasn’t able to bring out the news. I don’t like to spend rumours without an official confirmation, so I patiently waited for a first sign from NetEnt. I found that first sign which makes it official, the sequel to the Dead or Alive™ slot is in the make!

About the Dead or Alive™ slot

Many players are dead over heels in love with the Dead or Alive™ slot which was launched in 2009 already. Ever since the introduction in 2009, the game hasn’t lost in popularity and is still going strong.

The Dead or Alive™ slot is offering a simple gameplay with 9 bet lines, a Wild, a Sticky Wild, a Scatter, and Free Spins, but this hasn’t stopped anybody from playing the game over and over again. There’s a good reason for that as it’s mainly the Free Spins feature that wins the heart of a casino cowboy!

Triggered when 3 Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, it’s the Free Spins feature that can be responsible for mega wins. I’ve seen many mega wins in the past 10 years and it all starts with 12 Free Spins with all wins multiplied by x2. During the Free Spins feature, Wild symbols become sticky and the sooner these sticky symbols appear on the reels, the better.

In August 2018, a lucky player at Fun Casino won an amazing £26,223 and his first Wild landed on the reels straight away and a second one during his second Free Spin. His third spin landed another Sticky Wild on the reels while a fourth got stuck on the fourth Free Spin. His fifth Free Spin, however, offered even two Sticky Wilds which resulted in an additional five Free Spins. That’s the point you start to realise you got Lady Luck on your side and you’re going to have a successful Free Spins feature. And so he did!

By the time the above Dead or Alive™ slot winner got to his 13th Free Spin, he collected so many Sticky Wilds that half the game was covered with them and with every single spin another mega win appeared with the player cashing almost 10,000 times his bet of £2.70 per spin.

The secret? Play with real money, be patient while playing responsible and maybe one day you’ll be that one player shouting Wheee Haaaa after ending a successful Free Spins feature in the Dead or Alive™ slot!

Or will it be the Dead or Alive 2™ slot you’ll be playing?

Usually, it’s a YouTube preview video from NetEnt that officially announces an upcoming NetEnt slot. If not, it most probably involves a branded slot which is communicated via a press release. None of them have been published, but I did find proof going through the games section on their official website. That’s official enough for me!

With the 10th birthday of the Dead or Alive™ slot coming up in May 2019, it’s the right time to launch the Dead or Alive 2™ slot! The game has been popular for 10 years, why not extending the success of the game with a sequel?

What to expect from the Dead or Alive 2™ slot

Without the official YouTube preview video, I don’t know exactly what the Dead or Alive 2 slot is going to offer, but I did find a few hints from NetEnt.

NetEnt: “Players have been asking for a sequel for quite some time and we have listened to our fans. So, buckle up, Dead or Alive 2 is coming out on April 24.”

So it’s official, the Dead or Alive 2 slot is going to be launched on April 24th, close to the date the DOA™ slot was launched 10 years ago.

NetEnt: “We pride ourselves on being close to our players and listen to what our players think. Taking our philosophy one step further we have involved some true experts from the player community to ensure the Dead or Alive 2 slot will deliver just the kind of action, graphics, mechanics and sound that players love.”

Fans and frequent NetEnt slot players should be NetEnt’s priority! You can’t go blind on what players are looking for in a video slot and if they request a sequel to Dead or Alive™, you give them a sequel! If they ask for more high volatility games, you give them more high volatility games! After all, it’s these players NetEnt’s success depends on!

NetEnt: “Don’t worry, the DNA of Dead or Alive has been transferred to its sibling. But of course, with thrilling upgrades and twists. We are sure that this game will become a favorite for all players who enjoys high volatility games and awesome excitement.”

With the above description, I’m sure the Dead or Alive 2 slot will bring you a true sequel to the DOA™ slot. This combined with the excitement of the Wild West, you can look forward to another exciting slot experience.

NetEnt is revealing that you can expect the Dead or Alive 2 slot to contain DNA of Dead or Alive™, but if the Sticky Wild is being recycled, we will only know when the official preview video is published.

Whatever gameplay and design this upcoming slot is going to offer, I’m now 100% sure it’s time to once again fire the six shooters, crack your whip, and giddy up partna’ as the Dead or Alive 2™ slot will be arriving at the NetEnt Casinos on the 24th of April!

By on 29 January, 2019