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Hall of Gods™ Jackpot now worth a dazzling €6 million

With almost €6.2 million in the jackpot, the Hall of Gods™ video slot can – at this moment – be called the most attractive NetEnt slot. An amazing €6.2 million is waiting to land into a player’s account, but if it doesn’t anytime soon, it will continue to grow and who knows, it might hit a new record!

Last Hall of Gods™ Jackpot win

It has been 18 weeks and two days ago that the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot was won by a player for the last time. It’s therefore that the Mega NetEnt Jackpot managed to climb up to an incredible €6.2 million.

More than 6 million in the jackpot after only a bit more than 18 weeks. That’s what I call a fast-growing NetEnt Jackpot. These numbers prove that the statistics linked to the Hall of Gods™ Mega Jackpot don’t apply anymore. These statistics tell me that the average Mega Jackpot linked to the Hall of Gods™ video slot amounts €5.8 million while the average time needed to end up with a player is 27 weeks.

Now we are on €6.2 million already after 18 weeks which shows a big difference. The reason why is simple. The network of NetEnt Casinos is growing fast and thanks to that fact, the number of players is growing as well. The increasing numbers do result in fast-growing NetEnt Jackpots and the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot is one of them. Over the years, the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot started to grow faster and nowadays less time is needed for this jackpot to grow into the many millions.

The last Hall of Gods™ Jackpot consisted of a dazzling €7.1 million which was won after only 22 weeks. This definitely says something about the growing popularity of the Hall of Gods™ video slot which is available at around 125 NetEnt Casinos.

Some Hall of Gods™ Jackpot facts

Since the introduction of the Hall of Gods™ video slot to the NetEnt Casinos in December 2010, an impressive number of 14 winners have been recorded and number 15 won’t take ages anymore. With the increasing number of players adding to the three Hall of Gods™ Jackpots, this jackpot seems to find a winner faster as well which will result in many more winners in the years yet to come.

The highest Hall of Gods™ Jackpot was won in April 2018 and it was back then that a player won a staggering €7,820,888. It was a Norwegian player that was very lucky. Even though the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot climbed up above the €7 million several times, the 2015 record hasn’t been beaten yet.

NetEnt has paid out more than €54 million in progressive jackpots in 2017 and the €7.5 million jackpot win from June 2017 and €7.1 million Jackpot win from November 2017 were among the many jackpots won.

Since 2012, the Hall of Gods™ lifetime payout has surpassed €57 million and €20.5 million was generated in 2016 alone, More proof that the Hall of Gods™ jackpot grew in popularity over the past years while continuing to do so.

The last three Hall of Gods™ Jackpots won amounted more than €7 million. All three of them and the next jackpot win could become the 4th €7+ million win. However, these statistics don’t say much and the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot could have found the way to a winner as I’m writing this article.

You’ll never know what the next win will happen and how much the next Hall of Gods™ Jackpot win will be. One who’s haunting this particular jackpot has to be patient, but the good news is that another two Hall of Gods™ Jackpots are available which makes the hunt more interesting.

The Hall of Gods™ video slot is offering a total of three progressive jackpots. Besides the Hall of Gods™ Mega Jackpot, this jackpot slot offers two local jackpots as well. Being local, they will grow slower, but the chance of winning one is higher which makes the two different type of jackpots equally attractive.

Hall of Gods™ video slot

It’s the €6.2 million you have set your mind on, but playing the Hall of Gods™ video slot, you’ll you’ll get a chance to meet the powerful Norse gods, the Midgard Serpent, and Odin’s Ravens, all part of the Norse mythology. All of these characters have a role of their own to play. The Midgard Serpent in the role of Expanding Wild, Odin’s Ravens pictured on the Scatter, and the Norse Gods being responsible for the largest symbol wins.

Three bonus symbols trigger the Hall of Gods™ bonus game. All symbols will become shields with Thor’s Hammer to become available for you to break the shields in order to match either 3 coin wins or 3 of the same jackpot symbols. If 3 coin wins match, you’ll win the amount shown. If 3 jackpot symbols match, than that’s the jackpot that will roll straight into your account with the amount corresponding the Mini, Midi or Mega Jackpot display.

By on 26 March, 2018