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NetEnt introduces the Maya culture in new Rise of Maya™ video slot

With civilization as old as 4000 years old, you have quite a history to tell. With some of the Maya’s still living on the same grounds as their ancestors lived, the story continues but as many of these ancient civilizations, there will be less traditional Maya as time passes by. For this reason, it’s great that NetEnt today introduces the Rise of Maya™ video slot, showing why we all should appreciate the beautiful Maya culture.

Maya culture

As one of the oldest civilizations, the Maya culture is a very interesting one. The history of the Maya civilization is a mysterious one and remains mysterious, even though it is estimated that there are six million Maya living Guatemala, Southern Mexico, Belize, El Salvador and Western Honduras. Most of them have managed to maintain numerous remnants of their ancient cultural heritage while some are quite integrated into the majority Hispanicized mestizo cultures of the nations in which they reside.

In the new NetEnt slot Rise of Maya™, you’ll be taken into a temple the Maya are so famous for, although it’s not as immense as the Chichen Itza for example. It is, however, a great way to be introduced to the Maya culture as the atmosphere is enhanced by the Maya symbols on the reels including the Ouroborous symbol, as well as some Mayan gods.

We don’t all have a chance to see the gigantic Maya temples by sunrise and that’s why NetEnt is providing a great opportunity for you to experience some of the Maya culture while enjoying your favourite online casino game. The game itself is enriched with a great gameplay including Serpent Wild symbols, Serpent Stacks, and Free Spins with hot reels. There’s a special Bonus Bet which you can activate to enjoy an even richer slot experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Mayas and their history-rich culture of which is thought it was established some 4000 years ago with the first temples and piramides structures being built 750 BC. Until today, we’re lucky to be able to visit these treasures in the Northern Central American region including Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras.

While everyone is invited to play the Rise of Maya™ slot, the game is particularly interesting for beginners with a rather easy gameplay and a minimum bet of 0.10. More experienced players might see a bit of a challenge in the maximum bet of 75.00 but obviously there are enough possibilities in between which makes the Rise of Mayaslot fitted for any type of player.

If you ever had the dream to visit a Maya temple and learn about this ancient civilization, but you don’t see yourself crossing the world anytime soon, take this chance to experience the fascinating history of the Maya in the Rise of Maya™ slot. The reels have been placed within an age-old temple, the altar of an ancient god.

Rise of Maya™ slot features

While going on a discovery within the Maya temple, you’ll enjoy rich graphics on the reels which are a great reflection of what the Maya culture has to offer. Triggering the Free Spins feature will take you to a chamber deeper into the temple where the god’s magic runs strong, and statues and icons of mystical creatures will surround you.

Meanwhile, a few different Wild symbols are at your disposal in the main game, but there are 4 types of Wild symbols available during the entire game. There will be the single Serpent Wild and 2 expanding Serpent Wilds, as well as Serpent Stacks. The expanding Serpent Wild symbols expand either up or down and have the ability to expand over the entire reels. The Serpent Stacks will only appear during Free Spins where you’ll experience Hot Reels as well.

To make your slot experience worth it, I can highly recommend to activate the Bonus Bet available which will provide you with bigger win opportunities. With the Bonus Bet activated, a Second Chance Scatter™ will become available which can result in Second Chance Scatter Re-spins. This part will be available only in a no-win situation basically providing a nudge for a winning chance.

When three or more Wild symbols and Scatter symbols in any combination land anywhere on the reels in the main game, you’ll get a chance to experience the Mayan world of gods. The reels that are involved in activating the Free Spins feature, will become hot reels where Serpent Stacks will expand to cover the entire reel. Additional Free Spins can be won during Free Spins.

By on 4 February, 2020