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Gorilla Kingdom™ slot now ready to take you to the deepest of the Congolese jungle

NetEnt keeps me busy with their new games. NetEnt also provides a way to travel to the jungle within a few seconds with the new Gorilla Kingdom™ slot. Explore the Congolese jungle in order to meet Congo’s most famous inhabitant, the gorilla, but do not ever take this great ape for granted!

The jungle in the spotlights (or what’s left of it)

There’s no place like the jungle, at least when untouched! I’ve recently visited a jungle in the Malaysian part of Borneo or at least, what’s left of it. The world’s greed is more than visible in Malaysia with the palm oil industry more important than the country’s jungle.

Worldwide, the demand for palm oil continues to rise. Supplying that demand has taken a huge toll and led to extensive deforestation and loss of wildlife in Indonesia and Malaysia, the biggest producers.

Since 1973, nearly 16,000 square miles of rain forest on Borneo, the island shared by Malaysia and Indonesia, have been logged, burned, and bulldozed to make way for oil palm. It accounts for a fifth of the total deforestation on Borneo since 1973, and for 47 percent since 2000!

Why I’m telling you this while we should be talking about the launch of the Gorilla Kingdom™ slot? Because the recent expansion of oil palm plantations in Asia, the Neotropics, and Africa threatens large areas of tropical rain forests.

Large scale conversion of tropical rain forests has had an absolutely devastating impact on biodiversity in Borneo! So what I saw, wasn’t a jungle! What I saw was a narrow strip of the leftover jungle that is now a protected area. Why? Because it is home to the little wildlife left on the Malaysian side of Borneo and used for tourism.

Gorilla Kingdom slot

A visit to the jungle

Trust me when I tell you that visiting the jungle is an exciting experience. Just until you see the palm oil trees showing up behind a tiny strip of jungle. It hurts knowing that what used to be behind that was home to millions of creatures and animals.

And that it all disappeared because we want our shampoo, washing powder, and toothpaste to be cheap. And because millions decide to stuff themselves daily with crisps, and cookies. As well as buying shelf-stable bread instead of fresh bread.

Every single rainforest has its own threats, from the palm oil industry in Asia to agriculture, charcoal, fuelwood, urban expansion, and mining in Africa to cattle farming and agriculture in the Amazon. All caused by humans! Do you believe a virus is the largest threat the world experiences, think again!

Oh yeah, so NetEnt has a new game! And it involves a huge jungle that is in a better state than the jungle of North Borneo, but the same doesn’t go for the wildlife. Many species are in danger and so is the gorilla, one of the wild animals used for the Gorilla Kingdom™ slot!

When I open the newest NetEnt slot, I see a problem of the future, but that’s just me. What you should see is a great design and even better gameplay! I also see that NetEnt is again doing a brilliant job picturing a wild animal. As no other NetEnt manages to bring wild animals to life on the reels. This while putting them in a spotlight they deserve so badly! Enjoy the majestic gorilla on the reels in the new Gorilla Kingdom™ video slot. But never take this gorilla for granted!

The majestic Gorilla welcomes you to his kingdom

Take the invitation to the Gorilla’s kingdom as a chance to explore the remaining Congolese jungle, as well as a chance to see how seriously cool this great ape is! Look at a gorilla’s face with its short muzzle, prominent brow ridge, large nostrils, and small eyes and ears. Take an even closer look at the large jaw muscles and broad, strong teeth. They’re powerful as can be, yet there’s one creature more powerful than them.

“Gorilla Kingdom™ is another beast that’s unleashed from our portfolio. It’s a classic theme with NetEnt’s usual superior quality on and under the hood. The beautifully balanced game provides a strong reach for all player types and, with a strong hit frequency and pay potential from those dominant high paying Gorilla symbols, it’s easy to follow and easy to immerse yourself in the Kingdom of the Gorillas!” said Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games.

Now available at the NetEnt Casinos, you can enjoy the power of the might gorilla as well as 1024 ways to win! With engaging mechanics aiming for simplicity, and stunning and appealing art and sound design, the Gorilla Kingdom™ video slot appeals to a broader audience.

This new jungle-themed slot is offering enough variance for all types of players while offering great payout potential with a Free Spins feature with Symbol Transforms and Extra Free Spins available.

Three or more Blue Diamonds trigger Free Spins where Ancient Gorilla Masks fly from the reels to be collected. These will be able to transform the leopard, the hornbill, the okapi, and the pangolin into a gorilla for bigger wins. Collect all 24 Gorilla Masks to transform all 4 of these animals into the high-paying gorilla symbol which means the gorilla symbol will be the only symbol available for massive wins.

By on 26 April, 2020