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NetEnt expands high-volatility MAX portfolio with Secret of the Stones™ MAX

For 7 years, NetEnt has been taking players on a journey back to a time when Stonehenge was used by the ancient druids since the Secret of the Stones™ slot was launched in 2013. It was back then that NetEnt’s MAX portfolio didn’t exist yet, but now it does and the Swedish software developer selected the game for a high-volatility version that is now available at all NetEnt Casinos.

NetEnt’s high-volatility MAX portfolio

More and more games are being added to NetEnt’s unique MAX portfolio, a slots series created to give players a choice in volatility. BerryBurst Max™ was the very first NetEnt games that was launched in a tailor-made double slot release straight away, but the two Max™ slots that followed were initially launched years before with a Max™ version being added later.

It was last October that NetEnt launched Victorious Max™ as the second instalment of the Max slots series, adding a high-volatility game to the classic version. Such a double slot release is making the game accessible for two types of players. Those that we call basic players or casual players and the more experienced players.

The first type of player is just looking for entertainment and a way to forget everything around him or her in order to relax. They’re not aiming for wealth, they’re simply aiming for a good time on the reels enjoying their favourite idol, animal or just a tranquil game with soothing sounds like the Berryburst™ video slot. They are often looking for feature-rich games with frequent payouts.

More experienced players, or high-rollers, are aiming for different games for different reasons. They either like to play with high bets or aim for bigger wins. Higher bets can result in a higher game performance and with that bigger wins. Bigger wins can also be provided in high-volatility video slots. All they care about is the gameplay and the way winnings flow into their account with frequent winnings being replaced by high wins. This simply means that when you select a low to medium volatility slot, frequent lower wins can be expected. When you select a medium to high volatile video slot, you can expect fewer wins but higher amounts.

With a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.72% and a medium to high volatility, I didn’t see any space for a MAX version in Secret of the Stones™ but yet the game is now offering two versions. The original version is offering a chance to win up to 2500 times your bet while the Secret of the Stones™ Max version gives you a chance to win up to 25.000 times your bet!

The Secret of the Stones™ Classic version is showing an RTP of 96.72% and a Hit Frequency of 38.87%. When you go for the MAX version, the RTP is going up with 0.09% to 96.81% while the Hit Frequency goes down to 24.07%. These numbers seem drastic, but you won’t notice too many changes other than fewer wins, but higher wins. Obviously, both games offer the same gameplay.

Are there any other differences?

No! The volatility, RTP, and Hit Frequency are the only aspects that are different, the rest of the two games are exactly the same! This means that no matter if you pick Secret of the Stones™ Classic or Secret of the Stones™ MAX, you’ll choose to play a mystical game with a lot of secrets to be revealed. You’re about to to step inside the druids forests and unlock the mysteries of the stone garden which is better known as Stonehenge!

Below, you can see an image that shows how you can direct yourself to the version preferred. Choose the Classic version on the right (green) for more frequent wins that can go up to 2500 your bet while the MAX version on the left (red) is offering the exact same gameplay with fewer wins that can go up to 25000x

As you can see, the classic game has been offering wins of up to 2500 x your bet while the MAX™ version is about to offer a chance of winning up to 25000 x your bet during one spin. You go for the classic version, you choose to win often, you choose Secret of the Stones MAX™, you’ll choose fewer wins but with a chance of these winnings to go up to an amazing 25.000 x your bet.

Secrets of the Stones Max slot

Stonehenge and druids!

If you follow the latest NetEnt news, you must have seen the newest game announcement in which you enter the magical world of druids. I didn’t make the link with Secret of the Stones™ until NetEnt launched the MAX version two days ago. It’s only then that I noticed that the upcoming Druids’ Dreams™ slot isn’t the first game inspired by druids as they are already available on the reels in Secret of the Stones™ since 2013!

Apparently, Secret of the Stones™ (MAX) is taking you on a journey back to a time when Stonehenge was used by the ancient druids. The game is providing you an opportunity to reveal the secrets of Stonehenge. Stonehenge may have served as a burial site, meeting place, solar calendar or sacred ritual and for quite a while, archaeologists believed it was built as a Druid temple. They thought that these Celtic pagans used Stonehenge as a place of worship, but eventually they learned that Druids did hold annual summer solstice ceremonies at Stonehenge, adopting the site as part of their history.

It’s therefore that NetEnt linked the druids to Stonehenge in Secret of the Stones™ which is offering a standard 5×3 layout featuring Wild substitutions and Free Spins. It’s the Free Spins feature this game is all about and before you enter this mystical world, you get a chance to select from 20 stones in order to collect Extra Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Reels, and Extra Wild symbols.

By on 22 February, 2020