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Jingle all the way with NetEnt’s upcoming Jingle Spin™ slot

While the 22nd of November is planned for the highly anticipated Vikings™ slot, based on the popular TV series, a completely different slot game will be launched a week after. It’s on the 29th of November that the Jingle Spin™ slot is launched, a – in my opinion – funny Christmas slot with a great gameplay to offer as well.

NetEnt’s Christmas slots

It was in 2015 that NetEnt launched its first Christmas-themed slots. And it’s hard for me to say Christmas-themed as these two games are originally some spring type of video slots. With some tiny effort, the Fruit Shop™ slot and Flowers™ slot were turned into Christmas slots. But all players really got was a layer of snow, a few Xmas balls and sounds that would come from a Christmas music box. I wasn’t very charmed about these games and at the time, I already knew that NetEnt could do much better than that.

A year went by, time for a new attempt to come up with a real Christmas slot NetEnt. I couldn’t be more pleased as I didn’t want to write about two existing games that got a layer of snow and a garland. Instead, NetEnt launched the Secrets of Christmas™ slot, bringing a medium/high volatility slot to the NetEnt Casinos that had the power to get you in the perfect Christmas mood.

A typical Christmas is what you get with the Secrets of Christmas™ video slot with old-fashioned ingredients on the reels such as milk and cookies, a house of gingerbread, Christmas stockings, candles, garlands, but it’s definitely the Coca-Cola type of Santa Claus that’s in the spotlights.

Not only did NetEnt put extra efforts into the design of the Christmas video slot, but the game was also enriched with a great gameplay, offering enough slot excitement. No doubt that the great Christmas ambiance will bring you in the Christmas spirit as well. Did NetEnt do what it had to do, leaving things as it is? Besides, players got their typical Christmas slot with a great gameplay. Do they need more?

Yes, they do! NetEnt fans are pretty spoiled when it comes to their video slot gaming, hence they are always in for an even better slot experience. Did they get it? No, they didn’t as it was in 2017 NetEnt skipped Christmas. Well, at least they couldn’t be bothered to bring another Christmas-themed game to the NetEnt Casinos. But this year, on the other hand, NetEnt did hear the slot bells ringing. Time for another Christmas game, the reason you can start to look forward to the Jingle Spin™ slot! And as far as I can see, players can indeed expect an even better Christmas slot experience!

The Jingle Spin™ slot will bring a great Christmas slot experience to the reels!

The very first thing I thought about when seeing the above preview video, was the Boom Brothers™ video slot. Unfortunately, I can’t compare the two games anymore as the Boom Brothers have left the NetEnt stage. A real shame because I really liked the Boom Brothers. Pretty clumsy myself, they made laugh and so are the Jingle Spin™ slot characters.

A good start if you ask me! However, as far as the video preview slot shows, you won’t see the characters come into action as the Boom brothers did, but they certainly have been created to bring you some extra slot entertainment. Besides some funny slot characters, the Jingle Spin™ slot is also enriched with an innovative gameplay.

So in what way does this game lives up to its name? And can we expect an overload of jingle bells with insanity as the only result? Luckily not! I only have the preview video to form a first opinion though, but as far as I can see we can look forward to an entertaining Christmas slot with lots of enjoyable ingredients.

And the game certainly deserves the name Jingle Spin™ with every spin bringing the joy we’re all looking for during the festive season. We’ll find Boom Brother Santa on the right side of the reel while he hired five elves to help him out during the Jingle Spins. While you click spin, NetEnt makes sure the reels spin, Boom Brother Santa will be responsible for the bonus wheel to turn while the elves help Santa move the bonuses on top of the reels. The result of this all is in the hands of the Wild symbols. The bonus balls will be transferred from right to left by the elves and if a bonus ball is in an elf’s hand and a Wild symbol appears on the same reel as the elf, the bonus ball will end up in the Wild present, resulting in a successful Jingle spin.

Now, I have to admit that I’m missing a slot description in the preview video, but as soon as I have more information about what exact bonuses will be available in the upcoming Jingle Spin™ slot, you’ll be the first to know. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure. From the 29th of November, you’ll be able to jingle all the way in a brand-new and enjoyable Christmas slot.

By on 18 October, 2018