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Jumanji™ video slot brings big adventures to the NetEnt Casinos

It’s time for one big adventure on the reels with the launch of the most exciting slot game this year, the Jumanji™ video slot. Thanks to today’s slot launch, you are now able to enjoy all the adventures from the 1995 film Jumanji including rabid monkeys, charging rhinos, snapping crocodiles, flash floods, and the unpredictable fast-growing carnivorous plant! Welcome to the world of Jumanji™!

Jumanji-video-slot-Main game

Jumanji™ video slot launch

A few months ago, NetEnt fans were treated to a mysterious YouTube video with a lion approaching from the darkness. That was all we got, together with a message to get ready for a big announcement. I have to be honest that I had no clue what game could follow, but some seem to have a crystal ball knowing directly it was going to be about Jumanji.

I decided to wait for the official announcement, but indeed, it was the Jumanji™ slot that was going to be the newest branded slot game and I was one of the many that started to look forward to the newest NetEnt slot which was released today.

And what a game it is! Of course, I expected the game to be about the famous board game, but I was wondering how NetEnt was going to implement the game into a video slot. However, I should have known that you can leave this task up to NetEnt who managed to build an impressive game around the adventurous board game.

It’s impossible to use all the adventures Alan, Sarah, Judy and Peter went through during the 1995 film, but the four calamities NetEnt used, are enough to build an incredible video slot.  The question now is, do you have what it takes to play the newest NetEnt game? Do you have the guts and the bravery to keep going as the Jumanji™ video slot is full of danger! You might fear the monsoon, and I’m sure you want to start running as soon as the wild stampede appears, and what about the monkey madness and the wild-growing carnivorous plant that shows up from nowhere?

Those are the adventures you’re about to experience as soon as you open the Jumanji™ video slot at one of the many NetEnt Casinos. Brave and fearless you must be and if you are, you end up having an exciting time on the reels enjoying 4 random features, a Board Game with 4 different Free Spins, a Mystery Feature, coins wins, and extra dice rolls. This while the 5 reels are showing a geometric form where the reels are 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 symbols high from left to right.

Jumanji-video slot bonus game

The Jumanji™ film

I don’t know if the Jumanji™ film needs an introduction, though, but since it’s quite an oldie, and I happen to love the movie, I’m happy to give you a small summary anyway.

The film starts in the year 1869 where a drumming chest is buried deep into the ground while a former owner aks the question “What if someone digs this up?”. “God help them!” is the answer given and that’s when you know that trouble is on the way as soon as Alan find the game.

He and his friend Sarah decide to give the game a try, but it only needs two dice rolls from the two for Alan to disappear into the game and Sarah be chased out of the mansion to not return for 26 years.

One day, Judy and Peter move into Alan’s old childhood home where they find the unpredictable board game in the attic. Like Alan and Sarah 26 years ago, they begin to play. Right after, the Jumanji game releases a swarm of big mosquitoes followed by a troop of rabid monkeys, but the two keep on playing. Peter’s roll releases a lion while with Alan is released from the jungle returning home after being stuck there for the entire 26 years.

That’s when Alan finds out things changed quite a bit while he was surviving the adventures of the jungle. His parents were gone and it is Judy and Peter that live in his old place. His old town is already taken over by jungle creatures and in order to save the village, they need Sarah. Sarah, though, is still suffering from a posttraumatic stress disorder after Alan’s disappearance and him showing up all doesn’t help. Eventually, she accepts the fact that without her help the town is lost and she agrees to continue the game.

As a result, a fast-growing carnivorous plant comes to life, an old friend from the jungle, the hunter Van Pelt, appears while a stampede of various animals brings the town in even more troubles. More calamities take place but it’s eventually that it is Alan who rolls the dice and wins the game. The town and the house return back to normal and they all live happily ever after!


The Jumanji™ video slot

The above summary is just giving you more information about the story behind the Jumanji™ video slot, but what about the game itself? How does the game look like now NetEnt brought its own twist to the Jumanji™ universe by transforming the calamities that befell Alan, Sarah, Judy, and Peter into video slot features? And do you get the chance to play the Jumanji game yourself?

One thing is for sure! The game will lead you to the craziest adventures with your adrenaline levels on the rise! The calamities from the film have been brought into the game and the way it’s done is pretty impressive. It’s incredible how NetEnt implemented the board game into the Jumanji™ video slot which becomes truly available during one of the best bonus games I’ve seen so far.

Now the Jumanji™ video slot and the mobile version Jumanji Touch® are available at the NetEnt Casinos, you can look forward to the Monkey Mayhem messing up the reels, the ground shaking because of the Monsoon Wilds, a Wild Stampede and Sticky Vines being totally out of control.

So if you have the bravery it needs to open the Jumanji™ slot, you’ll be assured to have an adventurous time on the reels. Besides the four calamities used for the Random features, you can also look forward to these same four calamities as Free Spins features during the most exciting board game you’ll ever get a chance to play.

By on 21 June, 2018