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Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit for the 2nd time in 2020

The average number of times that a Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit takes place every year is five. That means that the Mega Fortune™ slot creates around five millionaires every year. We just entered the 2nd half of 2020 (luckily) and just before, the 2nd Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit was a fact. The popular jackpot slot paid out €2,686,571 4 days ago. Want to know more about this popular NetEnt Jackpot and how to win the next Mega Fortune™ Jackpot?

Do you want to win a jackpot?

Winning a jackpot is a desire many people have, but do you really want to get rich? Did you ever ask yourself if you really want to get rich? I did many times and every time, my answer is NO!

There’s no fun in worrying about money, but having too much of world’s most serious poison isn’t that great either. I don’t mind earning the big bucks, but hell no, would I keep it on the bank for others to look at it with greed.

I always tell all parents to spend their money wisely. Which means on their fun without keeping it for their children. Unless you only have one. But if two children fight about one pot of money, it most of the time ends up in misery.

Never ever, will I regret the choices I made in life. Yes, I could have had more money in the bank, but oh my did I live! I travelled, I lived comfortable and I had fun, lots of it! Did I save it all, I would have had more material possessions. But unlike with many, these possessions don’t bring me happiness.

The most expensive thing I ever bought without a loan, is a Peugeot convertible. A French car yes! Well, her nickname is little B*tch because I can’t trust her! Money well spent? Yes, I had lots of fun with my little b…. and the day I dump her, I’ll miss her! She was my first car that wasn’t scratched and dented.

In my opinion, you don’t need to be rich to be happy so no, I don’t want to be rich. But listen, a jackpot is always welcome. If it’s too much money, I’ll use it to make the world a better place. Can’t be that hard, right? (sigh)

If you desire a jackpot…

The Mega Fortune™ Jackpot is definitely highly recommended. This NetEnt Jackpot is never empty, even after a Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit! The video slot offers three jackpots, but only the Mega Jackpot starts with a minimum amount of €250,000. Isn’t that the best start?

The Mega Fortune™ slot comes with a bonus game, activated by three bonus symbols on consecutive reels. When you enter this bonus, you have a chance to win at least €250,000 when you hit the inner reel of the Wheel of Fortune.

Inside the big conspicuous wheel, you’ll find two inner wheels. These wheels will start moving around one another when you click the spin button. The outer wheel guarantees wither a cash prize or an arrow. A cash prize will mean the end of the bonus game while an arrow sends you further into the wheel.

A cash prize will be yours as well unless a second arrow is picked! The cash prizes are getting better each time you move into the Wheel of Fortune. However, the best-case scenario is that you’ll reach the heart of the wheel to pick up your fortune.

Thanks to this Wheel of Fortune, a Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit doesn’t seem too far away. After all, the bonus game is easy to access and you can see the progress made during the bonus.

The Jackpot Bonus game features 3 wheels and 3 progressive Jackpots which means that among the cash prizes, there are two more symbols to be found. These symbols are linked to the two local jackpots, the Rapid and the Major Jackpots.

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit

Last Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit

It was 12 weeks ago that the last Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit took place. In these 12 weeks, the jackpot climbed up to a very attractive €2,686,571. Certainly not the highest jackpot, but good enough for whoever desires a jackpot.

A player in Sweden became Svenska Spel Sport & Casino’s highest ever online slot winner on Saturday 27 June 2020 after claiming a SEK28 million (€2.7 million) jackpot prize with NetEnt’s Mega Fortune™.

“Our global jackpot games are continuing to break records across the globe and we’re proud to be able to bring such monumental wins to players through Mega Fortune™,” said Andy Whitworth, Chief Commercial Officer at NetEnt. “We hope to continue raising the bar with even bigger jackpots in future.”

The Mega Fortune™ Jackpot hit was the 55th Mega Jackpot won via the Mega Fortune™ video slot. It was the second Mega Fortune™ Jackpot win in 2020. Will this jackpot manage to pay out another 3 of them this year or did the game lose in popularity? Time will tell, but I can still highly recommend this NetEnt Jackpot.

Mega Fortune™ video slot

Besides the Jackpot Bonus game, you’ll have access to Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins as well. The Wild will do what it always does in a NetEnt video slot, substituting for any other symbol (except the Scatter and Bonus symbols). The Scatter won’t be substituted by the Wild because it has its own important role to play in the game. Three Scatters will award free spins with free wins flowing into your account.

When three Champagne Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, you have to select one of the Scatters to reveal the number of Free Spins and the Multiplier linked to these free spins. 2 or more Scatters during the Free Spins will activate additional Free Spins or an additional Multiplier.

By on 3 July, 2020