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Jumanji™ video slot, a game for those who intend to finish what they started!

In a NetEnt Casino, you must wait…until the dice read five or eight! At least, that is until the long-awaited Jumanji™ video slot becomes available at the NetEnt Casinos on the 21st of June, 2018 to bring a game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. Do not begin unless you intend to finish! Are you ready for the biggest video slot adventure ever?

In the jungle, you must wait…

…Until the dice read five or eight! It’s a quote that many will recognise from the 90s family movie Jumanji and no matter what decade you were born in, there’s a little chance you haven’t seen Jumanji!

Only a few films can compete with Jumani, the reason it was, and still is, so incredibly successful. The popular 90’s movie brings a perfect mix of action and adventure, loved by children and grownups.

Jumani (1995) tells the story of Jumanji, one of the most mind-blowing, unique, and of course, dangerous board games. It’s 1969 when the board game falls in the hands of a curious young teenager, Alan Parrish (Robin Williams). The mysterious and magical appearance of the board game causes the unsuspecting boy giving the game a try, not knowing it’s soon going to be surrounded by the lush and savage forests of Jumanji.

It’s 26 years later that the Shepherd siblings (Bradley Pierce and Kirsten Dunst) find the adventurous board game which results in the release of Alan Parrish.

Fun fact 1: The word “Jumanji” means “many effects” in Zulu.

While scarred for life by the many frightening events the game already caused, Alan Parrish has no other option other than saving his hometown from destruction after a herd of wild exotic animals have accidentally been released. In order to so, he must find his old friend Sarah so they can, together with the kids, finish what they started 26 years ago.

Many frightening events involving a ruthless hunter, rabid monkeys, aggressive tigers, fast-growing flesh-eating plants, and flash floods make the ground shake many times while watching the film Jumanji, and the same goes for the newest branded slot game soon to be released by NetEnt.

NetEnt brings its own twist to the Jumanji™ universe by transforming the calamities that befell Alan into features with slot mechanics. The Board Game feature is unique and among the first of its kind as it combines elements of board games and Free Spins features.

Soon it’s up to you to get into the dangerous though adventurous board game that will lead you to the craziest adventures! As soon as the board game appears, your adrenaline levels will be on the rise while you’ll be asked to roll the dice.

Do you have what it takes? Do you have the guts and the bravery to keep going as the Jumanji™ video slot will make you fear the monsoon, makes you want to run when a wild stampede runs into the game, makes you lose your mind when it’s time for the monkey madness, and makes your heart beats faster when the wild-growing carnivorous plant shows up from nowhere! Brave and fearless you must be!

Fun fact 2: Jumanji was actually based on a children’s book published in 1981 by Chris Van Allsburg.

Make sure you’re ready to roll the dice as soon as the Jumanji™ video slot appears in the NetEnt Casinos, bringing one of the riskiest video slots ever developed. Do not begin unless you intend to finish!


What to expect from the Jumanji™ video slot?

You don’t have to see the game as the drums and the sounds of the deepest of the jungle reveal you’ve entered the Jumanji™ video slot. That’s the greatest thing with an official branded slot game as original sounds and details can be used while developing the game. That’s why everything about this game is Jumanji and as far as the preview video slot reveals, it’s going to be one big video slot adventure!

There’s no Jumanji™ video slot without the most mind-blowing, unique, and of course, dangerous board games out there! That’s why you should be aware of the dangers that are about to arrive at the NetEnt Casinos on June 21st. It’s at your own risk that you’ll open the box of Pandora and do not ever claim that I didn’t warn you!

If you have the bravery it needs to open the Jumanji™ video slot when available next month, you’ll be assured to have an adventurous time on the distinctive reels this NetEnt slot has been blessed with bringing a 3,4,5,4, 3 layout, one of which I believe we didn’t see before. The When Pigs Fly™ slot and Pyramid: Quest for Immortality™ do come very close, but I can’t remember this particular layout.

Jumanji-video-slot-Main game

It’s just the beginning of the new big slot adventure coming up soon and the preview video will directly reveal why that is. You’ll see the famous board game, giving us four hints of the trouble that can be expected throughout the game.

That’s when you’ll be presented what is going to be the Jumani™ video slot’s Main Game. This is where the fun starts, or shall I say trouble? The famous Jumani drums are responsible for an exciting atmosphere and might be responsible for your adrenaline levels to go up as soon as you enter the game.

As mentioned before, everything about this new NetEnt branded slot game is Jumanji. The symbols found on the reels represent the four animals, a Wild, a Scatter, and letters as we’ll recognise them from the famous Jumanji logo.

You remember Judy’s first roll of the dice which spawned giant mosquitoes? As the preview video shows, you’ll meet them soon enough as they will also make an appearance in the Jumani™ video slot.

The next type of animals to be introduced watching the preview video on NetEnt’s official YouTube channel, are the rhinos involved in the Wild Stampede feature. Rest can’t be assured when you soon play the Jumanji™ video slot and your heart might skip a beat when the rhinos stamped across the game leaving a whole bunch of Wild symbols behind. It’s just one of the four calamities used in the Jumanji™ video slot so let’s continue to see what else can be expected from this adventurous NetEnt game.

Hold on tight as you don’t want to be on the menu of the carnivorous plant that has perfectly been hidden by the NetEnt developers. The Sticky Vines feature will wrap its rapidly-growing arms around some of the symbols in order to keep them there while the rest of the symbols keep spinning. You won’t be safe unless no new symbols of the same sort become covered by the Sticky Vines feature and things will return to normal.

That’s when the preview video will swap to Jumanji Touch®, the mobile version of the game. Besides the game navigation, nothing will change and the action continues. See you later alligator does not apply when the Monsoon arrives. During the Monsoon Wilds feature, Alligators will appear in their own charming way leaving two reels covered with Wild symbols. That will definitely add to your chances of a big win but the best is yet to come.

If you think you’re safe after all of this, you’re wrong. You haven’t met the wildest of them all yet! They are not the largest animals and certainly not the strongest, but don’t underestimate this bunch of lunatics. Rabid monkeys are not the ones you’re aiming to meet, but the Jumanji™ video slot doesn’t leave you any other choice. You will eventually get involved in the Monkey Mayhem feature in which this bunch of mischievous animals will shuffle some of the symbols randomly.

Jumanji-board game.jpg

The Jumanji board game: Do not begin unless you intend to finish!

It’s a choice you have and a decision must be taken quickly as soon as three Jumanji Scatters appear on the reels activating the Board Game. Once you picked your token, there’s no way back! You’ll start what your finish!

You’re about to enter the wild world of Jumanji, the game that pursues you and you’re now only a dice roll away. Choose your pawn and set out on a deadly journey. Deciding to take your chances, you’ll decode rhyming card messages which could spell disaster.

Jumanji-video slot bonus game

Your pawn will be moved across the board depending on the outcome of the dice and either a coin win will appear in the heart of the game or a rhyming message. Decode the message and you’ll know what might be coming.

I have to say that this Jumanji Board Game feature is one of the best bonus features I’ve seen so far in a video slot. None could have done this better other than NetEnt and as the Swedish supplier did bring the apes alive in the Planet of the Apes™ slot, the Jumanji board game is becoming real in the upcoming Jumanji™ video slot.

By on 4 May, 2018