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Mayweather v McGregor money back offer at LeoVegas

My focus has been on the Emojiplanet™ slot lately and this year I’ve been writing over 15 articles about the video slot already. I just need something else to write about before the official launch of the Emojiplanet™ slot tomorrow! So when I bumped into the Mayweather v McGregor money back offer at LeoVegas, I just had to take my chance and I started typing! Besides, it’s a hot subject, very hot, and millions of people can’t wait for the night of Saturday 26th/Sunday 27th of August to arrive, the night Mayweather can secure his 50-0 victory while MMA legend McGregor hopes to create history by winning in his first ever boxing bout.

What’s to know about the most lucrative boxing fight ever?

Well, first of all, I don’t see the point of such a fight but I guess money has everything to do with it. Why do I think it’s a useless fight, despite a 40-year-old Mayweather against a 29-years-old McGregor? Simply because there’s no way the once-retired all-time great boxer Mayweather is going to let the inexperienced McGregor walk away with the win, no matter what age. 50 wins out of 50 fights, that’s something to fight for and with Mayweather’s experience, I don’t think McGregor can stop him. You might believe age isn’t just a number in sports, in some sports it is just a number. Have a look at Mayweather, tennis players still getting to the final at age 37, while many football players still play at a high level while approaching their 40’s, and so on.

Experience, that’s what counts and it’s almost impossible – I say almost because I do believe everything is possible – that McGregor is going to catch up on experience within a few months time. The fight was announced in June so in my opinion, knowing that much more time is needed to get ready for such a fight to win it, I don’t believe McGregor is going to show firework. But, never say never! It might be a better fight than we all expect it to be.

So what do we have here?

-A boxer with a 49-0 record facing a man who has never taken part in a professional boxing fight.

-A 40-year-old retired boxer versus a 29-year-old MMA fighter

– Bookmakers believe that Mayweather is, without a doubt, going to win the fight.

– Despite the popularity of Mayweather, it’s the UFC star responsible for 95% of the bets. The odds are much higher and with a bit of unpredicted luck, your wins will be way more interesting.

-One popular bookmaker admitted that liability is well over a million dollars for a McGregor victory. Therefore, the bookmaker hopes – along with just about every other bookmaker – that a flood of late money pours in on Mayweather.

-Odds at LeoVegas: 1.23 for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to win, 51.00 for a draw, and 4.50 for Conor McGregor to win. Looking at all 112 odds, it’s clear that LeoVegas believes that Mayweather is going to win the fight. But in how many rounds? Will McGregor be able to keep on standing all 12 rounds?

If the fight goes the full 12 rounds…

….LeoVegas will be giving you your money back! This means that if Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor goes the full 12 rounds, this can be lucrative for you as a sports better at LeoVegas.

Simply bet up to €20 (or more) pre-match between now and the moment the fight starts early morning on the 27th of August. Bet on who will win or on the method of victory market, and if the fight goes the distance, your bet loses will be refunded up to €20.

For example, if you place a qualifying bet of €25, and the fight goes all 12 rounds, your refund would be €20. That simple! Are you ready to rumble?

By on 22 August, 2017