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Irish Pot Luck™ video slot preview shows the end of the rainbow

At the end of the rainbow in the Irish Pot Luck™ video slot, a shiny pot of gold is hidden! That’s what Leprechauns believe and that’s exactly why Leprechauns are always busy to find the end of the rainbow. So is Kelpie, NetEnt’s very own Leprechaun, who brings serious competition to Finn, NetEnt’s other famous Leprechaun.

In my opinion, you can’t have enough of these ginger fellows. Life’s grand with them involved and so is the upcoming Irish Pot Luck™ video slot. Kelpie will be busy tossing special symbols onto the reels, but fun truly starts when the Jackpot Wheel comes around. Who knows, you might end up with your own pot of gold!

Leprechaun Kelpie

A Leprechaun is a supernatural being in Irish folklore. You recognize a Leprechaun as a little bearded creature. They’re not tall, and they love their green suit and hat. They look friendly but don’t be fooled as they often partake in mischief.

From the 5th of August, NetEnt takes you to Emerald Isle. It’s just another word for Ireland and that’s where you find NetEnt’s Kelpie. There’s no better place for a Leprechaun to look for a pot of gold. So join Kelpie for his quest to find gold and maybe he feels like sharing it with you!

Irish Pot Luck™ video slot

What’s to see in the Irish Pot Luck™ video slot preview?

Well, first, you meet Kelpie! He’s waiting for you at the end of the rainbow to explain what to expect from the Irish Pot Luck™ slot as soon as it’s launched on the 5th of August.

He’s exactly what you would expect a Leprechaun to look like, but what to expect from the Irish Pot Luck™ video slot?

The second spin showcased in the preview video shows Kelpie throwing some special symbols on the reels. In this case, he throws two Wilds and a Jackpot symbol on the reels.

It seems you reached the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold is already yours. Instead of Gold, Kelpie pulls out Wilds and Jackpot symbols.

Meanwhile, you see a wooden signpost at the right bottom of the game. With each spin, the signpost turns for it to reveal a Multiplier. The Multiplier seems to be able to go up to a maximum of x5 during the main game.

How do you activate the Jackpot Wheel?

The Leprechaun is Ireland’s most famous gold digger and therefore NetEnt introduced three new gold mines in the form of jackpots. Watching the preview video you see Kelpie throwing Jackpot symbols on the reels. But two Jackpot symbols do nothing. So it’s a bit of a shame when only two jackpot symbols are visible. But no problem as Kelpie simply picks the third one from the pot to throw it on reel 3.

And that’s the answer to the above question. 3 Jackpot symbols on the reels 1, 3 and 5 activate the Jackpot Wheels feature. It’s then up to you to land three arrows to win the Mega Jackpot. The wheel has a lot in common with the Mega Fortune™ video slot.

However, there are three NetEnt jackpots available in the Irish Pot Luck™ video slot. There’s the Mini, Midi and Mega Jackpot symbol.

What other features are available in the Irish Pot Luck™ video slot?

You already saw a preview of the Multiplier signpost and Kelpie’s magical pot. But what else?

Pot Luck feature

Every spin again, Kelpie can toss special symbols onto the reels. These can be Wilds, Scatters, and Jackpot symbols.

    • Wild symbols can land anywhere on the reels to substitute for any other symbol (except Scatters and Jackpot symbols)
    • He can throw up to 3 Scatters on the reels 1, 3 or 5  to activate Free Spins
    • Or he throws up to 3 Jackpot symbols on the reels 1, 3 or 5 to activate the Jackpot Wheels feature.

Free Spins

Three Scatters award 10 Free Spins which means the reels spin 10 times without you paying a bet. The Scatters must land on the reels one, three, and five.

During the Free Spins feature in the Irish Pot Luck™ video slot, the Multiplier on the signpost can climb up as high as x15!

Multiplier feature

As mentioned twice already, the Multiplier feature must become clear now. The Multiplier activates again with each spin in the main game and suring Free Spins:

  • In the main game, potential Multipliers are x1, x2, x3, or x5.
  • During Free Spins, potential Multipliers are x2, x4, x7, or x15

By on 22 July, 2020