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Guess who’s back? Gonzo’s Gold Slot Teaser now available!

Guess who’s back, back again? It’s our beloved Spanish conquistador who successfully continues his quest for gold! We saw him looking for the lost city of gold, El Dorado. We saw him finding the lost city of El Dorado! Of course, it’s explorer Gonzo Pizarro I’m talking about here, NetEnt’s most popular slot character! It took him over a decade to get into that temple of gold. His new adventures will be available on 14th October, the day Gonzo’s Gold slot arrives at the NetEnt Casinos.

How Gonzo made it to El Dorado!

Many will know the Gonzo’s Quest™ slot, but only a few know the story behind this popular NetEnt slot. When launched in 2011, the NetEnt slot was far ahead of its time. It meant the introduction of the Avalanche feature, but also incredible 3D graphics.

To get the whole story behind Gonzo, we have to go all the way back to 1541 when Gonzo arrives at the coast of Peru. That’s where we saw his wooden ship and Gonzo jumping from it.

Not long after, we see Gonzo in the deepest of the jungle, with the map he grabbed from the table on the boat. Obviously, Gonzo has something important in hand, but what is it?

You see Gonzo’s introduction to the iGaming world in 2011 pictured perfectly in the above intro. Until today, it’s one of the best video slot intros. It truly helped Gonzo to become what he is today, most probably the most famous video slot character!

Not one month goes by that Gonzo’s Quest™ isn’t found on top of the slot charts. Players keep loving the game, Gonzo, the Avalanche feature and everything that makes this game such a huge success.

Gonzo’s Quest™ was its time far ahead, and it’s because of this that players don’t notice that the game is already 10 years old. The Avalanche feature was truly innovative and a novelty to video slots. Now, most Megaways slots offer a version of the Avalanche feature, as well as tens of other slots games.

Gonzo is timeless, Gonzo’s Quest™ is timeless, and now the Gonzo franchise continues the road of success with a new slot adventure!

Gonzo’s Gold slot shows how Gonzo made it to the temple of gold!

While the first YouTube video shows Gonzo’s introduction and his quest for the lost city of gold El Dorado, the above video introduces Gonzo’s newest slot adventure.

As a sequel to Gonzo’s Quest™, it’s only logical that the story continues just where we saw Gonzo’s journey ending in Gonzo’s Quest™. And those who enjoyed this slot as many times as I did, for sure know what was the last location we saw Gonzo ending up.

Three Free Fall symbols on a bet line in Gonzo’s Quest™ reveal the location. It’s only then that you get to the lost city of gold with the reels moving apart for an opening to go through. Although, whoever pays attention to the details will see in advance what Gonzo is after.

This same location seems to be in the spotlight in the upcoming Gonzo’s Gold slot. Gonzo made it into the lost temple of El Dorado. The journey proved to be difficult, but Gonzo’s quest for gold has no boundaries!

Determination is what suits Gonzo best as he makes his way through the temple doing his best to beat the dangers awaiting, avoiding the arrows and solve the puzzles. Excitement is what keeps Gonzo going, even though bad luck could be in his way…or not?

By on 11 October, 2021