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NetEnt announces the Street Fighter™ II: The World Warrior slot for May this year

Planned to arrive at the NetEnt Casinos on the 21st May 2020 already, it was only a few days ago during ICE 2020 that the company announced the brand new video slot. Based on one of the best-selling arcade games of all time, the Street Fighter™ II: The World Warrior Slot will certainly attract a large group of players that will appreciate seeing their street fighters on the five reels.

NetEnt’s branded slots expansion

Every year again, during the iGaming conference ICE, NetEnt is announcing at least one new branded video slot, attracting a great number of curious iGaming professionals to their stand. This year, the iGaming industry and players have been informed that at least two branded slots will be launched of which I already announced the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen™ slot and now a second title based on one of the best-selling arcade games.

The new addition to NetEnt’s branded slot portfolio will feature the iconic eight selectable characters from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior known as Ryu, Ken, E. Honda, Guile, Chun-Li, Blanka, Zangief, and Dhalsim, as well as boss fights with Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and master of evil M. Bison.

Everything that made Street Fighter II a success could become available in the new branded slot including genre-defining graphics, the soundtrack, and other animations while the gameplay of the Street Fighter™ II: The World Warrior Slot will be reflected as true to the brand and the original game.

The release of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior took the arcade world by storm in the early nineties and today it is widely considered as the ultimate classic video game that continues to entertain fans almost 30 years later. At NetEnt, we strive to deliver content that – much like Street Fighter – raises the bar in what is possible in gaming and we are immensely proud to be working with such an iconic franchise especially something in tune with the retro trends right now. It is a dream come true to work on brands like these. Street Fighter II really allows us to bring something new and innovative to the market that no one else can,” says Bryan Upton, NetEnt Director of Games.

About Street Fighter 2

Originally released in 1991, this competitive fighting game developed by Capcom has been around for quite a long time, bringing nostalgia to the reels. The arcade game is the second installment in the Street Fighter game series of which the original game was launched in 1987 by Capcom, known as a leading developer and publisher of video games. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior did captivate audiences across the globe which ended up to be a record-breaking success when it was launched in 1991 that resulted in multiple sequels and films.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was the first one-on-one fighting game giving players choice from a variety of characters with unique fighting styles. The game was also introducing special move combinations that defined the game’s quintessential gameplay.

When Street Fighter™ II: The World Warrior Slot will be released on the 21st of May 2020, players can enjoy the game played by many millions worldwide.

By on 9 February, 2020