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Mega Fortune slot jackpot worth €2 million

Usually, it takes around 11 weeks for the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot to be hit. It’s 15 weeks ago that a player won the Mega Fortune slot jackpot for the last time. This means that this Mega Jackpot is overdue again. However, the last time the counter stood on 24 weeks. These statistics are basically useless at the moment, but what is useful information is that the Mega Fortune slot jackpot is now worth over €2 million. Useful and worth it!

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot wins 2021

I remember years that the largest of the Mega Fortune slot jackpots was won four or five times a year. This year, so far, only once! And we’re already in September.

So we know:
– that the first win of 2021 was 24 weeks from the last one of 2020 (€4,283,713)
– also that we’re 15 weeks away from the last win of 2021 (€3,556,031)
– and that the average time between two Mega Fortune Jackpot wins is 11 weeks

My conclusion? We never know when the next player hits the Mega Fortune Jackpot! I can say that the jackpot is eager to find a winner, but it can take another 9 weeks. Who knows?

As mentioned in the intro, there is one important piece of information. It’s 100% sure! Unless it’s right now that a lucky player wins the Mega Fortune slot jackpot.

The jackpot is now worth over €2 million and do you win this NetEnt Mega jackpot, you’re a millionaire instantly.

First Mega Fortune slot jackpot win 2021

It took the Mega Fortune slot jackpot 24 weeks to make a new NetEnt millionaire. The first Mega Jackpot win of 2021 linked to the Mega Fortune™ slot, awarded an amazing €3,556,031.

Now, we are 15 weeks further again, with the Mega Fortune slot jackpot showing a humble €2 million. So it’s kind of on the same track as the Mega Fortune slot jackpot that was won 15 weeks ago.

Mega Fortune™ Jackpot 2021

I know I would love to win the €2 million jackpot and buy myself a house. A small house with a bit of outside space. That’s all I need. If from there I can catch the few sun rays in winter and grow herbs, I’m a happy person.

Even with the start amount of the Mega Fortune slot jackpot, €250,000, this dream can come true. But to win, you must make it to the Bonus Game first.

How to win the Mega Fortune™ Mega Jackpot

Three or more bonus symbols from left to right from the first wheel sends you to the Bonus Game. As you can see in the image above, you have three wheels running around each other.

The first spin in this Bonus Game can land either a bonus win or sends you into the Bonus Wheel through the arrow. This second spin can lead to a bonus win or the Rapid Jackpot.

If you hit an arrow again, you find yourself just one spin away from the heart of the Bonus Wheel. One more arrow and you’re there!

Besides the Jackpot Bonus game, the Mega Fortune™ slot gives you access to Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins as well.

By on 8 September, 2021