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Halloween Jack™ slot soon added to NetEnt’s wide range of Halloween slots

Approaching September, we’re getting closer and closer to the darker months of the year and one of the darkest days is definitely 31st of October, the day the “forgotten” spider webs in the corner of the room become part of the decoration. NetEnt never ignored this day, the reason a pretty wide range of Halloween-themed video slots are available at the NetEnt Casinos and Halloween Jack™ slot will soon be added to the list, bringing you deep within a ghostly, dark landscape where hellish features await you!

Why would you play a Halloween slot?

Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Exorcist, The Shining, and It are just some of the many horror movies who stole the heart of true horror lovers and nobody has a clue what it is that makes us like this of movies.

I tried to figure out why people would like such darkness and what aspects are responsible for this frightening genre to be this popular. It’s hard to find out, simply because people like watching horror movies, or horror video slots for that matter, for different reasons.

Some just want to be frightened and they choose this type of entertainment because they want it to affect them. It seems that factors such as tension, relevance, and unrealism are responsible for the genre’s popularity.

I also read those negative feelings created by horror movies intensify the positive feelings when the hero triumphs in the end. That could be a very good reason, except for those watching the horror movies without a hero’s triumph? Well, we might never figure that out completely, but for whatever reason, NetEnt totally understands and that’s why the Swedish software developer created quite a few horror-themed slots over the years.

NetEnt’s Halloween slots

It’s hard to define whether a video slot can be called a Halloween slot or not, but let me start at the beginning to a point that I hardly see any aspects in a game that relates to the horror theme.

Blood Suckers™

There’s no doubt that the Blood Suckers™ slot should be mentioned as it’s NetEnt’s number one Halloween slot! It’s an amazing 8 years ago that this Halloween slot was launched at the NetEnt Casinos and it’s still growing strong! Not because of the modern structure of the game, no, and neither because it’s a high-quality themed slot, but mainly because of its payout percentage of 98% which is a lot compared to the average RTP which often will be between 96% and 97%.

Halloween or not, players will always find their way to the Blood Suckers™ slot of which a revamped version, fully in HTML5, was launched a few years ago overwriting the old version with brighter animations while a new and more modern version of the game was launched at the end of 2017.

Blood Suckers 2™

The sequel to the Blood Suckers™ slot I was talking about is Blood Suckers 2™. The vampires seen on the reels in part one have been brought back in part two, although they’ve changed a bit over time and the same goes for the video slot and all aspects involved. Blood Suckers 2™ has way more to offer than it’s predecessor, except for one aspect as the payout percentage will be lower. Instead, you get a cutting-edge design and a great Halloween slot experience packed with innovative slot features.

In this Halloween slot, you’ll meet the vampiress Amilia, hiding at the vampire castle, eager to find the Hidden Treasure of her ancestors that were slaughtered by vampire hunters years ago. During these years she mastered the art of crossbow and is determined to reach the Hidden Treasure no matter what. Daring and dauntless, she will outbrave even the Demon that guards the riches!


No way I’m going to skip the Zombies™ slot which is definitely responsible for a spine-thrilling slot experience, highly recommended for those who have nerves of steel. However, I think that each player that’s into horror and unique slot experiences will love this Halloween slot with at a few hair-raising slot features.

The main slaughter begins during Free Spins in which you’ll shoot Zombies as if your life depends on it! They’ll appear to be all over the place and I can’t promise you to make it out there alive!

Devil’s Delight™

Rather funny than frightening, I do have the need to mention this video slot for a particular reason. First of all, because the devil and dead is involved and that does fit the Halloween theme, but even more because it’s one of NetEnt’s older video slots which is still fun to play thanks to a great bonus game. And I’m sure you don’t mind a payout percentage of 97.6% either! Time to become heartless for just a little while in order to fill up your Soul-o-Meter.

Universal Monsters Dracula online slot™

Not that scary, this video slot, however, is based on one of the most famous horror movies ever featuring Dracula, the most famous bloodsucker around. That’s why you can expect some frightening moments while playing this video slot in which NetEnt managed to portray Dracula as an intimidating character as well as a caring one which makes this game worth playing.

Then there will be Ghost Pirates™, Mythic Maiden, Planet of the Apes™, Spellcast™, The Invisible Man™, The Wishmaster™, and The Phantom’s Curse™ slot that could get you into a true Halloween mood, but the above NetEnt slots are definitely the winners!

Once available at the NetEnt Casinos on the 24th of October, I will definitely add the Halloween Jack™ slot to the list of winners as this game offers all frightening aspects making it a must play Halloween slot!

Halloween Jack™ slot

While the name Halloween Jack could make you believe that The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington is going to be found on the reels anytime soon. That would have been cool, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead, I can’t really find out what the Halloween Jack™ slot is about, but it’s obvious that this Halloween slot isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Hellish features seem to await you and a Walking Wild is among those slot features. The Walking Wild proved to be extremely popular in the Jack and the Beanstalk™ video slot, reason enough to bring it back on the reels, this time in a frightening environment. The Walking Wild seems to be acting the same way. When it appears on either reel 2,3, 4 or 5, Re-spins will continue to be activated during which the Wild walks from right to left, reel by reel, spin by spin, just until reel one is reached!

I do see a mysterious box appearing on the reels and I’m pretty sure this is the Scatter symbol, always there to activate some sort of slot feature. In this case, I believe it will be activating the Free Spins feature in which we might see some dark creatures walking on the reels, different than the one in the main game. Seeing this, I start to believe that the gameplay is the one of Jack and the Beanstalk™ slot which would actually make this Halloween slot worth playing. Perfect for those players who prefer a horror theme of a fairytale theme.

Obviously, the above YouTube preview video shows the game on a mobile phone too as the Halloween Jack™ slot will become available at the mobile NetEnt Casinos as Halloween Jack Touch®.

By on 31 August, 2018