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Mega Fortune™ and Mega Fortune Dreams™ slots back in the spotlights!

For many months, the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot was in the spotlights being the highest NetEnt Jackpot available. Both the Mega Fortune™ and Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpots tend to climb up much faster. And they certainly have the potential to catch up with the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot easily but before they had the chance to catch up, they were hit already. Both pooled NetEnt Jackpots haven’t been won for a while and, therefore, definitely back in business!

Hall of Gods™ Jackpot win

It took the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot 40 weeks to end up on a player’s account steadily climbing up to an incredible €7.4 million. It was last Friday evening that this NetEnt Jackpot was won by a still unknown player at one of the NetEnt Casinos. With €7.4 million in the Mega Jackpot, the lucky player won the 4th largest Mega Jackpot on the Hall of Gods™ video slot. Since the launch of the Hall of Gods™ slot end of 2010, there have been 12 Hall of Gods™ Mega Jackpot win of which the five largest are all between €7 and €8 million.

NetEnt Jackpots

You almost get used to the fact that the Hall of Gods™ Jackpot is the highest at the NetEnt Casinos, but you’ll forget all about this NetEnt Jackpot when having a look at Mega Fortune™ and Mega Fortune Dreams™.

These two NetEnt Jackpots are back in business as both of them are offering a €3.5 million Mega Jackpot. It’s like a race between the two of them, Mega Fortune Dreams™ winning with €70.000 more in the jackpot.

Mega Fortune™ versus Mega Fortune Dreams™

With Mega Fortune™ and Mega Fortune Dreams™ both offering €3.5 million, it’s hard to choose, isn’t it? That’s what I’m here for, to help you out with such complex issues. The only way to do that is by comparing both NetEnt Jackpots. So let’s start!

Jackpots available
Both Mega Fortune™ and Mega Fortune Dreams™ offer three progressive online casino jackpots, but one of them is slightly more attractive. The winner here is Mega Fortune Dreams™ which is offering two pooled jackpots which have the potential to climb up much higher than a local jackpot. Mega Fortune™ offers two local jackpots which are still interesting as a local jackpot can only be won by those playing at the same NetEnt Casino as you are. The choice is yours: Higher jackpots or a bigger chance to win that desirable jackpot.

Return to Player + Hit Frequency
Let’s have a look at the Return to Player (RTP) of both games which could be an indication of what jackpot video slot is best to play. This time, the Mega Fortune™ slot is winning with an RTP of 96.00%-96.60%. However, Mega Fortune Dreams™ isn’t far behind with an RTP of 95.9% – 96.4%. That’s why I had a look at the Hit Frequency and this time I noticed a big difference as Mega Fortune™ has an impressive Hit Frequency of 52.6% over a 34.2% of the Mega Fortune Dreams™ slot.

Minimum and maximum bet
You can be a careful player or a high-roller, but reading this article you’ll have the same dream as any other player which is winning a jackpot. For the careful player, Mega Fortune™ is recommended with a minimum bet of €0.10. But, I have to say that it’s very unlikely to win the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot with such a low bet, but considering the fact that the jackpot is won via a bonus round, it’s not impossible. Maybe patience is the keyword here. Mega Fortune Dreams™ is still attractive though with a minimum bet of €0.20

For the high-rollers, I would suggest Mega Fortune Dreams™ with a maximum bet of €80. Not the usual bet of a high-roller, but jackpot games don’t offer the common bets that can go up to €250 for some NetEnt slots. Mega Fortune’s maximum bet of €50 might be a bet to consider too with a multi-million jackpot available.

Slot features
Mega Fortune Dreams™ is winning a point on this one offering one slot feature more than Mega the Fortune™ slot. Both are offering Free Spins with a Multiplier, Wild substitutions, and a Bonus Game which is giving you a chance to win either one of the three jackpots available or a coin win. Mega Fortune Dreams™ has a bit more excitement to offer with Re-spins involved while the Free Spins Multiplier can go up to x10.

Video slot themes
No matter which you pick Mega Fortune™ or Mega Fortune Dreams™, their luxury themes gives you a hint of what to expect when you hit the life changing Mega Jackpot. Champagne, a Rolls Royce, yachts, diamonds, and an expensive watch, it’s all there! So take you pick and go for it as you might be the next to become a NetEnt millionaire.

Oh my favourite of them all, statistics! They don’t mean a thing, but I just love them for a reason I don’t know. We all know that the Random Number Generator is going to be responsible for NetEnt’s next jackpot winner, but I just can’t leave these statistics out.

The Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot has been won 9 weeks and 2 days ago. The average time this jackpot usually needs to end up with a player is 8 weeks and 4 days.

The Mega Fortune™ Jackpot has been won only 7 weeks ago, but unlike the Mega Fortune Dreams™ Jackpot, the average time needed for the Mega Fortune™ Jackpot to be hit hasn’t expired yet. This will happen in 4 weeks time, but as I said before, it’s only some statistics collected over the years which means both NetEnt Jackpots are as hot as they can be with €3.5 million in the Mega Jackpot!

By on 4 November, 2016