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NetEnt announces Guns N’ Roses™ slot

Full of excitement I headed to ICE 2015 in London today, with my highlight for the day being the NetEnt showcase. After last year’s announcement, the Aliens™ slot, my expectations for this year were rather high as I already heard it was going to be something never seen before. And what was promised, came reality as the new major branded NetEnt slot is going to be the Guns N’ Roses™ slot.

showcase new branded slot game NetEnt

ICE 2015

Every year the entire iGaming industry is gathering together in London during ICE, one of the biggest iGaming events in the industry. During this event, this year taking place in Excel from the 3rd until the 5th of February, it became some sort of tradition that NetEnt introduces another major slot game. I personally have been looking out for the NetEnt showcase at ICE 2015 for weeks, questioning myself what their next game could be about. I already knew it was going to be a branded slot game while a NetEnt insider told me it wasn’t going to be in cooperation with formal brands like Universal™, South Park Studios™ or 20th Century Fox™. That made me wondering even more, because I know Dracula™ is planned for April, and if not Dracula™ being showcased during ICE 2015, than what new slot game is making me so curious? Asking around at LAC, another iGaming event in the industry that also took place in London just before ICE 2015, I’ve heard a few suggestions. The Simpsons was one of them, but the same insider could already tell me we were wrong. Meeting people at Starbucks who just visited a Victoria’s Secret show, I thought I might bring it up as a suggestion. It wasn’t a no, but it wasn’t a yes either. Ok what else, the first official Disney™ slot game? A NetEnt slot in cooperation with Pixar™? Naaa, maybe next time, because today’s showcase showed me something completely different, something I couldn’t have guessed unless I was a huge fan of this band who has sold over 100 million records worldwide, six number 1 albums, and sixteen top 10 singles.

(Video Cuts & Music Edits by kind permission of Universal Music / Geffen Records / NETENT)
Edited & Produced by Defined Branding Ltd. January 2015.
Storyboard & Creative Direction by Jody Fiteni, Editing & Motion Graphics by Rob Morrison

And the new major NetEnt slot game is…

Finally the day arrived, the first day of ICE 2015 and with that the day of the NetEnt showcase. Full of excitement I am standing at the stand of NetEnt (N5-330), waiting for the showcase to start. I never could have imagined a certain showcase would make me a bit nervous, but on the other hand, writing about NetEnt Games for over a year does make you a fan, if you want it or not. The showcase was planned at 15:00 and it was at this exact time Per Eriksson welcomed the tens of people gathered around the NetEnt stand at ICE 2015. After a short introduction to the NetEnt Games, the intro to the new branded NetEnt slot started and it did not take long before I recognised the music from one of the most famous rock bands ever: Guns N’ Roses™. Because yes, NetEnt’s new major branded slot game is going to be the Guns N’ Roses™ slot and I am pretty sure many players will appreciate the new slot game which is planned to be launched in the 4th quarter of 2015. It is because of this, I have no clue yet what slot features you can expect once the Guns N’ Roses™ slot is launched.

Guns N'Roses online slot

High expectations

Of course there will be the music of Guns N’ Roses™ that will cheer you up the moment the Guns N’ Roses™ slot opens. The members of the band will probably be used for the symbols, just like the famous logo will be involved. If there are going to be Wilds, Free Spins, Re-Spins, Walking Wilds, the Avalanche™ feature, or a Bonus Game, I unfortunately can’t predict, but the moment more information comes out, you’ll be the first to know. When signing a contract with a famous Rock Band like Guns N’ Roses™, or with their label, you know the many millions of NetEnt players are going to have high expectations, at least I do. The slot game announced at ICE 2014 can be called spectacular as the Aliens™ slot was build up in different levels offering outstanding slot features as never seen be before in a video slot. With the technology these days growing enormously fast, I do expect the Guns N’ Roses™ slot to be an innovative one offering even better graphics and sounds than ever before. As a pioneer in iGaming, I am 100% sure NetEnt is the one and only to make the Guns N’ Roses™ slot a successful one.

Branded NetEnt slot

The Guns N’ Roses™ slot is going to be added to a long list of branded slot games provided to the many NetEnt Casinos over the years. And even though we have to wait until the end of the year for the Guns N’ Roses™ slot to be launched at the NetEnt Casinos, it will be in April another branded slot game will be released by NetEnt.
Not inspired by a famous rock band like Guns N’ Roses™ though, but yet another slot in cooperation with Universal™. Again NetEnt and Universal™ joined forces, bringing you another innovative NetEnt slot, this time inspired by Dracula™.

By on 3 February, 2015