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NetEnt goes Bollywood with the Bollywood Story™ slot

Although Bollywood films often follow the same format (boy meets girl, dozens of songs, lots of action but no bloodshed, and, of course, a happy ending, Indians do love their movies. Hollywood is known as world’s movie capital, but it’s Bollywood, located in Bombay and known as the heart of the Indian Film Industry, that produces most numbers of films in a year. No wonder NetEnt decided to take Bollywood to the reels with the Bollywood Story™ video slot.

What makes Bollywood so popular?

It’s a great question and leads to the answer why NetEnt would come up with a Bollywood inspired video slot. Besides, NetEnt is aiming for as many regulated countries as possible and maybe India might be one of them. Nothing wrong with thinking ahead.

Bollywood is the nickname for a part of the Indian film industry which is located in Mumbai. However, it was called Bombay before, hence Bollywood is still used since Mollywood isn’t the way to go. The term Bollywood is often understood as the name for the Indian cinema as a whole. However, there are several different regional film industries throughout the country, each in a different language and Bollywood refers just to the Hindi-language industry in the city of Mumbai.

Bollywood over the years continued to flourish, growing in popularity, size and reach. The main factor in the country is the affordability of cinema in the country. From the early days onwards, the industry provided cheap admission which is necessary because of the huge economic gap in India. Making it possible to visit the movies for not too much, has allowed film to become a form of entertainment for all the people, not just for the upper class.

It’s definitely can’t be the singing quality of the actors that makes the Bollywood movies so popular. Opposite to the Western musical movies, where we’re we expect actors to sing their own songs, no matter if they actually can or not. This isn’t always the case in the Bollywood stories and the industry never even took the effort to hide the fact that nearly all of their songs are lip-synced.

The movies do differ from the Western movies and it’s not only the lip-synced singing. The films are three to four hours long while a standard Western movie is between 1,5 and 2 hours. Bollywood movies include dozens of songs and dances of which some dances involve over 100 choreographed dancers. And as mentioned in the intro, there’s the story between the songs of boy meets girl but kissing seems to be out of the question in a Bollywood story and the same goes for bloodshed. No Bollywood story without a happy ending either.

The Bollywood Story™ slot

Well, the Bollywood Story™ slot definitely offers a few of the aspects so recognisable from a Bollywood film and the first thing you’ll notice is the Boy and the Girl. I guess the Boy meets Girl story involves a few family members not approving their love. The reason why I assume this is the story because it could be a typical Bollywood story and I do notice some family members on the reels who don’t look too happy.

This is pretty much everything you’ll find on the reels in the Bollywood Story™ slot, although there’s the Scatter, responsible for the activation of the Free Spins feature.

The Bollywood Story™ slot features Free Spins and Floating Wilds, a combination of slot feature I’ve seen before in the Lights™ video slot. Comparing both games, the Bollywood Story™ slot appeared to be a copy of the Lights™ slot. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed such thing, but if a certain gameplay works, why not adding the exact same game with a new theme.

While the same gameplay is offered as seen before in the Lights™ slot, you’ll still experience two completely different games. Everything about Lights™ brings relaxation while the Bollywood music in the upcoming Bollywood Story™ slot is pretty uplifting.

This bright and fast-paced NetEnt slot game tells the tale of two loving hearts who want to get married. But they face hardships, as they belong to different social classes. The girl’s parents stand in their way. Will their love conquer?

By on 7 May, 2018