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NetEnt announces Motörhead™ video slot

Around the 5th of the month, NetEnt often announces a new video slot. Yesterday NetEnt added an interesting preview of the new Motörhead™ video slot to its YouTube channel. Motörhead™ will be the last sequel in the NetEnt Rocks trilogy which was preceded by Guns N’ Roses™ on the 21st of January and Jimi Hendrix™ on the 21st of April. The official release of Motörhead™ in the NetEnt Casinos has been scheduled for the 22nd of September 2016. Following two fantastic rock video slots, expectations are obviously high. Today, I will already be able to lift a large part of the veil, as until now this video slot was still shrouded in mystery. According to the preview this video slot will for instance be packed with free spins, wild substitutions, a Bomber feature and a Mystery Reel feature. Keep reading to get the full Motörhead™ picture seven weeks ahead of its official release.

The Motörhead™ band members

Similar to Jimi Hendrix™ and Guns N’ Roses™, the Motörhead™ video slot also starts off with a fantastic intro which primarily introduces the lead singer. In the case of Motörhead™, we are spoiled with 55 seconds of a black and white live recording of one of the band’s legendary concerts. Both Guns N’ Roses and Motörhead experienced a large turnover of band members, however the founder and lead singer of the British heavy metal band, Lemmy Kilmister, is unequivocally connected to everything that Motörhead stands for. Unfortunately, Lemmy passed away less than a year ago, on the 28th of December 2015 mere days after being diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. This was not even a month after the passing of drummer Phil Taylor, who died at the age of 61 years from a heart condition. On the 29th of December, the other band members confirmed that Motörhead would cease to exist immediately.

In one of my articles about the Jimi Hendrix™ video slot back in April, I had already written that Lemmy used to be a roadie for Jimi Hendrix himself. The two musical giants had therefore been in direct contact with each other in the seventies. In 1975, however, Lemmy formed his own band of which we will always remember the loud bass parts and his growling voice as the most characteristic elements. I vividly remember reading that he once said that if you play loud enough, no one will hear that the music actually isn’t anything special. A deeply honest and humble admission from one of the best heavy metal musicians of all times.

Other band members who have left a mark on the heavy metal band are Phil (Philthy Animal) Taylor (drums), Mikkey Dee (drums 1992-2015), Phil Campbell (gitaar 1984-2015), Würzel (guitar 1984-1995), Eddie Clarke (guitar 1976-1982), Brian Robertson (guitar 1982-1983), Larry Wallis (guitar 1975-1976), Lucas Fox (drums 1975-1975) and Pete Gill (drums 1984-1987).

Where does the name Motörhead come from?

I have always wondered about this and during my research for this article, I finally found an answer to my question. When Lemmy was expelled from a band called Hawkwind for the possession and use of drugs (the wrong kind of drugs Lemmy has been quoted to have said in the immediate aftermath), he decided to form a band of his own. Although he first chose the name ‘Bastard’, he finally opted for the name of the last song which he had written for his previous band: “Motörhead”. Something I never knew, but insiders are obviously well aware of, is that it is actually a slang word for amphetamine user. The umlaut was added to make the name look more German and therefore less friendly (which better suited the style of the band and their songs).

The heavy metal band has influenced lots of other musicians ever since, among which the bands Alice in Chains and Metallica most notably come to mind. It’s most well-known songs are Ace of Spades and Orgasmatron.

What can be expected from NetEnt’s Motörhead™ video slot

Now that you are completely immersed in Motörhead facts and have gotten to know a bit more about the background of this legendary heavy metal band, it is high time to dig deeper into the new NetEnt slot. The preview on YouTube clearly shows that there is going to be some very interesting gameplay. Of course you will be able to enjoy many free spins that are activated by a mere three scatters on your screen, however there is so much more to experience in this 5 reel, 3-5 row and 76 pay line video slot. The Mystery Reel Feature for instance can already be witnessed in the preview and there it creates an 1140 coin win in a matter of seconds. Once the reels stop and there are mystery symbols, then these change into one random symbol. During the so-called Bomber Feature, the stage lights set the mood and create an atmosphere of suspense whilst you wait for the reels to come to a final stop. The bombs provide mystery symbols on the reels, after which they will spin again and yet again a random symbol is chosen, hopefully one to create a big win. Personally I believe that the most playful touch to the Motörhead™ video slot is certainly the Rock Mode button. This special button gives you the opportunity to increase the volume at one go to Max. No better way to experience the typically loud Motörhead music in this video slot.

NetEnt’s Motörhead™ video slot

Motörhead™ is the third and final video slot from the NetEnt Rocks trilogy which will be launched on the 22nd of September in all NetEnt Casinos. With both the desktop and the Touch® versions previews online, we can already form a clear picture of this heavy metal video slot, which in my humble opinion can be seen as the perfect NetEnt tribute to a legendary band which no longer exists, but which will remain with us for decades to come.

By on 6 August, 2016