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Mr Green’s New Year resolutions and casino offers

While I gave up on making new year’s resolutions because they simply are a waste of time, it seems Mr Green made himself a long list of resolutions although it looks more of a list of advice to his players. Eat healthier, seize the day, experience new cultures etcetera. I have to say that I do agree with Mr Green that this advice can bring you a brilliant 2016 and the New Year casino offers attached to each advice can be responsible for a good start of 2016. Join Mr Green during his NYE Casino celebrations and be awarded free spins, cool cash drops, and slot tournaments to make your New Year one to remember.

Mr Green’s New Year Resolutions

With only two and a half days to go until 2015 comes to an end, I’m sure many people are thinking of what 2015 has brought while dreaming of a better 2016. My year, though, was just brilliant in so many ways that if I was allowed to change something, I wouldn’t. And the reason why I had such a good year, is because I lived up to some of Mr Green’s resolutions.

With the hustle and bustle of the festive season now firmly behind us, Mr Green has set his sights on his New Year Casino resolutions for 2016:

Dec 26th: Eat healthier. 100% organic & fruity fresh Free Spins
Well what can I say, it’s only since a few years I’m eating extremely healthy, although I do sometimes forget about it and just eat whatever I want. I don’t believe in organic, but I do believe in fresh food being 1000x better than processed food or fast food. So forget about the big M and KFC and bring your local supermarket or greengrocer a visit instead. The promotion attached to this resolution has expired, but I had to mention Mr Green’s resolution.

Dec 27th & 28th: Seize the day. Aim high in our €2K tournament
This I always did, but the past years I have become even better at it. Be responsible and thoughtful, but please don’t forget to have fun, enjoy every day, go out there and explore, meet new people and ‘Seize the Day’. Well done Mr Green, that’s how life should be no matter what! Today’s Casino offer, unfortunately, started a few days ago, but there’s enough to look forward to, so keep on reading.

Dec 29th: Explore exotic locations. Discover uncharted Cash treasures
Mr Green loves travelling and so do I. I always wanted to do a roundtrip, but there was always something in the way. Maybe I just didn’t have enough guts, but this year I did it! You might have noticed less activity on around October/November, the period I went to Indonesia for 3 weeks, just like that. I booked, worked in advance, packed my bag and took off. If you continue to procrastinate your dream trip, stop doing it and go for it in 2016! You won’t regret it, I promise! Explore exotic locations in 2016 while exploring Mr Green today for some uncharted cash treasure.

Follow Mr Green on a journey to the Wild North, and you could be one of the 20 lucky adventurers randomly chosen to receive anything from €5 up to €250 in real cash, simply by playing Mr Green’s selected game.

Dec 30th: Experience new cultures. Immerse yourself in our Cash Drop Culture
In order to better himself, Mr Green plans to experience the customs, knowledge, beliefs, art and morals of cultures far and wide throughout 2016. Something I did too while traveling through Indonesia where I met a culture so beautiful, so friendly and always smiling. No matter if living in a small bungalow in the countryside or in a dump in Jakarta, these lovely people always showed me their smile (often with just a few teeth). Mr Green loves other cultures and so do I, but what about you? Are you planning in experiencing new cultures? You don’t have to go far, though, just have a good look around in your own town or city and instead of being annoyed by people being different, study them and find out they are human too, with believes, just like you.

Immerse yourself in the slot culture of the non-NetEnt slot Pearls of India today, and you could be one of the 20 randomly chosen players to win anything from €5 up to €250 in real cash.

Dec 31st: Take dance lessons. Strut your stuff on the dancefloor with Free Spins
As a gentleman, Mr Green knows a number of classical dances from foxtrot to salsa, but disco just wasn’t on the list. So this 2016, Mr Green promises to learn how to ‘shake his groove thang’. Well, to enjoy a Friday night when younger than 16, I had no other option than taking classic dance lessons. I came, I saw, I struggled for three years, and now, years later, I also forgot! Luckily I do hit the dance floor from time to time, although I rather don’t go for a foxtrot there.

This New Year’s Eve, Mr Green is about to have the time of his life and so should you! Strut your stuff on the dance floor with up to 120 Free Spins on the NetEnt video slot Disco Spins™.

Jan 1st: Be more marvellous. Mr Green awards Cash Prizes in today’s Tournament
I would say, just be yourself and you’re marvellous enough! To start the New Year in the most marvellous manner, Mr Green will award the top five ladies and gentlemen with nice cash prizes. A win for one is wonderful, but a win for many is marvellous! Get your share of €2,000 in the New Year Marvellous Mr Green Tournament with the following prizes to be awarded:

1st Place: €1,000
2nd Place: €500
3rd Place: €250
4th Place: €150
5th Place: €100

Jan 3rd: Face your fears. Tune into our scary movie Tournament
Is fear keeping you from doing stuff you’ve always wanted to do, face them, get rid of them and allow yourself to enjoy life even more! As Mr Green says: “Don’t let fear hold you back in life, face the darkness.” Some people can’t handle scary movies, but for 2016 Mr Green has made it his mission get acquainted with two of the silver screen’s scariest stars. Why don’t you join him and play Dracula™ and the Invisible Man™ during the first slot tournament of 2016 at Mr Green Casino with again €2,000 in prizes:

1st Place: €1,000
2nd Place: €500
3rd Place: €250
4th Place: €150
5th Place: €100

Jan 4th & 5th: Get active. Get back into shape with today’s Cash Drop
Not doing any sports yet, make 2016 your most active year so far. It’s the best thing I’ve done the past year, even though I have to admit that doing sports can be rather addictive. Well so is gambling, but if doing it responsibly, you’ll be just fine! After a huge Christmas gala dinner, Mr Green’s New Year Resolution list wouldn’t be complete without losing those extra Christmas pounds…

Play the ice hockey slot Break Away or take flight in Ski Jump today and tomorrow and some cold hard Cash Prizes could be dropping into your Mr Green casino account!

Jan 6th: Aim for the stars. Pick up today’s out-of-this-world Free Spins
For 2016, Mr Green promises to continue defining new limits of casino entertainment, break online casino records and always aim for the stars. I like that thought, so keep on reaching for those stars in 2016.

Don’t let the sky be your limit, pick up to 220 Free Spins on the starry slot game Starburst™ today. Deposit €20 get 40 Free Spins, Deposit €50 get 100 Free Spins, and Deposit €100 get 220 Free Spins.

Jan 9th & 10th: Have twice the fun. Double the excitement in our €2k Tournament
Easy! Didn’t you have enough fun in 2015? Then go out there and have twice as much fun in 2016! I’m not sure if I should follow this advice, but I guess you can’t have enough fun right? Is wanting to have more fun in 2016 greedy? Mr Green doesn’t think so either, so let’s kick start 2016 with a good beginning and have twice the fun while playing at Mr Green!

Have double the fun and experience twice the excitement with this weekend’s Twin Spin™ Slot Tournament. Will you win a share of the cash this weekend cashing one of the following prizes:

1st Place: €1,000
2nd Place: €500
3rd Place: €250
4th Place: €150
5th Place: €100

A brilliant New Year to all of you!

Follow all the above advice and get yourself a brilliant 2016. No matter if 2015 was a success already or a complete disaster, never give up on your dreams and hopes! Every day is a new beginning, so go for it and make sure 2016 is going to be the best year you had so far!

By on 29 December, 2015