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Gonzo’s Quest VR expected to go live in summer 2018

The first real-money Virtual Reality slot game is on its way as it will be this summer that Gonzo’s Quest VR is going to be introduced to the iGaming world. This next generation VR slot is a true omnichannel creation with players being able to simply log into the casino on a desktop or mobile device. Learn more about this next generation VR slot game.

The first real-money Virtual Reality slot game

It was already in 2017 that NetEnt officially announced it was going to develop and launch its first real-money Virtual Reality slot game with the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot to pilot this new game venture.

As a leading provider of digital casino solutions and a true pioneer in the iGaming industry, it’s no surprise that NetEnt continues to drive the digital casino market with the first real-money Virtual Reality slot game.

In the past year, NetEnt put a lot of time and effort in the development of the first online casino game for the rapidly emerging Virtual Reality (VR) market. besides VR being a growing trend among consumers, research also shows that online casino players always keep looking for more immersive gaming experiences.

With NetEnt always tracking technology advancements, it was in 2017 the company decided that WebVR technology was mature enough to offer basic support for VR game-play. In response to that, NetEnt decided to select one of its most popular titles, the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot, to become the first web VR slot game ever released within the iGaming industry.

In February 2017, during ICE 2017, NetEnt showcased a first prototype of the game, but it was during this year’s ICE where the company revealed the first fully playable, operator-ready version of Gonzo’s Quest VR.

This means Gonzo’s Quest VR game is almost ready to be launched and the first real-money VR slot game is expected to be launched this summer. The game will be available through a web browser, without any specific downloads of apps needed by players. Web VR makes the new genre of games easily accessible to any player.

The HTML5 Gonzo’s Quest VR slot has been uniquely developed using real-time 3D and will be a true omni-channel creation which means players simply log into their account at the NetEnt Casino of their choice on a desktop or mobile device. The next step is to press the VR tab and plug in the VR headset in order to enter the immersive world of Gonzo.

Gonzo’s Quest VR, what to expect?

It was during ICE 2018 that I experienced the latest developments within virtual reality (VR) playing Gonzo’s Quest VR at the NetEnt stand. And I have to say, I was speechless. And whoever knows me well will know that this doesn’t happen often.

I know Gonzo’s Quest™ from A to Z, every single feature, sound and all of Gonzo’s movements, but even I didn’t expect Gonzo’s Quest VR to be so enjoyable. You truly get a chance to get into Gonzo’s World. Even though players have been experiencing Gonzo’s World in 3D for 8 years already, this slot experience will be way more intense once Gonzo’s Quest VR goes live in summer 2018.

That’s the idea behind Virtual Reality, I know, but that it can become so real and so vivid, I didn’t expect that. I’ve seen introduction movies of Gonzo’s Quest VR before but experiencing the game at ICE 2018, but little did I know that Gonzo’s Quest VR was going to leave me amazed.

Experiencing Gonzo’s Quest VR myself, I do believe this game now has the potential to become more popular than ever, something I thought was impossible as Gonzo’s Quest™ is already embraced by millions of players and professionals within the iGaming industry.

About the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot

It was in 2010 that a very special NetEnt slot was launched. The reason it was so special back then, is because the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot was far ahead of its time. Thanks to the innovative Avalanche™ feature and the cutting-edge graphics, players were able to enjoy a game different than all the others of its kind.

While a video slot intro is pretty common nowadays, it wasn’t back then, the reason players already got mesmerised by the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot intro. But that wasn’t all that made this video slot so incredible as I believe the main character has a lot to do with it. Not for nothing is Gonzo nicknamed “The Gonz” within the industry. Everybody loves Gonzo and I have been a fan myself since the day I saw Gonzo showing off his moonwalk while becoming slightly grumpy if a player remains inactive for a while.

Gonzo is special and so is the video slot he was created for. With the Avalanche™ feature in the spotlight, the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot was the first game that offered falling symbols instead of rolling ones while incredible 3D animations are adding to the slot experience.

Until today, the Gonzo’s Quest™ video slot is immensely popular. No wonder it was this particular game that was chosen by NetEnt to become the first VR slot game. And as you can see in the introduction videos, the Gonz is becoming livelier than ever before. We love him in the video slot, but I’m sure we are about to love this Spanish conquistador even more as soon as Gonzo’s Quest VR goes live in summer 2018.

By on 13 March, 2018